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Posted on Friday, January 13th, 2006 at 11:00am CST by b01e55e2

Company: CASHNET.COM complaint

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To Whom It May Concern:

I am filing a complaint regarding a company called Global Payday Loans or Cashnet. They are located at , PO Box 571992 , Murray, UT. 84157 also at Global Payday Loans

4001 South 700 East #500 , Salt Lake City, UT 84107. Phone numbers listed are: 800-654-7444. The president of this company is listed as Melanie Robinson. Other addresses listed are P.O. Box 29729, Elkins Park, PA 19027 and P.O. Box 29729, Elkins Park, PA 19027.

Various unresolved complaints are listed in the Better Business Bureau for this company. In addition, various complaints are listed regarding this company at website called

On 9/13/2005 I received a $300 payday loan from a company called CASHNET. This was after they took in all my banking information and supposedly verified that my bank accepted this type of automatic deposit and later deduction when this loan came to be due. I received the $300 deposit. I was to gradually get deductions from my account until this loan was paid off. This was called the pay down option. This was a deduction along with a finance charge. When the loan came due on 9/30/2005- I think- it turns out my bank did not accept deductions from this particular payday loan company. I did not realize this when I made this loan.

In fact I did not discover that this payday loan was not deducted from my account until a guy named Mr. Odom called and left a voicemail at my job-I will send a tape of this. He declared among other things that I had not paid and if I did not clear this up they would contact my job and take me to court and cause all kinds of havoc in my life. So I called this guy back and he was EXTREMELY rude and told me I immediately had to Western Union them the total money due! Again I did not know until then that this had not been deducted and I tried to explain this to this man .I told him I would not pay that excessive Western Union fee, but I would send them a money order at their business address. He refused to give me any business address. This jerk hung up on me three times in fact. I immediately called back each time.

Finally, I ended up speaking to a supervisor named Mr. Reilly. He clearly explained that some banks do not accept these type of deductions and after reviewing my information it appears that is what happened in my case. I explained that I would pay but I would not western union this fee or pay it on a credit card as he requested. He went back and forth with me on paying it then finally he said ok here is our address. The address he gave was 1060 W Addison St Chicago, IL 60613. We agreed to me paying half of this money due that Friday and the remainder my next pay period. So I sent $100 to the Chicago address. It turns out this was not their address. It was Wrigley Field’s professional baseball field address. I did not know this at all at the time. I presume this guy must be from Chicago and thought it was funny since I would not pay on credit or Western Union. I am not sure why this guy gave me this address, but this was so unprofessional and I had to wait weeks before this was fortunately returned to me. Of course I did not know this company did not get this money until they started leaving threatening phone calls to my job and sending threatening emails to me again. I emailed them back and forth trying to understand what had happened to the money I sent.

Finally, a guy who said he was the branch manager named Tim McFeeters contacted me. I will send his phone calls and emails via US postal. He actually apologized, but did not believe that Mr. Reilly gave me that address. We worked out an agreement where I would send 3 payments of 100.00 to this address, PO Box 571992 Murray, UT. 84157. I did this. I paid the agreed 300.00. Copies of these are to your US postal address Now this company is claiming I did not pay.

This week a guy named Robert Fine, has been calling my work on at least 5 occasions. This guy claims he is an attorney of some sort-, which he is not. This is clear by this absolute and utter disregard of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. This company is clearly violating consumer protection laws. He is constantly leaving threatening and harassing messages; claiming I had committed felonies and he had in his hand court documents that he was going to send, and he was going to tell my job all of this. This is HARASSMENT! He now says I owe $420! Copies of these messages are being sent to your US Postal address. I have clearly told him not to contact me at work. I have faxed this company twice not to contact me at work and have sent two letters not to contact me at work but they continue to do this. Now you have verification that I have done this.

This company must stop harassing me. I have paid this. They must stop calling my work. and making harassing contact and threats with me. I have clearly told them not to call me at work on 20 separate occasions! It appears this is a loan shark type company and they will never free me from this debt. We can go to court on this and I will prove my case, but until then they must stop harassing me at my job. Please assist. On January 11, 2006 I tried to speak to the President/ Owner of this company named, Melanie Robinson by calling the main number. I spoke to another lady her name was Jennifer Saltern. She claimed she was the office manager. She refused to let me speak to Melanie Robinson. She claims she collects the mail from the PO BOX address I sent my money orders and has never has seen correspondence from me. This lady is either lying, stealing the money I have sent , or does not actually receive the mail.

