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Andy Gold owes me $100. Yet he claims I violated his

Terms of Memberhsip (bu jinign aprogram twice, which

of course I never did), so he owes me nothing, that I

owe him, yet he never kicked me out, and never asked

for money back. He did continue sending me e-mails

that I clicked for account money, and joined programs.

Never intending to pay me. and he's wya too

interested in my perosnal info, but won'tt ell me why.

I believe Andy Gold of has been

defrauding his affiliates out of money meant to pay

members. Firts off, as several complained at, he and

his program don't pay. Now get this. Along with

another lie, that I joined a program twice which I

never did, Andy claims: "Please keep in mind however,

that since your membership started with getpaidtotry,

you already violated the terms of our membership so

there is no issue of any money being owed to you. In

reality, you owe use (sp)money. Members are never

allowed to sign up for the same offer more than once

something which you did."

Let's look at this. From the start, I violated the

terms of membership (Something never once stated to

me). Therefore, I don't get my money. Now ignoring

his I owe him money lie (which he ahs yet to ask for.

What reality is he even in? Up his butt?), think

about it. He never once said anything, never canceled

my membership, and instead let me earn up to $40 in

clicks, and some $60 (then stopped payments, so no $60

for me) from joining various programs offered through


Programs paying him for members, which he then uses to

pay out the members who join. Andy Gold, owner of

GetPaidtoTry, fully admits to using me to generate

money from the companies that he's supposed to use to

pay me for my time/membership, with no intention of

paying me ever (I violated TOM, he owes me no money,

still I'm e-mailed offers which I click/join,

unknowingly earning money I'll never get). Andy Gold

obviously pocketed my earnings, and my check request,

and program earnings Mar - May 2005. Money rightfully

mine, and which he agreed via his program to pay me

for my surfing. Add to it the countless others he's

done this to (as Survey Police shows ), and

that, is clearly Fraud. He used me (and others)

unknowingly to take money from affiliate programs

using GetPaidToTry, for my/our clicks/membership, and

never paid me/us for it, and refueses to send me my

check (or mention squat about violations of TOM.)

Now, that cannot be legal (even if not Faud but

something else.

Theft from me, members and the affiliate companies

certainly). Here's part of an e-mail from Dec sent to

me in an attempt to take money from companies by

pretending to pay me (No I didn't join):

Tue, 6 Dec 2005 08:34:40 -0500

To: (e-maile dited out)

From: "GetPaidToTry" COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_63352#

Subject: Special Paid Email- Open for Rewards

Dear (e-mail edited out),

GetPaidToTry Update! Once again, we are now paying

daily via PayPal!

Receive your earnings via PayPal within 48 hours! If

you have requested to be paid via check, your earnings

account will be credited and you can request a check

when your balance reaches the low minimum of $20!

Checks are mailed within 7 days.

PayPal payments will be made within 48 hours!

Task #1: Learn how to have full, kissable lips without

any injections!

Try Lip Enhancer for free and receive $7.00 from us!

Just order the free sample to receive your $7.00 cash!

If I violated his TOM,a nd he owes me nothing, then

why am I getting e-mail offers toe arn money (he'll

never pay me?) because he's sitll paid if I join,

regardless of if he pays me as he agreed to.)

He also insists I take this up with him through the

BBB (several tiems), which I did previosuly and they

respsoned with:

"Case: 646473.

The Better Business Bureau has attempted to present

your complaint to Get Paid to Try in an attempt to

resolve this matter to your mutual satisfaction.

Unfortunately, despite our efforts to achieve a

mutually satisfactory resolution of this matter, we

have received no response to your complaint. We have

attempted to contact Get Paid to Try through written

correspondence twice on your behalf. We have also

attempted to

contact this firm by telephone. Despite such repeated

efforts, we are compelled to close this matter in our

files. This does not minimize the importance of your

concerns to you, nor is it any reflection upon the

validity of your dispute. We wish to provide you with

prompt notification, as you may wish to pursue this

matter through an alternative resource.

The Better Business Bureau is a private, nonprofit

organization without the powers of an enforcement

agency; as such, we cannot compel a business to grant

you a particular settlement or to respond to your

complaint. BBB mediation is a voluntary process

requiring the good faith and willing participation of

both parties to a dispute. A central function of the

dispute resolution process is to enhance communication

between the parties and, in so doing, foster a greater

appreciation of

contradictory positions. Utilizing such efforts, we

often attain a mutually satisfactory resolution to

disputes brought to our attention; not all matters,

however, achieve such an outcome.

Please be advised that this firm’s failure to respond

to your complaint will be reflected in its BBB record.

Accordingly, we will report that this firm has an

unanswered complaint to consumers, businesses, banks,

government officials, and members of the press who

inquire about them.

In addition, firms failing to answer even one such

complaint will generally receive an unsatisfactory

rating, the Bureau’s lowest mark.

Your experience may, therefore, alert other consumers


information through the BBB.

BBB contacted the company by phone, but the phone

number has been disconnected and the business fails to

respond to our complaints.

Thank you for contacting the Better Business Bureau.

We hope that we may be of assistance in the future.


Michelle Borde

BBB Serving Metropolitan New York"

So, I guess they're lying to me then (they're not

lying to me.)

NOw, why would Andy Gold constantly mention the BBB,

when her efuses to respond, and is not required? To

avoid any compalints from memebrs. He ignores, and we

cna't pursue outside the BBB which failed. he also

suggests leglaa ction. Looks like it's class action

lawsuit time, friends.

Andy Gold must be stopped, all monies owed paid out,

GetPaidToTry shut down, and I want the money he made

off of me defrauding the sites. Please help put a

stop to his crimes (and lies.) I don't like being

refused money because of imaginary TOM vilations,

joining for money, or double joinings. Do you?

Any lawyers wanting to help with a class action

lawsuit, let me know. I can't afford to do this

myself. Andy Gold stole my money. but this would be

a great goodwill, pro bono case (and we can always

tipulate Andy pays our legal fees).


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