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Posted on Monday, January 16th, 2006 at 4:55pm CST by b8566973

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On Jan.2/2006 I phoned I Travel 2000 to find some prices on an all inclusive

vacation to Ixtapa leaving Jan 20, 2006. I spoke to an agent, Tracy

Sinclair. While we were discussing the fare, I told Tracy that we were very

comfortable in booking "last minute" and did she think if we waited a week

before booking, would we get a lower price. She said, "The price will NOT

go down. If you wait, they will sell out before they go down." She

explained that vacations sell out very quickly in Ixtapa. I made a snap

decision because of the advice she gave me to book NOW. I booked with Tracy

for the amount on the internet of 1248.00 per person plus tax. She

incorrectly charged me 1274.98 plus tax. But that wasn't the worst, LESS


PERSON. Then I realized I was misled and pressured and was given the wrong

advice so I Travel could make the sale. I called I Travel immediately and

when they found out it wasn't a sale, they more less hung up on me.I phoned

5 times and left 2 messages.

On Monday, Jan 9th, after I had faxed and emailed a message to Jonathan

Carrol, the president of ITravel, I got a call from Gregory who was handling

the complaint. He told me there was nothing they could do for me even

though I had paid 452.00 plus tax more and was pressured in booking at that

exact time. He was not helpful and I asked him to please listen to the

recording of our conversation which would verify the incorrect advice I was

given. Pauline, from I Travel, had told me she had listened to the recording

of the booking conversation. Gregory said there was no recording and he had

no idea why Pauline would say there was. Well, obiously this is a cover up

for hooking and baiting an unsuspecting customer to pay the higher price for

a holiday. I Travel 2000 refuses to take ownership that I was pressured

into booking at a higher price and they obviously use these pressure tactics

to get the sale.

These people have no ethics and are not interested in trying to redeem the

faith of the consumer. Flat out, they have your money and they no longer

want to help you. I think it is grossly unfair that I was hooked to pay

452.00 more for our vacation than necessary. The agent should have said,

"They MAY go down." But then I may have not immediately purchased the

tickets and she would have lost the sale. I will NEVER deal with I Travel

again and please pass this on to as many people as you can so they are aware

of the sales tactics that I Travel 2000 uses. They are high pressured sales

people who work on commission and know nothing about customer service or


-Darlene Kugler

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