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Posted on Saturday, January 21st, 2006 at 10:24pm CST by 4b2fc90c

Product: Brian Elias

Company: Hansons Windows

Category: Building, Construction

I had 3 reps to quote me windows. One from Weatherguard, one from Wallside, and last from Hansons windows the rep from Hansons was Stacey Sabol. During her presentation I asked her about windows that I couldn't see in, but out only. She stated that the IQ reflective glass would do that. I also asked her about window paned look on the patio. She stated that it was very expensive, but that she had a product that would give me the same look for much less. Upon her final quote, I told her that was more than I wanted to spend (which was in the range of 5- 6 thousands dollars) and I would have to go with the other window company. She then began to dicker with cost and although Hansons was still higher by about $400 because of what I believed I was getting, I went with Hansons. She wrote the contract and I thought that the way it was written was that she put the v-groove down as part of what I was getting. Being honest, I had never purchased windows before, and did not realize that she was writing it specifically to an individual window. I did however call her a week later and asked her what the v-groove was and confirmed that the patio door and the front of the house were to have it, she said yes. I also asked about the glass where I wouldn't be able to see in, and she said that's what the IQ glass does. So with this, I'm feeling satisfied that I will get what I asked for and paid for.


Installers came to install windows. He went over what I was getting, and I said what about the patio door. He said the contract didn't show that. This is the first time that I realized how the contract had the v-groove written that it was specific to that window. The kitchen window did not have it and it should have, the upstairs 2nd bedroom has it, and it shouldn't have. When I said to the installer that the upstairs looked odd, it was because of the main bedroom is the only room upstairs without the v-groove. After they finished the downstairs, I realized that they could see in from the outside. So I questioned that, and he said he wasn't aware of anything of the. Also, the second bathroom upstairs screen had a hole in it, and I had to point that out to him. That same night I left Stacey Sabol a voice message, and she returned my call. She still stood by her definition of IQ Reflective glass being that I couldn't see in from the outside. She asked me to go outside and turn off all lights to see if I could see in the house. I told her I could see my microwave clock light, and the night light switches (my light switches have night lights built in). She said I shouldn't be able to see that. She then asked me to go back to the sidewalk a bit to see if I could see upstairs, and I told her I could see the ship and the flower vase from the window. She then said that she would come out on Monday and we could take a look together to make sure I was doing as she was asking me. I have not seen or heard from her since - she never showed up.


Steve called; I missed his call and returned it. I called everyday leaving him another message until Thursday 1-12-06 when he finally returned the called. At that point he was so condescending in his tone of voice to me, making it to appear that it was my word against Stacey's. He did admit that she gave me the wrong definition of reflective glass, but was not willing to make a compromise for her mistake, and what I was expecting in a window. He was so rude, I hung up and called back asking for the president of the company. The receptionist gave me David. I talked with David and honestly he is the only one that remotely appeared and noticed I said appeared to be concern about me not being totally satisfied. He said he would call back within an hour, and his hour never came. That's why I said appeared to be interested. I then went on-line and wrote Brian Elias. Based on his commercials where it states satisfaction guaranteed, I thought he was an honest fair individual. Even after my first day of getting quotes from Hansons competitor, and one bad mouthing him saying that they will get your money, but when it comes to customer satisfaction you will fight for whatever mistake they make. I dismissed what the competitor said, and didn't go with that one because I didn't like what I thought was bad mouthing, which now I see first hand is truth. Hansons is a greedy company and people are not even second class citizen to him.


I e-mailed Brian Elias with what I felt was a fair compromise considering that his representative misrepresented his product, got my money, and now no one want to be held accountable. I did tell him that if I didn't hear back from anyone by Thursday 1-19-06 that I was going to the BBB. Not a threat, but a promise. Because after Steve talked to me the way he did, I realized that Hansons don't give a rip about me as a customer who paid them in full.


