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Posted on Saturday, January 21st, 2006 at 12:19pm CST by 4873a121

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I took out a loan with cash call in Sept.05. I can honestly say this has been the worst experience of my life. The loan was for $2,500. I have made 3 payments to them and because of the extremely high interest rate of 96%, my bill to pay it off is now $3000!!! When signing up for the loan, I ageed to have an automatic withdrawal from my checking acct of 216 dollars. I stated to the girl on the phone to take it out on the 15th of the month, not the 1st, because of rent payments.They took the money out on the 1st of October, which caused a whole bunch of checks to bounce, with non sufficient fund charges etc. I called cashcall and told them what happened, they said it was agreed that the funds would be deducted on the first of the month. I closed my bank account which I've had for over 10 yrs, paid them in Nov. by Money Order, wired my payment to them in December with a huge late fee. The day after making my Dec. payment I was getting harrassing phone call at 7:30 in the morning wanting my next payment. I feel like this should be illegal to charge such an outrageous interest fee, I expect to pay the money back. I want them to lower the interst fee for people. I feel like a fool because at the time I needed the money and agreed to this ridiculous loan. I hope no one ever has to go through this nightmare I've been through.


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2bbec0f1, 2007-10-17, 12:18PM CDT

I am in the same boat as you these people rude, they yell and sream at you call your place of employment and home refrence numbers every 10 minutes, they are on willing to work with you they treat you like a peice of dirt, at the time i need the money so i took out this loan i have been paying on it for over a year and my balance has not gone down because of the intrest. i got behind 2 payments becuase of disabilty and when i advised them i would pay them on friday they told me not to bother, i am still going to do it just so if i do get sued it shows that even though they did not want to work with me i tried to work with them, when you talk to them they speak to you back in a very disreceptfull manner i have made a complaint with the better business office because they have told me i needed to pull the money out from somewhere. Oh my god i regret ever taking this loan out i am at the end of my rope with these people and do not know what to do anymore

754d3a78, 2007-10-29, 09:42AM CDT

i am in the same boat as all of you. my payment was due to come out on the 15th as well and i called them in advance to let them know the money wasnt going to be in there and they told me to wire it through money gram. and then the next day they drafted my account again. i also had checks that bounced and i had to pay fees to my bank and also to the persons i wrote the checks too. and then the harassing phone calls started. i received 14 calls in 1 day and this was at my place of employment. so i made payment arrangements for another day, but i realized i couldnt do that day either i called to see if i could do half one week and half another and they told me no. i have never dealt with such rudeness and ignorance in my life. they told me i was in default of the loan and they were sending me to collections. and they argued with me and told me that they were going to debit my account for the entire balance. which is 2800. and my interest rate is 98% which at the time i needed it and i didnt think that is was going to be a problem. i have every intention on paying it back all i wanted was someone to work with me and they werent willing to do that.

f2ada9d4, 2008-03-19, 09:01AM CDT were told the interest rate before you applied AND when you e-signed the loan papers. You knew what you were getting into. If you're behind on your payments on a 96% loan your balance goes up fast. Pay them on-time and your problems will stop immediately.

These "problems" are all of your own making.

ea71695c, 2008-06-17, 06:40PM CDT

Signed up March 21, 2007 2:37 PM

Amount Paid to Borrower Directly: $2,525.00

Prepaid Finance Charge/Origination Fee: $75.00


I have been paying cash call for 1 year 2 month on a loan of 2,525.00 and will not be done paying it off until Oct 1, 2010 of a grand total of $9,163.37


The cost of my credit as a yearly rate

99.02 %


The dollar amount the credit will cost me



One payment of $285.88 on May 01, 2007.

40 monthly payments of $216.55 beginning on June 01, 2007.

