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Posted on Monday, January 23rd, 2006 at 10:44am CST by cf1c0adb

Company: SBC Telecommunications

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SBC Communications in IL.

13 DEC 2005, I called to have my service cancelled due to a military move. The cancellation happened without a problem. When I called to have the service cancelled, I was told on the phone, by their costumer service representative, that my final bill would be mailed to my new address in AZ and I would have to send in a check, so I gave them my new address. They did send me the letter of credit I requested, but the final bill never arrived. So for the past two months they have been trying to withdraw money from an account with insufficient funds. My bank wants $65.00 from me to close my account. I asked SBC if I could get a letter saying this was an accident, but they said they had no such form or letter. I asked them if my conversation was recorded, and they said it had been, but they only keep the recordings for two weeks, and could not believe their representative would have said such a thing. People make mistakes, and all I wanted was to have a letter faxed to me, but they could not do that. They told me they are not registered with the BBB, so filing a complaint there would not matter because they are a Utility Company.

Tim Crockett

Please use COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_62030# as my email address, because I will be making my final transfer 01 FEB 06.


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