I got a call from Brian Elias and he spoke to me so harshly and even made the comment that "you people are always trying to get something for nothing" He shouted over me trying to explain to him that I'm only looking for a compromise based on the misrepresentation of his staff. He said that he would make sure Stacey understood what IQ reflective glass meant, which this was the second time this was stated to me (Steve first, then Brian), and personally she should have understood this before she came to see me. When I told him that I am not a dishonest person, that I was a Christian, he said, you people are always trying to use being a Christian to get what you want. Perhaps some folks do, but I told him that I have never tried to get anything for nothing. I told him that I did not finance my windows; I paid him cash, hard earned cash that I work for every day so I can have the niceties in life. He was yelling so tough at me, and not listening to me as a customer, but falsely accusing me and slandering my character. I was so hurt I started crying and hung up on him. I then called the number back that he called me on, and Dave answered. Dave immediately said that he didn't hear the conversation, but he did. Brian was talking with someone in the room at the time he was talking with me. Someone was giving him the information about my account. When I dialed the number that came in on my cell phone, Dave answered, therefore, I believe he did hear the conversation. I told Dave I wasn't angry with him, but I'm so hurt by how Brian talked to me. He doesn't know anything about me, and if I talked to my clients the way he talked to me, I would be out of a job. I work for General Dynamics, and Nextel is my client. If I have a dispute with them on miss communication, I don't yell at them and accuse them of trying to get over on General Dynamics, but I try to come to a fair compromise so we both win. Today Hansons lost. If this is how a president of a company talks to folks, I will make sure that anyone I know, and even the general public is aware not to buy from Hansons. Hansons just lost potential business with the remaining folks in my condo who were looking to replacing their windows. When I have the meeting, I will make sure they know how rudely they will be treated after they pay their money. I wrote the BBB and Channel 7 News because I will not allow anyone else to be spoken to the way he did. Outside of being a Christian, I have morals, and out of my 51 years of living, I have never expected a handout, took advantage of anyone, cheated a system, and I have paid for whatever I wanted legally. I have high standards, and don't have to take advantage of anyone to get what I want. So, Mr. Elias is going to reap the way he spoke to me today. Nothing good will come out of cheating people. His statement of "you people" is a negative implication that people of color are thieves. My community in Farmington Hills is a very diverse one, with hard working people of all colors. He was very wrong for making that statement.

His guarantee says complete satisfaction or money back guaranteed. If he does not come to a compromise, I want every cent I paid him refunded.


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5f59f38f, 2008-04-21, 08:52AM CDT

This lady is way off base. I too have hansons' windows in my house, and everything is wonderful. They even came out and fixed a screen that had a minor hole in it no questions asked. My advice to her is do some research before you make such a big purchase, not just different estimates from different companies. Besides why would you want windows that reflect back at you from the outside, so you can watch yourself mow your lawn? Give me a break. I would recommend hanson's to anyone, no doubt about it.

41675d07, 2008-06-26, 02:06PM CDT

Caveat Emptore (latin for buyer beware)...

It doesn't surprise me at all that you were treated like this. I called the salesman out from Hansons and he told me that they were a bunch of "greedy jews". (his words --- not mine).

It is entirely innappropriate for Mr. Hanson to cast aspersions on your faith. I'm sure he would be the first to whine if somebody attacked Judiasim.

As far as getting "something for nothing", perhaps he should stop those shlocky, something-for-nothing gimmicky giveaways that he's always up to.

If you are reading this and considering buying from them - DON'T. I am a objective person who after getting a taste of what they're all about from the sales call and through their customer service, went with a competitor and am very happy about that decision.

Go with one of the competitors with more ethics and better customer service practices.