To resolve this company must be stop harassing me, they must face prosecution for their various consumer harassment violations, and soon if this harassment does not stop I will sue them through the civil courts. Mainly the harassment must stop they have been paid!


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dfe05822, 2008-04-17, 06:00PM CDT

i recently took out a 500$ cashadvance through CASHNETUSA.COM ( ive used different services in the past. you usually give your checking info driver license info and work info. you get your 500 and in 2 weeks you pay pack 550$. NO BIG DEAL. the big deal with cash net is they are loan sharks and leave out all important information until your online information in approved. 3 weeks ago i took out 500 with the understanding i could have up to 4 exensions. the problem is they charge you 125$ every time you extend so now after 4 weeks my 500 loan is up to 800$. and you never get to talk to a real person. i think this is a complete SCAM!

61cab3a8, 2009-06-30, 12:16PM CDT

To whom It May concern,

I am glad to know that I am not the onlyt one having this problem. I took out a payday loan in 12/08 and paid it off. about 3 weeks ago I got the first call stating they were from state finanical investigations and The thad a criminal case against for unpaid money. The had my name, bank info, social and said I could pay today and resolve it or be taken to court.

They said they would not stop calling until I lost my job. They are rude and very persistent. I need some help to stop this harassement. I am so scared to even list my personal info on anything on the internet.

f869135a, 2009-07-29, 09:07AM CDT

I went through a similar thing but it was with ACE. They will tell you they are lawyers and call your job but far as the job part, all you have to do is tell them that it is against the law for them to call you on your job cause that is a personal phone call that can get you fired and you will sue the company if they don't stop. Trust they will not call your job again. lol I to paid $500 to ACE but they still have me on record as not paid and it is on my credit report. I had no idea of this until I tried to get a loan and I was denied.

e2f9ea6e, 2009-08-10, 10:56AM CDT

I have dealt with this as well. In one day I received over 60 phone calls with 20 plus messages and the messages were extremely threatening, stating things like "all I can do is wish you and your family luck when all of this comes down on you." Also I received a message that stated that I was in "deep deep trouble because he has my social security number and just wait and see what happens." They keep claiming they are officers of the law, attorneys etc. Told me I was going to go to jail. Then of course when I told him that I am a police officer he hung up on me. I am at my wits end with this whole thing. Does anyone know of any lawsuits agains these people? I would like to get a subpoena of the records from the call back numbers they have left. I asked them for an address to send a money order and he said I need to just give my credit card information on the phone. UH NO!!! Sigh.....We have to do something to make these people stop.

3328ffb4, 2009-09-07, 12:53PM CDT

Cashnet USA, also has messed me over.

They claimed I borrowed over $1,000 on July 17, 2009. I have never heard of them until I got an email the other day.

They also told me that if I didn't start

paying that they would take me to court.

I never borrowed money from them.Besides

why would I do something that stupid.

They also told me that I needed to file aa police report, but they expected that I would still have to pay the money back.

I am really worried, and I don't know who to turn too!

b1beeeee, 2009-09-20, 12:31PM CDT

I want to tell anyone,that I rec'd.a phone call from this site about my having gotten aloan from them. They threatened me with a lawsuit. Now understand that 1.I didn't get any kind of loan from them. 2.I hadn't even heard of them until they called me. Now they called me twice more, also making threats. The last call I actually answered the phone. When this person began getting rude with me after I tried to explain that I hadn't gotten a loan from them,and that I wanted to know how they gotten my info, but all I got was more biligerance. I asked to speak with a supervisor, they put someone else on the phone. I quickly found out that this person was more biligerant than the first.I got mad and hung up on him. I realize that that would not solve the problem.I contacted my personnal banker and asked them to check into any deposits made to my acct. in the mos. of Nov.2008 & Jan. 2009. since they said that was when they had put $200 into my checking acct.I also keep my statements for 3-4 yrs. I went through all of them and didn't find any deposit from any company with that name nor any other name.My personal banker called me back and stated that there were no deposits from that co. either, and they went all the back to when I started my acct. (which was Feb.2008) and checked all the way to now. Now I have looked on line for this co.and until they called I didn't know about them. I do intend to report them to the Better Bus. Bur. and any and all of the credit reporting agencies.

20f1971a, 2009-10-21, 03:24PM CDT

i just had some one call me and said that i was being sueid for a loan that i took out they had all of my information and told me that i needed to have my attonery call them this was from a i have no idea what they are talking about i have applyed for a loan on line but never recevied any thing but then some one started trying to take money out of my account

ffcac2f9, 2009-10-28, 02:01PM CDT

I've been subjected to the same type of treatment. I've already paid cashnet out and they are still trying to get money from me .

