Scam in Atlanta

Posted on Wednesday, February 8th, 2006 at 4:07pm CST by 04dfd973

Company: Scam in Atlanta

Category: Other

TO: Everyone near Atlanta

FROM: Ken Bruce

Owner – Dodds Athletic Tours

SUBJECT: POSSIBLE FRAUD by Mathias “Prince” Agurd

DBA – Prince Motorcoach – Budget Motor Coach and Limousines – BMC limousine

DATE: 2/08/06

BE ADVISED that a bus company in Atlanta is currently engaged in illegal and unscrupulous business methods. I would think that you would want to distance any potential clients from them to avoid a painful process such as we are in.

Please note that we have filed a


Complaint ID : 2146179

This is listed below:



Sent: Wednesday, February 08, 2006 2:52 PM

To: Kenneth K. Bruce

Subject: Confirmation of Complaint 2146179 for your records

Better Business Bureau Online Complaint System

The following complaint was submitted on 2/8/2006 3:52:16 PM


Mr.Kenneth Bruce

Dodds Athletic Tours

Champaign, IL ,USA 61820

Daytime Phone (217)373-5067



Budget Motor Coach & Limousines dba Prince Motor Coach & Limousines dba BMC Limousines dba Agbonze Taxi Service

4854 Old National Highway

Atlanta, GA UNITED STATES, 30337



Date Received:2/8/2006 3:52:16 PM

Primary Complaint Classification: Refund Practices

Secondary Complaint Classification: Contract Disputes


On November 16, 2005, our company, Dodds Athletic Tours, authorized a refundable deposit of $3200 to place a hold on some coaches for possible use at the Peach Bowl. On December 5th, we knew that we would not need them so we cancelled them over the phone with LaShondra. She said the refund was coming. Since then, we have spoken with Mr. Agurd numerous times each time promising that "yes, the payment is coming...I'll do it right now." And nothing happens. In talking with some of his employees, they have said that "Prince" says not to give out any information about him or where he is to anyone...also, he has changed the name of his company from Budget Motorcoach to Prince Motorcoach to BMC Limousines or even Agbonze Taxi (Which is what the charge went through on). Further, his employees have indicated that we are not the first people to not get their money back and in fact, he has gone to court about his business license several times and laughs about the "slap on the wrist".

It is clear to us that Mr Agurd or Agbonze or whatever his name is, is deliberatly trying to defraud us and probably many other customers. We are seeking legal action as we speak and will be actively engaged in a letter campaign alerting various hotels and businesses in the Atlanta area about this swindler.

We will be doing whatever we can do to see this "Prince" prosecuted and sued out of existence. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Ken Bruce

Dodds Athletic Tours

Desired Settlement: Refund

Settlement Explanation:

He owes us $3200 right now. I will be charging him additional collection costs and damages if needed.

Customer Service Rep: Mr.Mathias Agurd,

Product or Service: Deposit for Motorcoaches

Model Number:

Account Number:

Order Number: 55-122905

Salesperson: .MathiasAgurd

Payment Made: Yes

Purchase Price: 3200

Disputed Amount: 3200

Payment Method: Credit

Purchase Date: 11/16/2005

Problem Date: 12/5/2005

Complaint Dates: 12/28/2005,1/21/2006,2/7/2006

The bureau that will handle your complaint is:

The Better Business Bureau Serving Metro Atlanta, Athens & Northeast Georgia

503 Oak Place, Suite 590

Atlanta,GA 30349 -



Phone: (404)766-0875

Fax: (404)768-1085



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Sean F., 2012-10-27, 10:26AM CDT

Yes Ray Daniels of Aworldradio is on the run.He stole illegal frequency from a radio station in Stone Mountain Georgia,scams people out of money.He's running from the law,owes me award judgement of 1,500 from NYC Small Claims Court 6/29/2010.He also verbally abuse me on internet(Suck My Dick Faggot) Told the FTC,FCC about this unprofessional act,nothing was done.Can you help me,I am suffering here and not getting the proper justice.He's on plus numbers (404-969-3066)(1-888-799-2230)Atlanta buisness must not do buisness with radio host,Ray Daniels.I'm pressuring the FCC to ban his Ray Daniels Show and force him to pay up my award judgement ASAP.He's on youtube(Ray Daniels on Aworldradio)Ray used to own Drahma Magazine in NYC,ran from NYC Small Claims Court by twice not showing up to court.Do a background check on him ASAP.

Sean F., 2012-10-27, 10:44AM CDT

Ray Daniels is exposed and needs to be seriously brought to justice scamming clients out of money.Don't support his Ray Daniels Show on Aworldradio.

Sean F., 2014-02-11, 08:11AM CST

Ray Daniels Of Aworldradio is investigated by FCC,Consumers Complaint Agency for scamming unsigned artists.Plus he's wanted by the Collection Agency for owing money big time.

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