1667bcb1, 2008-08-15, 04:13PM CDT

*I can't believe what I'm reading*

I've dealt with this company on numerous occasions and they've been wonderful - nothing but professional, efficient, and customer service oriented with my wife and I. We own a home together but are also in real estate. When we needed a new roof, gutters, and 15 windows on our home, we had them do the job for us. The salesman was fabulous, he didn't pressure us into doing anything, and he worked with us on the price. My wife and I were so baffled at how quickly the crews came and completed each step of the job, and how clean and well mannered they were - we've worked with countless crews over the years on some of our other real estate properties in Ann Arbor, and nobody even came close to how good Hansons really is. And on a personal note, I've dealt with Brian Elias on numerous occasions - he's always bent over backwards to help on pricing! We DID have one crew that was late on one of our many, many jobs we've hired him to do - Brian personally showed up to the job and verbally reprimanded the crew, apologizing to us in person. And guess what...I'm NOT Jewish. Brian Elias is driven by customer service and good business practices - not religion or any other category his customers may fit into. I recommend this company to everyone I meet, and that's alot of people. I haven't heard of one serious problem, only a few very minor things that were immediately resolved...and this only happened a few times. You don't judge a business by mistakes, you judge a business by how often problems occur (very little with this company) and well they handle any problems if they occur, which, with a large company you'll have some customers with problems - but I've never heard any of my referalls to this company say that hansons didn't take care of them - they all ended up overly satisfied.

843bdea7, 2008-08-19, 01:24PM CDT

I am now suing Hanson's because they not only installed defective windows, but they also damaged personal property while out doing an inspection on the defective windows. Their customer service repore is pathetic. Brain Elias, Mike Pence, the whole lot of them are snakes and immoral theives.

c6f3ab60, 2008-08-22, 09:57AM CDT

I had a Hansons rep come to my house for a quote earlier this week. I was quoting a roof for the house and barn, and siding for the house.

The salesman was horrible. He showed up 1/2 hour early and would have appreciated a call as we were finishing dinner. I had my wife go outside and show him what was going on. He measured the house perimeter, but never got on the roof to look at it.

He then sat down with my wife and I at our patio table to discuss the job and Hansons. It was clear and about 70 degrees that evening. He kept referring to the pre-printed brochure and touting the benefits of choosing Hansons over competitors. They have 4 choices when it comes to roofing and we chose the 3rd highest.

He then pulled out a "guess what the job will cost sheet" . We were to guess what the job would cost for the roof on the house to receive and additional $400 off the job if we were within $400. We were both wrong.

When we saw the price, it was $5000 more than that highest quote we received previously. We asked about gutters and he was going to throw those in at NO CHARGE! What a guy! I asked if this was for the roofing for both the house and barn, and the siding. He said "No, thats just for the house roofing". He had been there an hour. The appointment was for 90 minutes.

I then asked what about the barn roof and siding as it was getting dark. He measured the perimeter of the barn with a 25' tape measure (all other contractors used a 100' tape). He then sat down and gave us price that was $1000 more than before for both roofs. I asked "What about the siding?" He stated "Oh, yeah, that. So you are going to keep me outside all night and just beat me up on price huh?". We never once questioned the price and the reason we were doing this outside is that is where the work is and our inside was not conducive to sitting around around a table due to interior remodeling being done. We already gave him a water on a cool summer evening.

Without getting up from his chair, he quoted the entire siding job without asking what we were expecting for areas not currently covered with siding, color, siding style, etc.

He then stated "If you sign with us this evening, the entire job will be $28000+". I then asked "And signing means what?" He said "You go through Hansons financing and we will start the job in about 5 weeks, which is quick due to us not having much new work, only old people asking for little jobs such as one or two window replacements" (Nice huh?) I stated we will not be needing financing, but will pay a percentage up front and the remainder upon completion of the job to our satisfaction. He was shocked and said "I'll have to check with office about this, but to get this price, you have to sign with us tonight". THERE'S THE "GOTCHA"!!!

I asked "What the price would be if we didn't sign tonight?" He then hemmed and hawed as if he did not know what to charge us, but then quoted a price of $39000+ for the same job, even if we decided to sign the next day! Talk about pressure tactics!!!!!

I was not pressured, but I could see how some people could be. I then stated "Well, any smart consumer is going to review all options before signing. I am not going to sign tonight. Are you going to provide a detailed quote with all of the specifics we discussed? I want to compare the materials that will be used". He the rudely stated "The sheet you have IS your quote!". I asked "So this is all the detail I will get? a few numbers with no detail?" He shook his head Yes very sheepishly. We wrapped up very quickly as he was very anxious about leaving, answering our questions poorly as he packed up his sales props into his car.