89934208, 2009-11-29, 09:08PM CST

Yes I also recieved various threatning calls!! I attempted to call the number back but I can never reach anyone!! I did apply for a loan but i did not recieve any money! i have the bank statements to prove it! We should really do something about and their scam!

9c3f9c5b, 2009-12-03, 12:43PM CST

Haha! I just got called at work by a Sean Rielly or something... Claims he is an attorney and a licensed PI, LOL. Ooohhhh booga booga. Anyway, he called at work and our operater put him on hold and asked if I wanted to take the call... I said to ask him to call me at home, which she relayed to him. He began to discuss my business with her (a clear violation of the Fair Credit Act), at which point I picked up the line. I explained that I would not discuss the matter at work and to call me at home. This "licensed private investigator" then stated they did not have my home number. Haha too funny.

Cash Net USA is not licensed to operate as a pay day lender in my state. The over debited my account, then returned the funds, then debited again, which failed as the original over debit had created overdraft fees. Now they want me to pay the original amount. I think not.

They have threatened legal action, do not believe them, they have never filed a suit in the State of Maryland... check your own states before you buy into that scare tactic... if they are not lcensed to lend they wiould loose anyway. Haha.


0b64392b, 2009-12-04, 07:24PM CST

I also received a call at work today. First telling me that I have to appear in court for a Cybercrime. They wanted to know if I had an Attorney. When I asked what this was about, then they told me that I had committed fraud and cybercrime for requesting for a cash advance and never returning the funds. They said that I was sent numerous emails through aol, which I never received. I was transferred from one person to the next. I was threaten that the Police will pick me up on Monday and take me to court. They said they would submit the documents to start procedings to have me arrested for taking their money and not paying it back. I guess I'll see if I go to jail Monday or not. This is the first time I'm hearing from this company. I have applied for cash advance with several other companies with no problem, and they have been paid back in full. I don't recall a cashnet loan and if I did take a loan from them, why am I just hearing about it. No correspondences at all until today over the telephone at work.

1277d689, 2009-12-22, 04:00PM CST

Hi.... this is the EXACT same thing that has literally JUST happened to me. I received a phone call (at my job yesterday....) stating that I should not ignore the call, but to contact them immediately. I called the number today (310.974.8955... spoke to some guy who sounds like he is from India) who immediately begins to call me a criminal and that I have committed a cybercrime (that I am a suspect in an ongoing investigation and that I have been charged with theft-by-deception and a slew of other things.... this supposedly is the result of receiving monies from CashNet (Cash who????.... I've never had any dealings with these people!!!) and that I did not pay them back. They stated that I gave them references "Jane Doe" (...come on!!!) and "Mary Smith" on the online application. As I just stated, I have never done business with CashNet.... ywt like a few of you have stated, they have my bank information, email address, the whole nine yards!!!!! This has totally and completely destroyed my day... then on top of that, they threatened that tomorrow I can expect a legal officer at my front door to arrest me and take me to court. And if I am not at home, they will go to my place of employment (which would undoubtedly cost me my job). I have gone to my bank and sat for an hour pouring through statement after statement and there is absolutely NOTHING deposited into my account from CashNet. I asked the bank representative to check if there were attempts to debit monies that maybe were refused... again NOTHING. Every bit of activity that has transpired with my account is on my statement. I have obtained a copy of my credit report and there's nothing on there... surely if I had done this, the creditor would have reported this to the credit bureau and there would be evidence of this on my report! To top it all off, they say they have tried at least 15 times to contact me... I have no emails, no postal mail, and no calls other than the one yesterday at my job. I refuse to pay anyone a cent... this is not a legitimate debt!!!!!! What can a person do in this kind of situation???

f831e120, 2010-01-16, 12:08AM CST

I had this happen to me too this past summer Cash net got over $800.00 from me and caused me to go into debt and I almost lost my home behind fooling with them and the so called lawyers they has calling my job and threating me with being servered papers on my job. I kept notes of who I spoke with and everything and what money I sent them to finally pay them off.

b960615e, 2010-01-18, 03:18PM CST

The same thing just happen to me a guy calles robert from cashnet called and that the police will be at my home to arrest me it scard me until I look up cashnet and it lead me to this site and I see that I am not the only one going through this cashnet has to scaming people.

62a5356c, 2010-02-19, 12:38PM CST

There is a fraudulent collector who has called my work and home phones over a dozen times this week, and I am not in default with my loan. I am frightened because the man with a thick accent says, "Only God can help me." This business is harassing me, and it is upsetting. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, NO MATTER HOW DESPERATE YOU MAY BE FOR MONEY. IT ONLY HURTS YOU FINANCIALLY AND EMOTIONALLY IN THE LONG RUN.

