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Posted on Monday, January 23rd, 2006 at 8:20am CST by f44fd3f2

Company: E.R. Solutions Collection Agency

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I want to report my less-than-pleasant experience with E. R. Solutions Collections Agency, in Renton, Washington. E.R. Solutions is reporting a collection account on my credit reports in the amount of $397.00 and Washington Mutual as the creditor. E.R. Solutions is violating Section 623(a)(1) through (2) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. These sections specify that any entity that reports information to credit bureaus must report accurate information and has a duty to update and correct inaccurate information. E.R. Solutions is guilty of the following:

1. furnishing information to a consumer reporting agency when they know or consciously avoid knowing that the information is inaccurate;

2. failing to notify promptly a consumer reporting agency that this information is incomplete or inaccurate, after so determined;

3. furnishing adverse information to consumer reporting agencies without disclosing that the consumer has disputed the information being reported; and

4. falsely reporting the amount and date of delinquency of a debt.

E.R. Solutions NEVER called or corresponded with me prior to reporting the collection account on my credit reports.

The reason I am aware of the collection account on my credit report is because I receive alerts from MyFico.com and Truecredit.com whenever there are changes to my credit reports, which I monitor regularly.

Since E.R. Solutions has not responded to my three "letters of validation" which I sent via Certified Mail RRR, I have telephoned Washington Mutual’s Loss Management Department at (866) 513-9186 and Washington Mutual could not find my name or social security number in their system. In addition, I have never done business with Washington Mutual.

I have copied the three credit bureaus on all correspondence to E.R. Solutions, and now, 45 days later, the derogatory information still sits on my credit reports.

I just filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau in Renton, WA http://worf.usshurdman.com/~seatac/commonroster.html?tob=60259 of which E.R. Solutions is a member, and I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Many collection agencies tend violate laws and the consumer needs to be on guard and we must educate ourselves on how to fight back. We have rights and when they are violated, we need to take action. The Internet is a valuable tool in getting the information necessary to fight companies such as E.R. Solutions. Something needs to be done to stop this company from its unethical practices.


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6a371c65, 2007-12-17, 02:12PM CST

I want to take the time to thank you for your insightful and informative complaint regarding ER Solutions. We are having similar difficulties with them and your information will help immensely. It is so refreshing to see people taking advantage of the internet as a tool rather than just entertainment. Again, thank you very much.

f44fd3f2, 2008-04-18, 08:14PM CDT

I am the author of this statement and I am happy to announce that soon after I posted this complaint and contacted the BBB, E.R. Solutions removed the derogatory information from all of my credit reports. Do not give up. Type those letters, have them validate beyond the shadow of a doubt the debt is yours or they have 45 days to remove what they are reporting.

0e1a5258, 2008-09-03, 05:13PM CDT

I have been report to experian for the same item that has been deleted since March 2008 by E.R. Solution, they have now put an item that was disputed and deleted back on my credit report. do you know how to contact these people ?

80695580, 2008-09-12, 07:19PM CDT

Yes, in fact some tend to get out of hand but the reason ER is there is to aware people of debt they have. We all must pay our bills we have vouched for. So regardless just take care of your bills... and there will always be cases where its incorrect human error is everywhere. They do get it removed. No reason to cause catastrophic failure onto anyone. It just seems your over reacting just a tad... maybe things arent going so well in your life. whatever the reason deal with things in a controlled manner. it seems like your the kind of person who doesnt :)

491d6161, 2009-07-08, 12:37PM CDT

I also had a horrible experience with ER Solutions they were completely unprofessional and had no concept of customer service and gave out too much information without verifying my identity.

ER Solutions has HORRIBLE customer service.

e2072d31, 2009-07-14, 03:27PM CDT

I also am having the same problem they called me last saturday at 8am to say that they were collecting for a debt from directv which i never even have any type of account with not to mention that this debt was made in 2001 in a county that i did not even live in at an address that i never lived at and when i would ask them about this they would hang up the phone and i had to call back i contacted directv and they had no information about me

86dffb26, 2009-08-10, 04:57PM CDT

I just found out that ER solutions has a collection account and shows Dish network was the original creditor. I spoke with Tina at Dish Network and confirmed that I never had a balance due to Dish Network.

2d7fe2b2, 2009-08-26, 04:58PM CDT

I also want to thank the author for the above posting regarding ER Solutions, and for recommending contacting the BBB.

I too have recently received an alert from a credit monitoring service, to find out that ER Solutions erroneously posted a collection notice for $789.00 on my credit report from a fraudulent creditor, Chase, with whom I have never had any association.

Incidently, this is the second time within a six-month period, that ER Solutions has done this to my credit file, and with the same fraudulent creditor.

When I contacted ER Solutions, they too had an incorrect social security number and home address. Their solution was recommending that I file a dispute with TransUnion -- the other two agencies had zero collections on file.

When I contacted TransUnion, they stated that I will need to wait up to thirty days to receive determination.

Coincidently, the ER Solutions posting on my credit happened two days prior to when a legitimate creditor, with whom I requested a credit line increase, made an inquiry on my credit file.