After he left, I did a calculation on the financing through Hansons. If we would have used them, the loan would have been for 15 years at 14.5%!!!

What a rip-off and complete waste of time. Hey Hansons - these sales tactics may have worked in the 1950's, but they are so antiquated now. Consumers are better informed and have outlets to voice their complaints to warn others. Grow a spine and become an upstanding business!!!

eb5e82a5, 2008-09-23, 07:19PM CDT

Last November of 2007 I had returned from a year-long tour in Iraq. Soon after I decided to have a contractor install two new exteriors steel doors, front and back, on my house. One of the contractors that I call for a quote was from Hansen's. This guy was a joke. Within the first three minutes of arriving, he completely screw up any chance of getting a sale from me. I used to work in this industry and I have installed windows and doors (both interior and exterior). He blew by assessing the front living room window and basically knew nothing about it or the problems with it. He went on to discuss the front and back exterior doors that I wanted. After the spiel he gave me, he quoted me -- TA DA! -- $5,800.00. I almost fainted. Of course he pulled the, "I am going to call my sup and get an okay on a price break". For those who don't know this trick, they're not calling anyone but talking to themselves on the phone. This guy got his price down to $3,800.00 but I didn't bite. And of course he tried the, "Just sign and you can keep this price for the next couple of days". For anyone not familiar with contracts, you have three days to cancel after signing, but goodluck in finding your sales contact after signing. He or she will "disappear". As he was leaving, he quipped about me giving him gas money for his wasted time. That made me want to run out and kick his stupid ass. Hansens will never step on my property again. I did however buy my new front window from a company called Gandy Windows. Great service, price, and absolutely the most professional in this business. Look them up. They did exactly what they said they would do and more.

fbf34537, 2008-11-09, 01:21PM CST

I've never heard that Brian would come to your house all the way to Ann Arbor from Bloomfield Hills, but he just either will need something from you, or else.

Just example: for average house roof local contractor in Ann Arbor would charge you approx. $6,000.00 - 7,000.00, Hansons will charge you $13,000.00 - 15,000.00 and then lower price by couple thousands. It is a rip off. There is a lot of honest small companies around and lot easier to deal with. BEWARE EVERYONE.

796760de, 2008-12-08, 03:55PM CST

I had almost the EXACT senario. The difference was I had a problem with siding that was installed. I was also screamed at and yelled at by the same people. Our house was sided within 6 weeks and yet they kept saying they had to "order the siding" and after 6 months it still "wasn't in". When I told them that was hard to believe they said that they weren't the "liars" we (my husband and I) were the "liars". They also said that I was on "speaker phone" with a "room full of people" and then I heard laughter and that they wouldn't tolerate ANYONE putting down their work. They then told me that they would not warrantee any work we had done (even our 30 year warrantee on our windows) and to NEVER call them again.

98c720c6, 2009-01-19, 07:40AM CST

If you are *not* satifisied, YOU WILL *NOT* get your money back!

Their customer service totally contradicts their main slogan... they installed all new windows on our 1300 Sq ft ranch for $6,000 (which was the most expensive out of ALL window companies, but I wanted good windows).

When they left, I noticed a bag full of hardware on my counter. At first didn't think much of it until I COULDN'T LOCK MY DOORWALL! They actually left the job without installing any of the hardware/locking mechanism for the doorwall, I couldn't lock my house. I called customer service immediately and they said they would send someone in a WEEK!! After discussing the issue of not being able to lock my house, they said they would get into contact me tomorrow... blah blah... Anyways the contractor called the next day and said he couldn't install the lock becuase it was unique?!?!

Needless to say, I have never been so disappointed in such poor intallation and customer service EVER. I had to hire another company to finish the job at an additional $100,

Please consider yourself warned from this point on about Hansons.

54171553, 2009-02-09, 04:50PM CST

We had a great job, totally satisfied and the nicest most understanding salesman. I guess all companies have good and bad workers, but all you ever hear about is the bad ones (from upset people).

b05e1966, 2009-02-09, 06:31PM CST

I had a great job done by Hansons. The windows were installed on time and the sales person was GREAT !! very nice, helpful and understanding. I guess it just goes to show you that all companies have good and bad employees and good and bad jobs. It's just that only the people that had bad jobs are mad enough to spend the time complaining about it. ALL COMPANIES HAVE GOOD AND BAD JOBS. You'll just have to roll the dice and go with your instinct. Good Luck to all !!

