Allied Interstate

Posted on Sunday, January 22nd, 2006 at 12:36pm CST by a9eea29b

Company: Allied Interstate

Category: Unsolicited Phone Calls

Allied Interstate:

Me and my husband and no debts. However, Allied Interstate keeps calling. I have called the toll free number and insisted my number be removed the list. They assured me it would. Since then, they continue to call. Their number and company is not displayed on my Caller ID but as "unknown". The message they leave does not include their name but to contact them at the toll free number. I did that today and the conversation was very hostile. I am quite sure when you call your number is displayed on their caller identification program. They insist on having your number which I refuse to give to them again. I have threatened having my attorney filing a lawsuit and have called the rep an unpleasant name. This company calls every day (even Sunday) several times a day. How many times do you have to tell these people. We are unlisted and on the governments do not call list but it seems to do no good. They just keep harassing us and it's not even us they are trying to contact.


Frustrated consumer


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