Frigidaire washing machine

Posted on Sunday, January 22nd, 2006 at 10:29pm CST by 30f657ac

Company: Frigidaire washing machine

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I purchased a frigidaire washer in 2003. It is suppose to be a heavy duty washer and I can't make out all of the model # but the last five 339CSl. Well that is actual a new one I received from Rex TV and Appliance Store. My first washer would leave alot of water in the bottom after the spinning cycle was done. It wouldn't spin properly and it wouldnt get all of the water out..not to mention I could only put five towels in a heavy duty commercial washer. So the store sent repair man. He said it was a defect to contact the store and they would replace it. They did after about a month. Now I have the same one doing the same thing again. Frigidaire has to know this is a known problem why aren't they recalling all of them. Oh yah the store I bought it from shut down. Now what????


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