1663e3cc, 2009-02-26, 01:58PM CST

I worked there for 6 years and I hate to tell you but you're not the first. Thats why I quit. Got sick of being put in the middle of hansons and there unhappy customers!

1663e3cc, 2009-06-17, 11:53AM CDT

your story is exactly why I quit installing for them after 6 years! Sorry to tell you but you will never see any of your money again. Oh yeah they don't have a full time service department either. Thay pawn it off on their installers and threaten to fire them if the don't do the services before they do their installs for that day. And we are sub-contractors too!

18137f8e, 2009-07-14, 11:07PM CDT

There's only about 4000 of these kind of complaints about hansons, and oh yeah majic wierd, the same two guys who ran Home Window, that screwed half the state so bad they had to form different company names. They will do it again and again. They prey on our trust and good will. its not moral.

d535fa47, 2009-08-13, 10:11AM CDT

I was a Hansons window crew leader in the early to mid 90's. I saw first hand on a daily basis how dishonest they are. Brian Elias (the owner) actually teaches his salesmen and other staff how to lie to customers in order to get the most money from them and/or to get customers off their back. Every other job i went on, the windows were mis-measured so i would call the office and tell them, "these windows are wrong". The response i got 'EVERY TIME' was, "just make them work somehow". One of their biggest keys to profiting is selling a junk product for top dollar. Or, if you insist 'you want the best', they'll gladly get you a better product but you'll pay 'AT LEAST DOUBLE' of what they should really cost. Their professional liars/salesmen will try to convince you that you're getting such a good deal, but in reality your getting scammed by trained liars. They know that most people don't really know much about windows so they take advantage of that fact. Little do most people know - you can get a better window for less money any day of the week all year long. Your best option by far is to contact a local smaller company - like (Improve USA - 586-610-6161) 'honest & inexpensive' - where they truly care about their customers and their work because they survive on referrals from happy customers - ('not' - RIDICULOUS GIMMICK SALES TACTICS & EXPENSIVE ADS). Don't people understand it yet ? I can't believe how vulnerable some people are to fall for all of their ridiculous nonsense. Those companies (HANSONS for sure) take advantage of you every chance they get. The companies with all of those big TV ads, mailing ads, phone book ads, and huge salesmen commissions ("get as much as you can") have to charge you back 'DIRECTLY' for all of their huge advertizing cost - you'll be paying MORE the minute you dial their number. Hansons is 'simply' a full blown major league SCAM !!! WAKE UP FOLKS - HANSONS IS THE BIGGEST SCAM COMPANY OUT THERE - A TOTAL RIP OFF ! A huge scar on the industry. They've completely ruined the trust and honesty factor for others with all of their gimmick nonsense.

Just because you see their ads every where you look doesn't mean they're good and/or honest - it just means you'll PAY MORE - THAT'S ALL !!! Since leaving Hansons many years ago i've heard many more 'an uncountable number' of horror stories about them screwing people over continuing their scamming. When i go to customers homes now where they've already had Hansons liars there, I beat their price drastically EVERYTIME and provide a better window.

That's all Brian/Hansons does is - hire smaller companies (sub contractors) to do the installation anyway. You can call a smaller company direct yourself and save huge money. Hansons/Brian Elias is a JOKE !!! A little story - I was at a party at Brian Elias' personal home (Waterford area) years ago in the 90's where i stood and watched him and a few of his salesmen laughing their asses off about how they just scammed an elderly couple for an extra $6000 on a particular job. I interupted them and said, "what are you talking about, do you really think that's funny?" They all looked at me like i was nuts - as if that's how it was supposed to work.

It's a NORMAL daily practice for them to get as much as possible out of every customer no matter what it takes - SELL.



a side note:

Brian Elias used to have (might still) a

personalized license plate on his car - (WHOGAF) - meaning 'who - gives a fk' !