One payment of $215.49 on October 01, 2010. :(


I am currently employed at CashCall right now as a collector. Although, They are not a collection agency...the collections department is approx. 500 strong and growing. This is the most illegal collection department that i have ever worked for. I have met people who have worked for Shekinah and NCO who now work at CashCall, and they say we are 10 times more illegal. Everyday it is hilarious hearing not just one but all collectors telling 3rd party's or whoever answers the line that they are from the sheriff's, attorney's, legal department, fraud department, court house, and investigation department. They threaten suit, garnishments, actually anything they can think of. The crazy part about it is that all the management knows and they are ok with it. The motto there is "Do what you have to get the money". so whether you are 30-60-90 days late will get these threats guaranteed. I don't consider these guys good collectors they are just total thugs. As a collector myself i never thought i would say this, but i feel bad for the debtor..96% interest. is that even legal.. If you are a customer with CashCall and you are late as little as 30 days...record the phone call,,,you will have an instant lawsuit. "

the company fails to provide copies of contracts or other disclosures concerning the terms and conditions of the loan agreements. Many customers complain that they are being charged userous interest rates in violation of the State law in which they reside. Other complainants report harrassment in the form of extreme or hardcore collection practices which they claim are unnecessasarily used. Customers report the company makes repeated calls to friends and co-workers used as references causing them embarrassment, distress, and jeopordizing their employment. Other complainants allege company representatives treat them like criminals, use threats and rude remarks concerning their families, and threaten them with physical contact if payments are not received.

The company responds to complaints by disputing the complainants allegations, claiming they act in accordance with all state and federal regulations. In some cases, they do issue credits. Allegations of abusive collection tactics are generally not addressed. "


Written by Jack, on 17-05-2008 03:57

I work for them. I know they are worried about lawsuits. Our company has allowed the reps and associates to harrass the *** out of you people. Now that there's changes being made because of the lawsuits all of the reps are being watched very closely. Im not trying to justify anything. Blame Louis Ochoa for letting this all go down. Our CUSTOMERS never should have treated this way. They deserve better. He did nothing while reps were harrassing customers and threatning the customers with lawsuits. Finally Paul Reddam steps in because he dosent want to pay anymore lawsuits from the customers. It's to late Reddam. Your employees hate working there because of people like Ochoa who they cant trust. You work them like slaves and treat them like dirt. And now you wonder why the customers feel harrased? Put that carrot out there that we work so hard for and now you act like you care about the customer? Never. He only cares about MONEY. On behalf of the GOOD employees who actually care about our customer, I appologize for what you have to go through. Record everything. Keep track of multiple calls. Always remember, there talk is cheap. They lie about everything.

ea71695c, 2008-06-17, 07:01PM CDT

The Sturdevant Law Firm is investigating consumer complaints against CashCall, Inc. for unconscionable loan terms and products, debt collection practices, and other unfair and/or fraudulent business practices.

If you believe you have been harmed by CashCall, Inc., you may fill out our consultation form. If you would like more information about this case, please contact Whitney Huston or Kathy Becker at (415) 477-2410. Thank you.

76d1775c, 2008-06-26, 10:47AM CDT

I took a loan out from Cash Call in Feb 07. I trully regret this but at the time I really needed the money. If giving the opportunity to go back in time, I would not have made such a stupid decision. I am currently 3 mos. behind because before going out on disabililty I missed one payment. I had surgery in May, and I will not be returning to work until September. When I found out how long I would be out of work I contacted Cash Call and told them that I was not at work and would not be returning until September 08. I also informed them that I had not begun receiving my disability checks yet and once I start I will resume payments. This was on a Friday, by the following Monday, I received a call from a co-worker informing me that she was given an urgent message from a represetative from Cash Call, saying that I needed to call them immediately. Words cannot describe just how angry I was, because I told this woman that I was out of work, and that she could reach me on my cell phone. I got in touch w/ her and I made it clear that they are to never call my job again. But, then she starts harrassing me for a payment. I told her that I am on disability. I told her that I haven't started receiving checks yets, but they have been calling constantly from different numbers and harrassing me. They even had the nerve to question how I managing to pay my other bills since I am supposedly out of work on disability. And said that I need to contact the individuals that I listed as references to borrow money from them. I am sick of being harrased! I never said that refused the pay the money back. I said that at this moment I am unable to. Believe me I would love to rid myself of these people. As soon as I return to work I am going to double or maybe triple my payments to get rid of this loan. I just need to specify that this extra money is going towards the principal balance of the loan. I don't trust these people to apply it on their own. These practices have to be illegal. If anyone knows of any lawsuits or a way for me to make a complaint against Cash Call that will be heard, please post something on this site. Thanks....:-)