8b552a9b, 2010-03-25, 10:34AM CDT

I received a call from a gentleman with an Indian accent as well. He stated that his name is Rome Pierce and that he was an attorney. He said that I owed a company called Cashnet $480 on a loan that I had not paid back.

I had never heard of Cashnet but was confused because I have taken out payday loans and defaulted because of financial probelms. I subsequently paid back the companies I owed but was confused thinking I may have missed one. He gave me a number to call for Cashnet. These people told me that they are a parent organization for 30 different payday loan organizations and could not tell me anything because they didn't know who I might have borrowed from and that all information had been forwarded to Mr. Pierce.

I called him back and asked for all documentation, including the electronically signed loan document. He continued to beat around the bush and basically tell me that I would get the documentation AFTER I paid or else it would be handled as a legal matter. After a few days of back and forth I finally told him that unless he could produce proof that I owed this money I would not be paying anything sight unseen. He told me that he was sending the police to my workplace to arrest me.

I don't believe for a minute that I will be arrested for an outstanding balance of $480, but I am not a lawyer and it's scary to think that I might be embarrassed at work and perhaps lose my job if I turn out to be wrong. This "fear factor" is probably how they get people.

The last call just happened today so I'll keep you all posted as to what happens, especially if I am arrested, lol!

eebe911f, 2010-04-06, 12:37PM CDT

I just got off the phone with a very rude man allegedly named Tony Rollins, alleging to be an attorney, who ended up screaming at me, claiming I borrowed money in 2007. Also said it was a felony, that they were filing papers after 4:30 today. When they called they had a docket number. Duh, you get a docket number when you get a court date, idiot. He got really upset when I asked where he went to law school, why all the other lawyers were in cubicles around him, then I asked him to spell the name of his firm, and asked where he was located so that my sister, who is a paralegal, ( and I used to be) could look them up. Then he began screaming at me. I explained that I've been on disability for MS and epilepsy since 1999 and he asked why I would need a loan. Another big DUH, if I had borrowed money, does he think we get big money???? Stupid. I asked him to send me paperwork that I could see, he continued to talk over me, asking if I was going to accept felony charges for something like this, blah blah blah, I told him that if he would read the fine print on the back of credit card statements, etc., he would see that phone conversations are not binding and everything needs to be binding. Go back to law school. He screamed more and I said "Hey buddy I pay for this phone and I don't have to listen to you scream, send me paperwork" and I hung up. Game over.

d4786485, 2010-05-14, 03:36PM CDT

I received a harassing phone call from this company on my voice mail also. I called back the next day, and they said that my file was already transferred to a law firm. I called the law firm, and the guy was extremely rude and threatening and couldn't tell me the exact date I took out the loan, only that I took it out the beginning of March. I don't remember taking out this loan. Also,I have not had any communication with them until now. I'm wondering if I even have a loan. Lastly, every single person I spoke to was Indian ( from India ), and I couldn't understand them ! I emailed the company to see if I have a loan, but how can I be sure they tell me the truth ?

25fde202, 2010-07-28, 05:23PM CDT

I too just received a call from someone saying they are representing Told me I took a loan out in November 2009. I told him I did not He said why don't you want to fight this then I said I would fight it he said I needed to be in District 3 court tomorrow. I told him you can't call me and tell me to be in court tomorrow he said He knows where I work. While i was on the phone I looked up my banking history I told him there is nothing on here that shows any deposits from this company he said Of course not. This person spoke broken English even though he said he was in austin Texas. He was screaming at me telling me to call him back he gave me a number I tried to call back but it was not him nor the company.

db91cea5, 2010-08-03, 11:19AM CDT

I have recieved the same phone calls from those people who cant speak good english. They are very rude, they said I recieved a payday loan from cash net, but do not want to give me, cash net is number are mail me any documents about the loan. I no for a fact I did not recieve a loan from anyone I have the bank statements to prove it.We need to be careful on the internet they have to many hackers out there I am tied of the harrassing phone calls. They said they would send the police to my house. They never give you the same call back number.Something needs be be done about these people.

cdeee962, 2010-08-23, 08:50PM CDT,

I am simply appaulled when I got this phone call, they told me that I had taken out a loan for $5000, I wa like what and they said that I took this loan out feb 2009, I don't know what the world these people are talking about because the only loans that partipated in was loans that pay over a period of months I was not involved in any pay loans, these people have threaten me that they was going to call the police and the police will be to my house on tommorrow I just can't imgaine these people taken citizens threw this . These gentlemen sounded like they were from India also.

b2c12c39, 2010-09-03, 08:07PM CDT

Im having the same problem ,and spoke to a Tony Smith.

