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Posted on Sunday, January 22nd, 2006 at 11:31am CST by c61d935e

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The Select Comfort Sleep Number air bed we have was purchased from their store in the Grand Rapids, Mi area. Hearing all the advertising on talk radio we saw the store in the Grandville, Michigan store in the Rivertown Crossing mall and stopped to look the mattresses over. We bought a Queen size (it had no "Sleep Numbers, only a rocker button that either inflated or deflated the air bladder") and had it delivered in early June. It was set up by their installers and we were told to keep the boxes it came in in case the mattress was not suitable.

After less than a week of sleeping on the mattress set, it seemed that every joint in my body ached in the morning. Only after being up and moving around for 30 minutes or so was I without intense pain. I called the company to see about sending it back and they told me my "sleep number" must have been wrong, and that what I should do was to start at the hardest setting, sleep on it a few days then if that didn't work then soften it up until I had it at the right setting. This I did for the next two weeks. When it didn't help, I called again. Instead of helping me with my return they told me they would send a special cushion to place on the top of the mattress. I put that on but even that did not help. I called them back to get the authorization to return it and was told that I was 8 days beyond my 30 day trial period and could not return it for my full refund. Now I know how they can afford so much advertising, they keep you thinking it is you, not the mattress until it is too late to get your refund. We paid over $1,000.00 for trusting that we were dealing with a reputable company.

I even wrote an email to the Paul Harvey show letting them know the kind of company they are advertising for, but I see they still are. Obviously money speaks louder than words.

Richard L. Hansen

P.O. Box 15

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df634cec, 2008-06-27, 07:23PM CDT

i think that alot of the people complaining about the sleep number product are being unrealistic.

with anything like foam for example, it WILL condence down slightly over the years its just common sense.No foam or even latex will stay the same height after 10 or more yrs.

And by the way people cannot blame people that are trained in selling the product because they don't force consumers to buy it.

I think people should start thinking why they bought the bed.. Obviously not every bed is for every person. I get that the sleep number bed does cost a bit of money but if you didn't want a S.N bed you should of bought something else..At the end of the day it was the consumers choice to buy and no one forced you to buy it.

get a grip and enjoy your bed.Its just like a lady said in the emails that if you've had a hard night partying or working so much you will feel restless. it's not the beds fault...

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