2a18c133, 2008-12-05, 01:21PM CST

first of all its against the law for them to harrass you call this attoney office if free even if you win or lose.1800-875-3666 they for consumer law and they wilkl fight for look at their web site good luck

3f0c8a0e, 2008-12-08, 04:24PM CST

people are so funny, someone lends you money when your own mother wouldn't and they're crooks. I'm not justifying their collection practices but no one should be call you in the first place. Pay your bills. next time go to a credit union they will lend you money for under 15%, oh, but you have to have good credit unlike you.

pay your bill moooch. they wouldn't be in business if people paid their bills.

d3f973fb, 2009-02-07, 09:34PM CST

I had paid my-account down to $800.00 of a $2500/loan,then I fell on hardtimes and could not make my payments.I was forced to close my bank-account because CashCall kept trying to take money out eventhough they were notified by me that I had no-money in the account.This of-course cost me many overdraft/fees on that account,as-well as with CashCall.Then the rude & harassing-calls begin and I was constantly being threaten by their representitives.Once they offered me to settle the account and I-agreed, they then refused to-settle because I would not allow them into my bank-account anymore, although I offered to mail them the payments.They call my home all hours of the day & night,starting as-early as 7:00am and as-late as 10:00pm.I came home home from work one-day and found court-papers at the bottom of my stairs,I'm being sued now for the original-balance.

558e0950, 2009-12-29, 11:21PM CST

I too likemany others thought that CashCall was the help for me. The charged such rediculcous interest rates and custome service was terrible because they realized that they had you by the toes with no where else to go. I asked for $2,000.oo but they insisted that I had to get more and tried to scam me when I tried to return the money quickly that I felt I didn't need. Please help all of us.

5471dc16, 2010-02-07, 11:49AM CST

Let take a wild stab that you were probably fully disclosed the rate, term, payment etc but flew through it, didnt pay attention or at the time, didnt care - and now you are crying about it?

5471dc16, 2010-02-07, 11:54AM CST

I also work here at Cash Call and there are certainly not 500 people here in that dept, and never heard any of the people here saying anyhing remotely resembling what you are talking about. Every single, and I mean every single call is recorded, and reviewed, and audited to make sure that things like misrepresentation, or anyhting reseblinb being anything less that upfront as to what to expect regarding the loan or the collection process is simply not tollerated.

545968f0, 2010-12-17, 07:36AM CST














327ad10b, 2011-10-28, 10:37AM CDT

Ive made the same mistake they have turned my acct over to juluis glander ploucher and associates, do you know who theses people are?They are out of the state of New Jersey

531892cf, 2012-04-27, 12:43PM CDT

I was led to Cashcall through an Advertisment on TV called WESTERN SKY Loans. They promised to give a loan that has a higher rate, but will be much more affordable than a Payday loan. Turns out - the loan was actually through Cashcall and they offer Payday loans to borrowers. I had no idea that my loan would be transferred or that I would have to pay back 900% of the Principle (Interest and Principle) when paid. Who in their right mind would choose such an option. Honestly, I would have paid back the $1500 I borrowed, but they took $150 off the top, so I was stuck $150 in the hole before I got started. I couldn't afford that. So, here I am. Making monthly payments until I'm broke and blue in the face.

7e8909b3, 2012-10-14, 04:59AM CDT

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3bb01ac7, 2013-04-13, 07:03PM CDT

I am writing regarding my load of $5,000 that was borrowed in January 2012 with CASH CALL. I have made 15 payments which amounts to $7,298.70. From what I understand only 25 cents is principal and the rest is interest.

I am imploring you to reduce the interest amount; so the principal can be paid considering you have collected the amount due in theory.

5ae5744d, 2013-09-27, 10:46PM CDT

I borrowed $10,000 in 2012 and have already made payments exceeding $13,000. I understand the terms of the loan, but I am on a medical leave for six months and need alternative payment arrangements for the final three months of my leave. I am willing to pay $400 per month (of the $743) payment to stay somewhat current, but NO WAY. My situation is temporary and I will be back at work soon; however, I believe a payment arrangement is a reasonable request when one has already paid over the amount borrowed and is still willing to pay $62,000 for a $10,000 loan. I'm a good customer, but they had rather chase us away with their tactics. I will be pounding out overtime for sure when getting back to work. This loan has to go! Good luck everyone.

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