His phone was so bad that I couldnt understand him.

But I called the local news and told them and even gave them the phone number.

What we ought to do is file a big lawsuit against them.

c55f304a, 2010-10-05, 11:51AM CDT

i just recieved the same types of calls from this company and i looked them up and found this site i also called the bank where i had a ccount before and the never was a transaction for this company done i called them back and asked for help the guy named jeffery told me to call a lawyer to get the info and that i was going to jail for 2 years they were calling from india and there are very rude i looked up cash net and could not find any numbers to call them this is some sort of scam and it needs to end we do have rights and i am not going to jail for something i did not do

323d1397, 2010-09-29, 11:50AM CDT

my husband and i had the same thing happen to us some guy sounding foreign called him demanding our bank account information and said we committed cybercrime he was sending someone to kick our butt and he would out us "behind the bars", he claimes we took out a loan for 300 and needed to repay 840. but refused to give us documentatin proving this loan, or even a valid company he said it was for some cash net place. we explained we never had a loan through them and he threatened to come and dis member my family. this is sick...they need to bo stopped. they said also they were a parent company. they called several times. they were sending police and an investigation nteam out to our house

c3c2e494, 2010-09-29, 03:28PM CDT

I find this incredible that these people are doing this to so many people. My problem is with a Mr. Walker says I owe 400.00 to cash net and that he is with the litigation department. I like others have takenm out a payday loan. BUT NOT from CASHNET and not in November of 2008. He has threatened to take my Socail Security check for the next year, sue me,and leave a lifelong black mark on my credit. He could not give me the day of the month. I have told him and someone named Anthony who claims to be the big shot that I do not owe it and to stop calling me. They both have offered a 200.00 settlement I just said no and hung up I have started saving the phone messages so If anyone wants to go for a suit I will contribute what I have. These men both claimed also to be with Liberty Law firm San Antonio Terxas. There is no such firm. A friend told me to try when they are on the line taking a pen and tapping the mouth piece of the phone and saying okay officer this is the call I want traced. It worked on a company salesman that would not stop bothering her

4f8e56ba, 2010-10-06, 03:55PM CDT

I hhave recieved several calls myself,stating i recieved a $300.00 transaction he had old checking account number and tracking number,stated was deposited 02-20-2010

i requested his phone number and name ,used was jason hatch clearly not his name hhe was middle eastern,he refused to give me any info,except stated h was with DOJ Fiber crimes unit, He futher informed me i was going to jail,,I contacted my previous bank with account number and tracking number

and deposit date ,bank records had no deposits made 15 days before or after the phanom date,.I coontacted mr Jason Hatcch after filing a complaint,i was told they had proof i recieved it,i have proof i didnt,I have tried to get fax number to provide proof or email ,i was advised i was going to jail,Futher more i comntacted business attorney and i am filing cilal case today

e283ec1b, 2010-10-07, 03:06PM CDT

I received a similiar call from John Gates ph# 866-623-3144. He left a mesage at my job stating he was Bureau Investigator in Florid an I have a warrant out for my arrest. I called back an he said this was in ref. to a payday loan from Cashnet. I did take out the loan an had a hardship but made payment arrangement to pay what I owed. He told me that if I do not give him a debt card or credit card to pay $951.17 by the following day I will be arrested. He laso asked me to fax him a letter of agreement with by credit card or debt card info. Whne I asked him why he needed the letter he just yelled an told me to write down what he said. I am suppose to write my name socoial security number then skip a line write how much I owe tehn skip another line put thank you an sign my name. I'm I crazy or is that the weirdiest thing!! I told him I will not do that an if he wants to give me the address an account number, he really got upset then. I told him not to call my work again an hung up. I was a little scared when he said I was going to be arrested but know that I have seen this site I understand I am not alone.

1a72e9c0, 2010-10-14, 02:37PM CDT

call BBB(better business bureau) I just found out on my credit report that I was done the same exact way and the man has hung the phone up in my face and talked rudely to me and im calling bbb to have this tooken off of my acct. ITS ALL SCAMS!!!!

