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Posted on Sunday, January 1st, 2006 at 2:29pm CST by 9dd0c587

Company: JC Penney

Category: Unsolicited Phone Calls

Since my spouse apparently shares the same name of one of JC Penney's card holder, we have received several calls from JC Penney credit service from their phone number 800-527-3369, regarding an account that does not belong to either of us.

The first call came on a Saturday afternoon and my husband promptly told the caller we do not have a JC Penney Credit Card. After numerous questions, he finally hung up.

The second call came on December 28th and was answered by my Mother, who advised the caller that the party they were looking for did not live here.

The third call came on December 30th, I was out at the moment, and my holiday house guest answered my phone. She again, advise the caller, the person they called for, did not live here and that she was a guest in our home. The caller then ask her if she knew my spouse's birthdate and told her he was looking for a man in his 40's, then he ask her to have my spouse call JC Penney Credit Services at 800-527-3369.

Needless to say that was the second and third violation. He had disclosed this was a collection call and continue to talk to a person who told him she did not know that person, plus, the third call was made within 48 hours of the second.

Now, being a debt collector myself, I immediately recognized violations of the Fair Dept Collectors Practice Act. First, JC Penney made three calls to the same phone number after being told upon the first call that the party did not live here. After the first call, there was no reason, such as new information, for the second and third call. The last two calls are clearly in violation of FDCPA rules.

Believe it or not, this gets better! I decided to call JC Penney's at the phone number given to my house guest, 800-527-3369. Upon calling I was told to enter my credit card number, since I didn't have a JC Penney Credit Card and couldn't enter the number, I stayed on the line. The recorder said I must enter my credit card number to make a payment since my account was past due???? Again, this disclosed this was a collection call.

After a bit, I entered some bogus numbers, to get someone on the line. At this time a man named Pete answered. I ask, why he called this phone number. He said he was trying to reach a man with the same name of my spouse. I told him we did not have a JC Penney credit card. He said he could not talk to me, I gave the phone to my spouse, he told Pete I was his spouse and ask him to speak to me. He refuse to ask me question, although he is allowed to speak to this person's spouse (guess Pete don't understand FDCPA rules), after my spouse got back on the phone to answer Pete's questions, he gave the phone back to me.

I ask Pete if he collected under FDCPA guidelines? and how he came about my phone number? He could not answer my question and transferred me to a department he said could answer my question. Then Jill came on the line. She immediately cropped an attitude when I ask if she was an FDCPA collector. She let me know she didn't have to answer my questions and I could "just" speak to her supervisor.

This get even better! The so called Supervisor came on the line and ask me if this was my debt. I advised, no it was not. She ask my name. I gave it to her. Then she said," now let me see, Debbie you took bankruptcy and we're looking for your spouse". (my name was not Debbie, I have never taken bankruptcy, and I advised, again my name, and told her she had just given me information on a JC Penney card holder. She proceeded to say, she didn't even know who she was talking to. I advised, her staff had called my home asking for someone who didn't live here. I ask her if the party she was looking for lived in Versailles, KY? and how she got my phone number. She said she didn't know and she was removing my phone number from this account.

I ask her if she realized how many FDCPA violations had been made by their company today? She said she didn't know what I was talking about. After explaining the violations, of which she seemed very unconcerned, she again ask who she was speaking with and advised me to call the Attorney General with my complains.

Well you guessed it. Ben Chandler will sure get a copy of this complaint. Also, if JC Penney continues to pursue collections under FDCPA guidelines, maybe they should train their collectors to abide by the guidelines.


Bonnie Rodgers


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12973447, 2008-03-18, 11:50PM CDT

Good for you!

Our church has been having similar problems after purchasing a new TracFone. Apparently the number had previously been owned by JCPenney customer in default. JCPenney repeatedly revealed the names of the cardholders, and called frequently (sometimes in the same day). No matter how many times we told them we were a church and not a private residence, they continued to call back. Every single time I specifically told "DO NOT CALL", but they continued to call back. We finally filed complaints with the Attorney Generals in our state, Colorado and the state where JCPenney Credit Services is located (Texas). Hopefully now the harassing will stop.

9c7fa870, 2008-10-16, 01:04PM CDT

JC Penney credit accounts are handled by GE Money Bank. Its not Penney's its GE Money that is making the calls.

GE Money badly mistreats its good customers and it looks like it easier to harrass the wrong people then try to locate the right ones.

In my case they made no attempt to contact me at all, as well as made unauthorized address changes to my account information. They refuse to aknowledge and correct the errors they have made to my account.

I have filed formal complaints against GE Money with

Federal Trade Commission

TX State Attorney General

Office of Thrift Supervision


US Postal Service

I also contact JCP and informed them that GE Money just LOST JCP another customer.

d97cec16, 2009-11-01, 02:29PM CST

I too have been receiving calls from JCPenney Credit Services at the rate of a call every 4 minutes!! Ihave never even been a customer!! They claim the do not call cell phones!

350f36aa, 2011-09-11, 03:35PM CDT

JC Penney contacted my husband, how they got his number I have no idea. My account is still listed in my maiden name. My mail had been forwarded to my new address in both my married and maiden names, but for some reason my bill was being sent back to JCP. The problem has been resolved, but I wanted to share that the person that contacted my husband gave him specific account information about me. The account is only in my name and my husband isn't listed as an authorized user. I do not know all of the is and outs of the FDCPA, but with a background in banking I didn't think that you could give account information to someone who is not listed on the account. My husband called me at work wanting to know why they were contacting him at work regarding my account. I did eventually get everything straightened out and did not close the account until I saw that they updated the account as they said they would. I like JCP, but I will use cash or debit in the store. I don't trust their credit division. Also, I worked for GE Money in another division and it must just be the management of this division. The division that I worked didn't do the same things, although I left because I felt that they were poorly managed. They were more concerned about pushing calls through than actually helping customers. I am scared of any stores credit card that managed by GE Money.

e1e7cee7, 2014-01-15, 07:34PM CST

I keep getting these same calls. I called the JCPenney number on my bill which does not match the number provided or the number on CallerID. I was told the number does not belong to JCP/GE Capital. I was told that if they had called my house it would be listed on my account and no calls were listed. Sometimes the CallerID shows JC Penney Credit and other times it shows GE Capital. I was told that it is most likely a fraudulent call trying to obtain information from customers with JCPenney cards.

Izzy M., 2015-02-03, 12:58PM CST

I have received numerous calls from this number 800-527-3369 however it shows up as Kirk B. NORRIS. i do not know a person by that name so i have blocked the number from my phone. i think that if JCPenney/GE Money wants to contact me they should have JCP listed on the caller id.

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