Posted on Thursday, January 12th, 2006 at 10:16am CST by 4a208223

Company: Monitronics

Category: Other

Monitronics, 12801 N Stemmons Freeway, Suite 821, Dallas, TX

Called in to cancel my service and at the time could not remember my "secret code", so they told me that my account

could not be canceled without this. So I was told it would be mailed to me, which I never received. I called again and was told that it would be mailed to me. In the meantime I found my code and sent them a letter with my code and instructions to cancel

my service with a check bringing my account current.

Well the alarm system went in the garbage but the bills kept coming - which I didn't pay - and then the collection letters

started coming and now i found out that it is on my credit report.


I am going to file a complaint with the attorney general in Ohio.

Beware these people are rip offs



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