1b068f64, 2010-10-21, 02:40PM CDT

I also have been a victim of this Cashnet/American Legal Service LLC. I just received a call yesterday 10/20/10 from American Legal Service LLC. telling me that they were sueing me for fraud for receiving money and that I was going to jail. They told me to meet them at the courthouse with my attorney, or they would have the police outside my job and my home. They did scare me really bad, and I told them I wanted to resolve this. I don't remember taking a loan out with Cashnet, but I didn't want to go to jail. They told me that I owed them $786.84, but if I went to court and lost I would owe them $5484.87. They told me that in order to resolve this problem, that they would need me to write three letters. One authorizing them to take the money off of my debit card, and I had to give them the debit number, security code and name as it appeared on the card. Then I had to write a letter telling them not to put a red mark on my history and tell them why I didn't pay the money, and then fax them a copy of my license. I almost did this, but then I thought about all the discrepancies that had said. They have been calling all day through the business line of my job. I work in a call center. They proceeded in telling me my e-mail address, which I never gave them, and my address and other information. I don't know how they got all my information, especially the business line of my job. They even got my home number, which I just got under my husbands name. This is totally a scam, and if I had given them the information they wanted, they would have caused my life to be a living HELL!!!! Please watch out for people like this. They will do anything to get money. They almost got mine through this scare tactic.

ac170363, 2010-10-25, 02:29PM CDT

To whom it may concern I'am also a victim of this payday loan scam I also paid loan back using a visa debit card a guy by the name of lewis has been calling my job also making all sort of threats about sending cops to my job if I did not pay back a loan i have copy of what I paid back and they continue to call with threats I dont know what to do to resolve this please help

aafa7e95, 2010-10-29, 11:02AM CDT

I received the same type of call .... from a legal service concerning a loan that I took out in November of 2009 that I never paid back. I am being charged with felony fraud and cybercrime among other charges. They had my email address, bank information, social security number, etc. and if I did not pay off the loan in full I would be arrested on Monday morning. They wanted my attorney information to send the documentation to so I could fight the charges, but could not give me any specific details (but they could provide details to my attorney - which I don't have because I knew nothing about this situation.) The thing is ... the first payday loan that I EVER took out over the web was in June of 2010 and I am in good standing with that company. Hmmmmmm. How can I be charged for fraud by not paying back a loan that I never received? I explained to the man that I did not take out a loan last year, that I have bank statements to prove that I never had an ACH credit to my account for that amount in that year, and that I was not going to pay back a loan that I never received. He kept threatening me telling me that I was a criminal and I would not only go to jail for two years, that I would have to pay penalties of 5,000 - 6,000.00.

I will find out next week if I end up in jail. If anyone wants to start a lawsuit against the company, count me in.

1f3b66c7, 2010-11-16, 10:36PM CST

I am also involed in this same scam!!!! They are threatening me and calling my family and telling them that I am a fellon. I told them to take me to court because I have statements to prove that I never recieved they $3oo!!!!

2b46646c, 2010-11-19, 08:00PM CST

Today, a man, Saying his name was Mike Wilson and claiming he was a senior partner of his law firm in California. He sounded like he was from India, talking very fast and half the time I was unable to understand him.He called me claiming to be an attorney representing Cash Net. He said that I had taken out a 5000 dollar loan. He told me that I could settle out of court for 750.00. I said that I have never heard of the company, but I do have a 300.00 Pay day loan out and am paying it back. He was really rude, claiming that I needed to send the $750.00 today. I also needed to give him my bank account number and write a letter saying that I would pay the money today. The time was about 230pm and I was working with a client, and told him that I could not get the money today. He again told me that he was going to make me pay and send police over and he was very rude as well. I wrote him an email telling him that I will be looking him up with the California Bar Association this week end to see if he is indeed an attorney. (I think not). He was so rude, I doubt that he is an attorney.

If he starts to harass me I will let you know. I told him that this was the first I have hard of any problems. He didn't listen, he was just interested in collecting the money. I will also try contacting the company but I doubt anything will come of it.

aca52414, 2011-01-07, 01:09PM CST

They same thing happened to me a guy names Robert with a thick Indian accent called me and told me that I was going to go to jail for check fraud! I do not even have any checks! He then told me that I had taken out a payday loan with them and that since I had not paid them back that it was a felony and that I was going to jail. I am going to be honest I am scared as heck of jail so I called my husband and explained it to him and he did not believe the guy for a second and he (my husband) said that he is not going to give them our debt card number and told me to give them the Household account. I did not know at the time that my husband had already set up fraud protection on our cards and Thankfully the card was declined when this guy that called himself Robert Brown had tried to take money out. "Robert" became so upset with me because I could not understand him and the fact the Household had declined this transaction. Oh, and "Robert" had stated that all I had to pay was 90.80 but Household said they tried to take out 690.80!!!!!!

