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Posted on Wednesday, January 18th, 2006 at 6:55pm CST by 0411c346

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I have a complaint about US Bank, and their inaccuracy

in online banking/ overdraft fees. I have listed below

the main description of my complaint that I sent to

the BBB. I am hoping others will not bank here in the

future. I am going to close my account with them


Thank you!

I have had previous thoughts that the online banking

system US Bank maintains is often times inaccurate. On

several occasions, I have noticed very strange

transactions appearing, and then once again

disappearing on my account. On the date of January 16,

2006, I checked my US Bank Checking Account via their

online banking system at I had several

purchases awaiting authorization, and my "Available

Balance" was a far positive number (I do not have the

exact amount, as I felt no reason to record this

information). I checked my account balance via the

online system again today, January 18th, 2006. All of

a sudden, my account balance was negative $118.66. I

had been charged two overdraft fees of $34.00 a piece

from transactions that apparently went through

negatively on January 13th, 2006. These transactions

were not authorized as of January 16th, 2005, so this

all appears very interesting to me. I then received

three more overdraft fees at $34.00 a piece on January

18th, 2006, as a result of the two overdrafts they

posted to my account on the 17th. I tried contacting

US Bank via their local customer service number

(612-872-8657) at 4:58pm today, January 19th, 2006. I

talked with Jerome, who assisted me on the phone for

quite a while, but informed me that there was nothing

he could do. He told me that their system showed that

the transactions that went through on the 13th were

fully authorized and went through on the 13th. He

informed me that maybe the online banking system was

having problems, but did not look into this matter. I

then asked to speak with his supervisor, Chris

Fleharty, who informed me that he would not do

anything to remove the charges from my account. This

call lasted a total of 29 minutes and 52 seconds. I am

going to receive another two overdraft fees for

transactions that will be authorized shortly, as a

result of the recent five overdraft fees.

Thank you for your assistance!

I would like all the overdraft fees associated with

this error to be fully refunded to my account as soon

as possible. Currently, I have a total of $170.00 in

overdraft fees associated with this error. Soon, I

will be assed another $68.00 in overdrafts, a result

of this error. That would make the total of overdrafts

$238. I would also like any negative balance fee's

that may be added to my account from this error to be

fully refunded.

Jessie Delie

3440 Emerson Ave. S. #4

Minneapolis, MN 55408




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79a337ae, 2008-01-14, 07:47AM CST

I too have had MANY problems with US Bank. And they have been NO help in resolving any issues. I used their cash back reward links to get the rewards...well, that is a scam! I never got credit on hundreds of dollars worth of purchases. They gave me some excuse as to why--you can only go through the link one time. You can not come back and shop again after looking. If you do, no rewards.

I too have had problems with the online balance system. Money was wrapped up for DAYS on purchases I never made. I contacted the bank about this since they were holding the funds. Again, they did nothing!

I am going to be pulling ALL my accounts soon. And I am glad to see someone else is expressing complaints about this terrible BANK!

b5d49b43, 2008-12-15, 04:01PM CST

This same thing happened to me too..

First i got random overdraft charges, and then more overdraft charges on top of that, sometimes i'd get over 6 overdraft charges in one day. I am so fed up and i shouldnt have EVER switched to this bank. WORST dicision of my life. PLUS it was their random overdraft charges that made my account negitive in the first place, bc i acutally am good with my money

437e24ae, 2009-06-25, 11:09AM CDT

I agree with you , I just have a problem with them too. Their customer service is really bad, She hang up on me when I ask question on the phone. I think that's really unapproriate. And the worst thing is she denied it. she said it's a misunderstanding!. What a bad customer service, won't banking with them anymore just because of this one person.

cadb107e, 2009-08-20, 05:49PM CDT

US Bank has been given so much control in such an unregulated fashion by the FIDC. They fraud consumers and are in such great standing financially because of their business practices with their "customers." I would not recommend this bank to any one, anywhere, at any time. I am so sorry that my wonderful local, 51-year-old California bank was sold by the U.S. Government to US Bank because my account has been a nightmare ever since the takeover of Downey Savings Bank - a truly GREAT bank for California consumers.