That should tell you something - 'he sure doesn't' !

c9ba4cc8, 2009-09-28, 08:54AM CDT

First of all, let us tell you how much we love our new windows. What a big difference they make in the appearance of our home and the energy efficiency they have added.

The installers worked hard, having to stop several times due to thunder and lightening storms, but stayed in their vehicles until each storm passed and continued working until the next storm blew in. The team worked hard to get them in, and there were 11 windows in all, in place before they ran out of daylight.

I spoke customer service department and she was very helpful in setting up the service call at a convenient time for us. The installers came, in a timely manner and were on their way.........hopefully to impress some other customers. Thanks for hiring people who care about customers as much as you do!

48fd98c2, 2009-12-07, 10:19PM CST

my father told me about high presure sales that were used in the 50s they are still the same -watch the tin man movie with danny divito-richard dryfus?wi have been a window factory owner for 31 yrs.and the scam liers are still using the same buy tonight shit--sad to say but based on my knowledge 50%of replacement windows are still sold this way -there is a sucker born every minute-thats ok -the problem is there is a crook born every 90 seconds-mike vinyl-lite window factory va.

e2a0bd3e, 2010-01-20, 11:36AM CST

I cannot believe that we are talking about the same company. I had a wonderful experience with Hansons Windows. The salesman was professional, he explained all the different types of windows and which would work best for my situation. He made me feel as though he was truly listening to my needs and taking my budget into consideration. He did not pressure me into buying more windows like the other companies had tried to do. I did not feel rushed in my decision at all and when I am ready update more things on my house I will certainly call Hansons and even put in a request for my previous salesman. Once the sale was final the measurer and installers were also very friendly and did their best not to disturb me or my house. The project manager was great about letting me know when the installers would arrive and checking with me after the install to make sure everything was good to go. So over all I was impressed by Hansons employees and customer service. I will definitely recommend Hansons to everyone.

db59487e, 2010-06-30, 09:00PM CDT

They did a shoddy job on my home and then Brian came out to collect the money, telling me they would fix what they did wrong. I am still waiting. Buyer beware with these guys.

394ecc3e, 2010-07-06, 08:35AM CDT

My wife and I called Hansons to get a quote on a few windows. The salespeople said they wouldn't come out unless both of us were there, sounded strange, but we agreed. The sales men showed up in two beat up old cadillacs, wearing all black clothes and leather jackets. The presentation was good, but they when we told them we needed some time to think it over, it became VERY uncomfortable. One salesman began calling his "boss" in front of us, trying to get the best deal of us. The boss agreed to let him drop the price, but only this one time. We again told them we wantet to think it over, and they began to ask questions like "why is this so hard to decide on, it's a great deal". After a few minutes of this, I had to ask them to leave. One of them actually started to unload more crap out of his bag to try a stronger sell. We told them they had to leave and they did, without saying sorry/goodbye/anything. I have been telling everyone I know not to use Hansons and I hope others read these reviews to understand what Hansons is all about. BEWARE.

3e6e711b, 2010-09-02, 08:39PM CDT

We need a new roof. So, we've had 8 or so roofing companies come out this week. Well, having Hanson out was a huge mistake. The salesman was a total snake and was very rude. He quoted us $3,000 more than the other roofing companies. After reading the posts on this site I am glad that we are not going with Hansons. The salesman and the Hanson's owner can kiss my a$$.

4f5a8dda, 2010-10-14, 12:27PM CDT

I was just browsing online line looking at various home improvement articles because i am a fan of hgtv and similar television networks an just so happen to stumble upon this article.I am in shock and extremly furious at what i have seen that i have to say somthing.I had a hanson roof installed 10 years ago and recently had hansons windows put all through out my home this year and not one of these posts reminds me of my experience with hansons.I had the most amazing costomer service and care with my home improvments.I was very nervous about getting the jobs done and now i have no regrets what so ever. I also have several friends and family that went with hansons after me and they also had nothing but good thing to say about hansons.I am not here to make accusations but to just share my pleasent expirence. I am aslo a person of color and strong faith and if i were a person reading these posts i would also like to warn and ask them to beware that many of these comments seem to be a little more like angry competition rather than dissatisfied costomers...read your facts people because what i do know is i am 100% happy with doin buisness with mr.Elias and know others who are as well, if the company was this bad i find it hard to believe that they would still be in buisness let alone growing as they are. I would recomend hansons to everyone.

