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To Whom It May concern -- and that is just about anyone who has or might be considering taking up IncrediMail's off of "free" e-mail service -- kindly listen to what I've got to say and then feel free to make up your own minds:

At one point in time, I decide to ditch AOL, along with their training-wheel, e-mail program. I entered the brave new world of cheap dial-ups and delved into learning Outlook Express. It was somewhat daunting at first, but proved to be very rewarding. As time progressed, likewise did my proficiency in communications with others.

It was at some point, a few years prior, that I was approached by this concern named aptly enough IncrediMail. They offered to install their program -- at no cost -- and if I didn't like it, just get rid of it -- no hard feelings! So I tried it for a couple of weeks and dropped out.

They got in touch with me once more and really sweetened the deal. Not only was I offered a plethora of funny little character icons to insert wherever I wished in an e-mail, but an outstanding collection of stationary along with other visual and audio effects. All of this went along just for tolerating their innocuous little blurbs about becoming a "Premium Member" for something like $10 per month. I bit and was very happy with everything until a couple of days ago.

All of a sudden, our previously benevolent, generous, friendly e-mail provider has transformed itself into something entirely different!

Being somewhat tired and overwrought with the Seasonal spirit, I encountered a notice from none other, IncrediMail, itself! Anticipating Seasonal greetings, I was presented with an announcement that IncrediMail had vastly improved its service and was now offering even a greater selection of characters to choose from. While being in the Holiday spirit, being slightly tired and most unfortunately, unsuspecting, I downloaded their Christmas present, much to my dismay!

Upon realizing just what I had downloaded, I found to my horror, that all of the freebies were no longer free! They now wanted $30 a year just to keep junk mail separated from the regular. There were a host of other nausea's. Thank you very much, MicroSoft, for inventing and placing System Restore in Windows XP! However, IncrediMail probably anticipated such a move.

So now I am no longer able to wow my correspondents with pleasant background scenery, remarkable and colorism fonts.

I'll probably hang out here, until they take their revenge and make my e-life unbearable. But I'm going to try to give them as many black eyes as possible!

Nuevo Anno, Amigos y Amigas! Por del G!

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