1b1e4f64, 2011-01-17, 11:15PM CST

I have also beeen contacted by a man with a foreign accent named Kevin Smith and Eon Biship saying I recieved a payday loan of which I did not. Threatening phone calls to my workplace. I am tired of this and refuse to pay.

4b994dcb, 2011-01-18, 01:31PM CST

I too have had issues with these lying scam artists. They call my phone today saying that I owed $295.Thats BS I have applied for payday loans but I got denied every time. They have all of my info and told me if I didn't take care of this that they would press numerous charges on me. Well when I was on the phone with the so called Mr.Chris Berry who also sounded like he was from India. Well he too had my bank info but couldn't tell me what day this money was supposable "deposited". So I went online and looked at all of my transactions while he was on the phone, and told him he was full of BS. He said we could handle this out of court or in court. So I asked him how he was thinking of handeling this out of court and he told me I needed to pay off $295. At that point I started cursing at him pretty much telling him to F off. I tried calling him back to see where he was located and no answer it just goes to a voice mail box that is full. I am getting sick of these people harassing me. I want to see what I can do to STOP this people. I am going to see about a law suite.

2e99539b, 2011-01-21, 05:53PM CST

I just got a call today from a Justin Cooper from some company stating I owe $628, which I never had....I've had loans w/ other payday loan companies, but never w/ this company....I've paid all of them anytime you get a loan, they have your routing# & bank acct#, so if you don't call to set up a paym't they will automatically take their fee out every two I asked the guy, if I owe them money, why haven't they went into my acct to collect their money....they said they would sue me & take my social security so I wouldn't have any benefits & possibly lose my job...I don't understand where they have been able to get my social security number, phone number & e-mail address....I don't know what the heck o do....I've always paid all my payday loans off....

5416f2a0, 2011-02-02, 04:29PM CST

I also recieved a threatening call from Mr.Berry, I have never recieved a loan from He was also threatening me saying we could handle this in or out of court and they had serveral charges they could file against me. If I did not send them $297 asap or they would see me in court. Not sure how to handle this, they have scared the crap out of me. If you have an suggestions E-mail me at [email protected] Thanks

cccf73ad, 2011-04-04, 01:02PM CDT

I borrowere $300 dollars from cash net or usa cashnet.I am from virginia.I am a nurse. I didn't pay the money because i was not sure who the lender was.I started getting threaten calls from a 206 area code number.They call the company an told the company i stold money from them and cursed my boss out and called the company 29 times.that ridicolous.a have a patient confined to the bed they called her house and cursed her out also. i ask them to stop calling my patients home and the company i work for.they must want me to loose my job.this is not a good thing i have already file charges an the company did to.i told them to stop calling my job and patient home theystill do.

fe0b8216, 2011-04-06, 08:37PM CDT

I just received a phone call from them today. How did you get this issue resolved because I don't want them harassing me as well. Please let me know.


4b994dcb, 2011-04-06, 09:13PM CDT

Okay to everyone dealing with these assholes we need to get together and do something about this. I am calling my lawyer tomorrow to see if there is anything that can be done. We don't need to take this and it needs to STOP!!!!!!

5fccf437, 2011-04-06, 09:55PM CDT

They still call me it has been about 4 months of this shit now. I am looking into a law suite.

2e99539b, 2011-04-07, 04:03PM CDT

I just went ahead & called the phone company that I deal w/ & told them I was getting harrassing & threatening calls & that I would like to change my phone number....because I was getting these type of calls, they didn't charge me for changing my phone number....the only reason they got your phone number in the first place is because of some type of payday loan that you received in which you had to give them your phone since I don't intent on getting another payday loan, in which I would have to use my new phone number again, that I was far no one has called me & it has been almost 5 that is just my suggestion because believe me, they will continue to call one can or will stop have to take that step to do it yourself....

e0242ac0, 2011-04-19, 01:20PM CDT

i also got call at my work stating they were going to have a warrant out for my arrest at ten a.m. wed morn if i didnt pay them ,i never even heard of them until this humiliating phone call, I dont know what to do to prove this. But I am contacting an attorney also

f36d54ef, 2011-04-26, 04:12PM CDT

I am receiving the same calls from some guy name James, and i never took a loan from them. So, now this guy is calling me harassing me and telling me the same thing they're telling.

903e6359, 2011-08-08, 09:52AM CDT

Many of these same things have happened to me and I have NEVER borrowed a dime FROM THESE PEOPLE. i EVEN HAD TO CHANGE MY BANK ACCOUNT INFO BECAUSE I WAS AFRAID THEY HAD MY INFORMATION.