e020c175, 2010-10-23, 02:14AM CDT

I scheduled an estimate for windows with Hanson's before doing any research. Luckily I looked around online before they came. I called to cancel the appointment and was on the phone for 10 minutes trying to tell the lady I was not interested. I was even yelling at her and she wouldn't stop... "you're not going to get anything cheaper... we do the best work... you will get the tax credit..." Then, the guy still showed up! I was worried about this happening, so I made sure I was not home, but I drove by my house and he was there. There was a Hanson's business card jammed in my door when I got home. Ridiculous. They called me two days later asking why I wasn't there when the salesman came. I said, "I canceled the appointment. We no longer want new windows." She immediately went on about getting a free estimate at no cost and how "crazy" I was not to do it for the tax credit. What a joke. These guys are almost criminals.

A friend of mine had Hanson's at his house for new windows. The guy was there for 3 and a half hours. Then after my friend told him he wouldn't sign a contract right there because he was getting other quotes, the salesman actually told him, "You are a waste of my time. You are a liar and are pretty much stealing from me by not signing up with us right now."

There are other posts online about people threatening to call the police to get Hanson's people out of their homes. That is how they do business. Absolutely unacceptable. Never do business with Hanson's Windows or Roof or Siding or whatever.

The only way they are in business is because they throw so much money into ads and put fake posts out on forums.

d9886751, 2011-03-14, 06:54PM CDT

We were duped into signing a work order when we were only supposed to be signing an application for financing.I called Brian to see if we could clear things up and he was so very rude and condescending that I hung up. My husband called him and Mr Elias said he'll be turning our "contract" over to his legal people. My hubby told him we have a lawyer too to which Brian Elias replied, "We'll see who has the bigger checkbook."

Real professional. Jerk.

be449c89, 2011-10-18, 06:24PM CDT

We got an estimate for roofing , here is what happened.1. they wanted to much money. 2 they told us our boards under the old roofing was bad and had to be replaced. WE HAD SOME ONE ELSE CHECK AND GUESS WHAT ? our boards were in very good condition, and did not have to be replaced. NO MORE HANSON FOR US,

8c55e691, 2012-10-17, 11:50AM CDT

I hired Hansons to do a complete window job. I thought everything was fine. The salesman Ken was fine and never seemed to pressure me or my wife about anything. We decided on a certain grid design only to find out later that they thought another grid design would suit us better. When I called the general manager gary sherman about the decision, I was told that I had no say in the matter and either way the windows would be installed. I was told I now had a binding contract with Hansons. If I refused I would be sued and I would lose!

michael, 2013-04-04, 10:27AM CDT

Just got off the phone with Hanson's.....I had an appointment with them to come to my cottage for a new windows estimate. They called me to make sure that both my husband and I would be there. I told them no that this is a cottage and my husband doesn't get up there much. They refused to come out when finding out he wasn't going to be there. The gentleman on the phone said they do make exceptions but when talking to his boss - no exception could be made for me. Really?? I have been the decision maker for the last 33 years of marriage as to remodeling, buying a house, a car etc. but I can't order a window without my husband's approval? Wow....Wallside Windows here I come.

c6a0bbcc, 2013-07-07, 11:46AM CDT

The salesman was here last night. Seemed like a decent guy, but in doing my research this morning the quote seems really high, even after he did all the discounts calling the office, etc.

My first frustration was when they insisted that the salesperson meet with me "and the misses", to which I replied they'd only be meeting with me. This was a back forth bunch of BS that got so ridiculous that I started yelling at them, and finally hung up on them. I went through this same BS with Empire Carpet (another ripoff experience for another forum).

Several calls to them and from them, and an e-mail to Mr. Elias and I finally got them to agree to come. My wife WAS able to make it after all so we met with the salesperson together.