2d086b12, 2009-12-04, 06:09PM CST

As of today 12/4/2009, I too have close both my accounts with US Bank for the reasons that funds from both my accounts have been desimated by unjust over charges and unreasonable fees with no, very little or unsatisfactory explaination or responce from the bank. I set up two account with them over a year ago. One was my primary account which was used for paying bills and a secondary that was set up to prevent overdraft fees. Unfortunately this was a futile attempt to protect myself from excessive and unfair fees since all to often I still fell victim to a banking system that still found ways to benefit despite my ever diligent efforts to prevent unnecessary and excessive fees. If and when my primary account was low, the money from my secondary was not transfered to my primary until the bank first imposed overdraft fees of $34.00 and then a transfer fee of $22.00. And never did they justify this practice or refund me for their errors. Today my account had over $190.00 missing. This was not the first time there were discrepancies. There excuse this time was because a portion of my funds were being held? A teller showed me that I had been charge for a transfer fee of $22.00 on 11/30 for a transfer I made at an ATM on the 28th. The banks most rescent excuse was that it was my error that stems back to August. Excuse me? Even IF there had been a mistake in August, my accounts were well funded since and should not reflect so much missing funds now. This fact reflects and is in my opinion a definate result of a failed system of abuse by a bank that must deem it's customers as being naieve. Bottom line this bank should be audited. In 30+ years of banking I have never experienced anything remotely like this with any other financial institution. If anyone were to ask me if they should open an account with this bank, my reply would be...Absolutely Not. In fact my teenager recently became a member of the work force. I was going to open her an account with my bank. Another bank will now get my banking business. My experience with this bank can only be defined by the feeling you would have if you'd been burglarized. I feel my trust of personal banking has been violated. It is now my intention to contact what ever entity neccesary to investigate what is obviously unexceptable and will have a negative effects on how I do and to whom I will bank with in the future. As I can see now I am not alone. During these economic times you would think this behavior would not be tolerated by anyone! Especially when tax payers bailed out the very institutions we are suppose to be able to trust with our livlihoods.

I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same

0057a57c, 2010-01-16, 01:57AM CST

I have had similar problems and have been looking around online since. Everwhere I look are pages and pages of countless complaints against US banks practices. Primarily the manipulation of funds to maximize the application of overdraft fees. This financial institution obviously has no integrity what so ever. I am done with them as well.

fecf5fe3, 2010-06-12, 09:49AM CDT

the exact thing happened to me also . 350.00 in overdraft charges,single dad had 35$ in there and they said i had -2.

ended up with 9 i want to kill myself ,no money and no food.its slow at work and they want to take my truck away, barely paid my rent.

I wish someone could help,they refused.

5235441c, 2010-12-13, 01:29PM CST

I was negative 5 dollars yes only 5, and now owe 390 dollars, no one would return my phone calls in regards to my account, and a year later still no one will return phone calls. it is now not allowed to charge the fees they charged me and im now in collections, which i just found out about 9 days ago. they have set their sysem up so they dont have any responsibility to reverse the fees. heck, when you get to some one who can they dont return phone calls. i hate us bank and tell everyone i can. lets hope soon i can get some one to call me cuz i dont know what else to do. not good business, ugggghh

99bbf9f6, 2011-01-06, 12:00PM CST

I have now had this account for four years. Most of that time, no matter how many times I corrected my address with them, they still did not send me my statements. They have changed my due date AFTER I have paid my pamyment. Once, I authorized a single $20 payment from my Chase account. They took out three payments! The most recent scam (and I don't say scam lightly) is this: On 12/04/10, my due date, I owed an $18 minimum payment. I authorized it on, their own website. I had more than enough funds in my Chase account. The website VERIFIED with me that the amount HAD BEEN PROCESSED. However, two days later, my US Bank card was over my $500 credit limit. I looked it up online. What happened was simple; US Bank never took out the payment that I authorized and charged me a $25 late fee. This was the last straw! I called several times and even tried e-mail correspondence. They refused to take off the late fee, so now I am refusing to pay them. They have scammed me one too many times. US Bank is a joke! DO NOT BANK WITH THEM!!! As of 01/04/2011, they did not receive a payment from me, and they will not receive future payments. I told the representative I last spoke to this, and I told him that I would also sue them if they put this on my credit file, and I meant it! Don't let banks push you around like that, and don't bank with US Bank.

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