Gutter Helmet - Fwd: Problems with Installation of Gutter Helmet

Posted on Wednesday, January 11th, 2006 at 4:11pm CST by 0aefb529

Company: Gutter Helmet

Category: Building, Construction

I find that I am having increasing problems of credibility with the service people. Notes are made of my complaints but often wrongly entered. In late October, or early Nov. I signed a contract to have new gutters and gutter spouts and helmets installed on the back and sides of my house.

The reason I needed this was 2-fold: rain spilling over my roof onto my deck has rotted the cedar wood directly below it on my deck. Rain spilling over my roof has also flooded my basement, resulting in thousands of dollars of damage to those window sills. I am having to replace them because of it. Naturally, I don't want to pay $2100 to have my basement flooded even more.

1.Right now, there are rain spouts installed under the gutter, but there is no hole in the gutter to allow the water to enter. therefore, they will fill with water until they crack off.

2. The most important and needy part of my deck, that is rotting away due to the constant water drainage has no gutter on it. This is about 4 ft. of unprotected deck.

3. I was told by the workmen that they would be back when the weather was warmer, as it would harm the shingles to install the helmet then. Makes since, except that this entire week has been balmy, I have been working outside without a coat and it has been in the 40s and 50s in Canton. I expected the workers to return, but they didn't. I call Gutter Helmet. Her notes show that I was told they'd be back 'in the Spring'. I told her the weather was fine. And they should come back on out as the water has no way to escape from the gutters. Was this not in the notes?

4. I was called yesterday and told that the workmen would be out today to finish the job. I get home and discover nothing has been done, except the rain spout has been turned from left to right.

5. I was told tonight after an exasperated call to find out why the work STILL wasn't done, that they weren't there now, so would have to call me back tomorrow. She thinks the workman came out just to answer my question. That was NOT what I was led to believe. He could have come out in a blizzard to answer my questions; I had expected the work to be finished since the temperature is just fine ...well above freezing.

6. I was told today that the most important area that needs a gutter , that above my rotting deck, could not be installed because there was no facing there. A facing CAN be put there. I was not told that when I signed the contract.

I would like to have my money returned ($700) as I cannot afford to be scammed in this manner. I will be making a report to the Better Business Bureau that you are a member of, if I don't get the work done 'when the weather is above freezing' and my deck protected.

A customer should not have to make repeated calls and be lied to in such devious ways. I am living on social Security and a small pension, and do not have $700 to throw away, much less $2100 and get nothing I need, and even more trouble if the edge of my roof breaks off because of the weight of the ice in the gutter (when it DOES freeze, as I'm sure it will).



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