I applied for a cash advance over 1 year ago. I did not accept it once it was approved because what i intended to use it for was no loger neccesary. Snce that time some heavily accented potentially middle eastearn sounding man had been calling my house and my job threatening law suits and arrests.I cheacked my bank records to see if they mistakenly sent money. and my husband explained that I would have caught extra hundreds of dollars in our account. They were so beleivable, but I knew I hadn't taken any money, buy I wasn't sure what to do. WHen they threatened me saying an officer was comming to arrest me for fraud I have waited for the "supposed" police they were due to arrive at my house to arrest me on several occassions. I have never been served with court papers and no officer has come for my arrest. I have asked them to STOP calling my job and home and whatever proof they think they have PLEASE continue with their lawsuit, but stop calling. I never received funding from them.

Let me know if a class action suit ensues!!!

ddd137ad, 2011-10-06, 03:54PM CDT


dabd23c7, 2011-12-08, 06:00PM CST

They are still up to their old tricks I was scared at first with all the threats and rudeness that first occured Then when I started to ask a few questions they would transfer me from one person to another . After a few minutes to think I knew it was a fraud I have borrowed from other lenders but never from them. I Asked for proof of the transaction with them and

they wouldnt produce any documents or anything to prove I owed them , they said they would after I payed them Yea right... I am waiting for them to call me back and they will get a ear full I am supposed to recieve my court papers on Thursday... They said so you are refusing to pay this debt? I said no I will pay it if I owe it but I am not convinced that I do. And so the story goes I hung up and did not give them any info to collect from me so I will see where it goes from here, I am a little more at ease after seeing that so many others have been harassed by these idiots as well. Does anyone know if any Charges against them have been filed as of yet?

c4e4ad5c, 2012-01-16, 04:20PM CST

I also am getting threatening phone calls from a lawfirm for cashnet. At first they said I owe 500 and would go to jail within the hour. The number they call from is 855-826-6770 ext. 312. The lady that usually calls says her name is Tina Mindez. I told them they were full of it. I had not taken out a payday loan and they kept hanging up on me. Well 6 days later they are calling again. So I asked for detailed info.....who are you, where are you calling from, etc. She gives me all bogus info....Tina Mindez calling from back office of lawfirm....What law firm and of course I couldn't understand her INDIAN accent. I told her is was BS. She started cursing me and calling me a bitch and everything else. Some man got on the phone calling me a prostitute. They called me 20 times in 20 minutes. I filed a police report earlier and they are still calling me.

e5f2f69e, 2012-01-25, 11:38AM CST

I too am facing these same phone calls and threats. I have never taken out a payday loan, however I did check into getting one, but decided against it. They are saying (from what I can understand what with the heavy accent and background noise) that $3,000.00 was deposited into my personal account and was never repayed. I have my bank statements showing this never happened. How can I get them to stop harrassing me at work and home???? Whenever I try to explain my side of the story they hang up and within minutes call back with the same speech again. When I ask for proof they hang up. Its an endless cycle. Help!!

5091e4de, 2013-08-28, 01:22PM CDT

Yes, I would not do business with them, if I had bad credit. If you will not have any freed up money for a long time, it will cost you thousands of YOUR money to pay one-thousand dollars back to them, if you have bad credit. And, they charge a large processing fee (500) and a big accural fee (150) on top of that 1000 dollars, if you have bad credit. So, they do look at your credit. And, very little of your money will go to your account balance (very little), if you have bad credit, too. what you are doing with these people, especially if your credit is not good, please..... So, if you need cash and you think they are doing you a favor, please just realize what you will be giving up as your money and how LONG you will be doing it for that 1000 dollars, etc. GOD is good, so find another way to hang in there.

94064e80, 2013-10-29, 10:21AM CDT

Rec'd the same call today from a man with a heavy accent, same thing, I had taken payday

loans but none from Cashnet...he said his name was Alex Cooper, an attorney from the State Attorneys' Office -- in the meantime he called from a cell phone 955-7081217, telling me I owed money and threatening me. I told him I didn't owe him anything and he proceeded to hang up on me. When I attempted to call back, he didn't pick up.

7d1fab30, 2015-11-25, 06:16PM CST

Here is the email from a man that ended up stealing $373 from my account by having a female pretend to be and dispute charges and then ordered a new debit card for themselves....I have filed for a new ss number and have shut down my bank accounts. I really though I was going to get a loan for the holidays...I am stupid but I didn't deserve to be ripped off like this.


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