37ddefdf, 2009-09-15, 01:37PM CDT

I know this information will be helpful to you. I have a credit restoration company in Charlotte, NC. If you want to see results with getting this information removed follow these steps:

1) File an identity theft police report with your local police department explaining the details about this account.

2) Take a copy of this report with a dispute letter, copy of license, copy of SS Card, and two utility bills and mail these documents to each bureau for investigation.

3) The bureaus WILL delete this fraudulent account from your report Guaranteed!

For more information feel free to go to my website: www.IMPROVECREDIT.biz

75a63b0d, 2009-11-10, 03:04PM CST

Same as most of the above. The company calls everyday and request someone who does not live at my number. They say when I return the call that they will delete my number from their database however this has not happened in over a year. Please provide me with a street address or fax number for the company, that I can provide to the local BBB and Chamber. Thanks

da824c25, 2009-11-13, 02:06PM CST

i keep getting calls from your co. on my cell phone 484-951-8356 your looking for harry baxter iam not harry baxter i just recieved a call to this nature about half hour ago when i told them i am not harry baxter and to stop calling they hung up on me. stop calling or i will take appropiate action to stop such calls. please email me at [email protected] to confirm you have read this,email a answear today asap tnx.

cb375150, 2009-12-26, 05:34PM CST

ER Solutions has been calling my son's cell phone for the last couple days. He called them back and they asked if they could talk to Ron. My son told them they had the wrong number and he didn't know a Ron. They called again, and this time I called them back and asked who they were and why they kept calling my son's cell phone (which is registered under my name). They asked me for the cell phone # and I gave it to them. They said Ronald Madison, I told them no, I have never heard of that person and in the middle of me asking them to please stop calling, they hung up on me. If they continue to call, I will take further action.

663f2a56, 2010-03-04, 12:04PM CST

E R Solutions keeps calling my home for somebody I do not know. I have told them I do not know this person and they have told me THREE times that they will remove my number from their system. However, they still call.

8cf7742f, 2010-05-06, 02:02PM CDT

I myself just found out that ER Solutions had reported to the 3 major credit reporting agencies that I had opened an account with SPrint in May of 1999 & closed said account in November 0f 1999 wherein I am alleged to have incurred a $3,032.00 unpaid debt.

I have not opened any account with Sprint during this period. I have contacte Sprint regarding this matter as am yet to receive any reply theretofore.

I believe & know that the report made by ER Solutions Collection Agency is Malicous, Erroneous & Intentionally False.

I am disputing this false repor made by ER solutions & am in the process of filing the required complaints with the FCC ("Federal Communications Comission"), BBB ("Better Business Bureau") & will file a civil complaint in Federal Court.

I invite everyone whom may also be affected by ER Solution's False Reporting Conduct(s) to join together for a class action suit in the appropriate court. This must stop

& stop now.

Anonymous, 2010-06-25, 05:23AM CDT

I would like a 1-800 toll free number to speak with someone reguarding my account.

f0406245, 2010-11-30, 09:23AM CST

I have also been reported by ER Solutions and WCI for a similar amount owed to Sprint. Sprint lied to me on the amount of payment to close account and i refuse to give them money i do not owe them. I have made several attempts for them to contact me they have not done so.

8a1a3c25, 2011-01-25, 07:40PM CST

I have been harassed to know end by these people. Verizon broke my contract to faults of their own and want to charge me for termination. My lawyer told me to tell them they must stop contacting me at my request according to the fair debt collection act. Yet they still call multiple times day and night and say they will continue calling regardless of the law. I plan on pushing this issue all the way to court to finally put these people in their place.

61c70e42, 2011-02-18, 10:59AM CST

I would be more than willing to join in a Class Action Suit against E.R Solutions. I was contacted my E.R. Solutions last night and was told that my T-Mobile account had been transferred to them for collection proceedings. Now mind you, I just canceled my service with T. Mobile because of their horrible service area issues, on the 15th of February and E.R Solutions was calling me two days later. They could not even tell me the total amount due and T-Mobile had not even sent me a final bill. So how E.R. Solutions could be collecting on a delinquent account that T-Mobile informed me upon cancellation of the service two days prior on 02/15/2011 that I had 30 days to pay the early termination fees, is beyond comprehension. I demanded to speak with a Supervisor and was transferred to the voice mail of someone who worked for Verizon Wireless. What does Verizon Wireless have to do with T-Mobile other than they are both cellular service providers? I hung up and called back only to be greeted with such hostility and unprofessional personnel, that I could not believe that this was an actual company, these people have absolutely no customer service skills nor do they exhibit any type of telephone etiquette. I felt like I was speaking to a 4th grader. I immediately called T-Mobile to complain and they told me that my account had not been sent to a collection agency and just as I thought the file was still in the process of being closed and they would be sending me a final bill within a few days. I gave them the information pertaining to E.R Solutions of Cincinnati, Ohio and the supervisor at T-Mobile said they would file a complaint against E.R Solutions.

aaa140bc, 2011-10-15, 03:08PM CDT

How is my brother getting a negative on his credit report when at the time of this bill he was in a nursing home and just recently was discharged.

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