Redeem Home Depot girt card from points spend with American Express

Posted on Thursday, January 12th, 2006 at 2:38pm CST by 3ec406be

Company: Redeem Home Depot girt card from points spend with American Express

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Amercian express card holder #3715 659516 3sssss Yuwanuch Chusoipin

I cancelled my American Express card by July 05 and subject to redeem a $50 Home depot gift card. Was told by the customer service representative that it will take 6 to 8 weeks to received the card.

-End of December 2005 Never did received the card and only to follow up. Confirmed by a representative that the card will be sent to me by courier in 3 days.

-1/7/06 without received the card so I called again and was told that the Home depot gift card has been denied due to over a 6 months time frame and a credit department will called back within 24 hours to discuss the situation.

-1/11/06 Nobody ever called and I called again to American Express to follow up.

-1/12/06 Someone from American Express called and confirmed that the gift card of Home Depot can't be as it's been over the 6 month's time frame and the Home depot gift card should be issued in 10 days but not 6-8 weeks.

My points are:

-First of all - the 6 months time frame was never mentioned on any documents.

-Secondly - the customer service representative never tod me that there will be a 6 months time frame when I ordered in July 2005.

-Thirdly - American Express failed to fulfilled their confirmation twice which showed their neglected and irresponsible.

I an entitled for what American Express stated that I can redeem the $50 dollars Home depot gift card from the 6,000 points. This is cheating if they don't fulfill their statement and I should not be responsible for the mis-handle by either American Express or Home Depot

Thank you very much for allow me for filing the complaint.




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