The products seemed pretty good (but prices high), but what bothered me is that the salesperson did all the measurements but never once talked about the areas of concern, where other contractors said had to be repaired/replaced BEFORE any siding is installed, otherwise there would be a great deal more damage to the home.

The salesperson was without doubt a professional salesperson, but not a professional siding/window/gutter person. All other contractors who came out were people who actually did the work, and the experience was the same with all but the Hanson's person.

All in all, with all the bad reviews and what I've mentioned above, I think we'll be using someone else.

a9f1e05c, 2013-08-21, 02:06PM CDT

Wow reading all these posts makes me want to ask, all of you who were threatened by Hanson's taking legal action, did they do it?? Did they win?? As I am finding myself in the same situation and as a single parent who is already working two jobs just don't have the money to pay for overpriced roofing and/or any legal action they pursue. I called and cancelled the first contract that they offered and they were rude and short and almost demanded an opportunity to come and try and rework the contract. I had already received news from the financing company that they used and I was not approved for the entire amount of the job they quoted me. Their answer was to apply for another credit company for the difference so that I would now owe two people, or what would probably happen is the first company would reconsider and up my credit limit. I don't even know why I let them into my house. I was so confused and they kept talking and talking and were at my house forever and I was exhausted. I kept telling the salesperson that I wanted to wait (supposedly the quote was good for 1 year - I don't know why I let them talk me into this). All they kept saying was that I had every right and could pursue other quotes. Never once did they reiterate that by signing this new contract (they changed some of the materials being used and the price - but still way out of the ballpark of other companies - so I learned when I did get my other quotes) that they were not redating (thus giving me an additional 3 business days to change my mind), and that if I (after that very night when I was extremely upset and they knew it), called to cancel that I would be responsible for 1/3 of the selling price ($6000) and that if I didn't pay or continue with the contract that they were going to automatically charge the credit card that I applied for and I would be responsible for paying that debt. I immediately called the credit card company and rescinded my application with them and closed out the account. I have been threatened by Hanson's employees since then and even when I talked with Mr. Elias himself he was very condescending and kept trying to get me to go with a cheaper product which my response is why do I have to go cheaper when another company is offering me the same product for $10,000 less. All in All I am very worried and was wondering if anyone has actually had them take them to court and what the outcome was??

Voicein D., 2014-01-02, 06:06PM CST

You lost me at "I'm a christian." As if that somehow guarantee's your honesty when in reality it points to the exact opposite.

scott m., 2014-10-19, 07:49PM CDT

i am going thru the same crap with hansons windows they are a total joke i had payed in full for 3 small windows and a doorwall they came out on a friday dont want to say dates cause i have lawyered up but they came out thru 3 windows in and did not wrap them or seal them up and left it rained for 3 days on my open frames what the hell i called and brains side kick marvin came out on that sunday and looked he couldn't believe what his crew left me with ya right he is 2 face as hell offered me 300 hundred dollars for the mishap my screen was torn etc,my doorwall took 3 month more to get installed and the dam thing was damaged well story short it took 3 door panels to work and this one i have now still isn't right . file a complaint with bbb and there still offering me 300 dollars they are out of there dam mind me and my wife had to wait 6 months plus to get this job done if you call it done they are a p poor company and i will win we we go to arbitration and buy the way people you can sue them in court unless you go thru arbitration and i wasn't told that till i raised 9 kinds of hell they no what there doing....but i will be dam if i pay 8200 dollars for this crap and walk away....NEVER PAY IN FULL!!!! LEARNED MY LESSON............

scott m., 2014-10-19, 08:14PM CDT


scott m., 2014-10-19, 08:52PM CDT

yes you can win if you kept up with all there bs and have pics and video and your contract and a good lawyer that will go for there throats i haven't got to the court crap cause its not they have a clause were you cant sue them until you appear in front of a arbitrator and the salesmen don't tell you crap about this these just get you to but you initials on the forms and get you not looking at it lol been there,there trained good but not good enough when you got a man like me that took pics and video of ever time they was here period were most people don't i am going to bust there ass and get my lawyer fees back to......

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