2001, Ford Crown Victoria

Posted on Sunday, January 22nd, 2006 at 11:56am CST by c3ece586

Company: 2001, Ford Crown Victoria

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I bought my 2001 Crown Victoria from MGM Ford Lincoln in Red Deer, Alberta.

It registered 39000+ kilometers and I was told it came with a 100 point

quality used car check and a 6 month warranty.

MGM tried to sell me an extended warranty, but I declined--having heard that

it was a dealership scam.

At about 52,000 kms, the car filled with water through the area around the

heater fan on the left side of the firewall!

That was nearly $500.00!

At 62,000 kms, the Crown Victoria began to drip oil under the right bank of

its 4.6 litre V8 and after a run, the car smelled heavily of burnt oil.

I took the car in to MGM for service thinking that the valve cover gasket

had gone and oil was leaking onto the manifold and thus the burning oil.

However, I was told Crown Victorias came with a poor head gasket and some

hole in it tended to fail.

So MGM put a "new improved head gasket for $2200.00 plus and that was it.

I asked them if it was a manufacturing defect but they denied it and I was

stuck paying.

I had bought the Crown Vic for its widespread used by police and taxis

across North America and for its real wheel drive, which I prefer.

Now it has a sluggish pickup and old diesel trucks pass me by1

But Head gasket job at 62,000 Kilometres? That's absolutely ridiculous!

I also let MGM in Red Deer place its front plate on my car BUT TODAY I HAVE


No more servicing at MGM Ford Lincoln at RED Deer, AB.

I have found a better auto shop--by customer recommendation.




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