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Posted on Wednesday, February 8th, 2006 at 12:20pm CST by 768caa8d

Company: A&E factory service appliance repair

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I was directed to A&E factory service by Whirlpool to service my gas range for ignition problems. The tech came out, said he didn't have the parts, charged us $53.00 for a service call and told us that he would order the parts to be mailed to us

The parts came in two days later and we were told to call the 1-800 number when they arrived. Before the parts arrived a prerecorded message was left on my answering machine telling me the scheduled appointment for the tech to come back was being cancelled. I called back and was told because I didn't call to tell them I had received the parts for my afternoon appointment that day they were cancelling me. I told them that the parts just showed up at my door and the appointment was not scheduled for that day but the next day. The operator laughed and said she was looking at the wrong calendar day and assured me the appointment would stand for the next day. The next day rolled around, again we get an automated call telling us our appointment is cancelled. My husband calls back and explained what happened yesterday and tells a very rude (James) that we indeed confirmed the appointment and told the other operator that the parts were here. He got ruder and told us that there is nothing he can do, no documentation was recorded of the prior conversations and he doesn't have a supervisor that we could talk to. It is our fault for not calling them even though we did. He got so rude the conversation ended with us hanging up on him. I'll never use that service again if it was last appliance repair business in America.

Lori Valrico, Florida


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Anonymous, 2007-10-17, 02:34PM CDT

I was scheduled an apptointment. Was told it was anywhere from 8 to 5 pm. I called the morning of the service call to verify a time and was told between 8 and 12. I recieved no call from the tech while @ work. After calling back, I was informed I was the first call of the day and they did not have to call to notify me.?? I called again and was also informed I would have to reschedule again on a day off as they cannot give me a new time more firm than" ALL DAY".I got the runaround with phone tag and even the Supervisor was useless and informed me there was no one else above her to talk to. I am currently on-line to find the company owner,as I'm sure HE'D like to know what these people are doing to his business. If these were the only repair persons on Earth, I would burn my washer and buy a new one before I called them again!

5120c0cf, 2008-07-15, 03:55PM CDT

Oh, yeah...I'm having the same situation at this very moment, and am so aggravated at A&E I can't even see straight. Whirlpool needs to be notified about how crappy this service is...looks like I'm about to make an investment on a new washer - and I don't know if I'll be getting a Whirlpool, if they insist this is their service arm.

226a39c4, 2008-08-20, 02:51PM CDT

Our Whirlpool Front Load Washer has been out of service for 6 weeks!! A & E is now on their third appointment to attempt to fix it. What gets me really upset is that the last technician said the new parts should be arriving at our house within three days. Today I received a call from A& E that the parts were back ordred and could not give us a date of arrival. I phoned Whirlpool and was notified that they had the parts in stock and would be happy to Fed Ex them to me.

Dont trust A& E!!

5935c13a, 2009-06-27, 12:02PM CDT

A&E Customer Repair Service is awful!!! I have had multiple visits to my home to have my Whirlpool Duet washer fixed. There technical analysis of possible problems with my washer was terrible. I might as well throw darts at the washer to guess where the problem is next. I have had to pay over $600 for repairs to this washer...and it still does not work. I feel as though I'm being ripped off. Every time I have called to schedule an appointment with A&E I'm given a 4 hour block to wait for a service repairman, which I believe is pretty standard. But then the day of service comes and 3 times they have changed the time to expand the possible service arrival time to a 9 hour wait. Great, just what I wanted to do - spend 8 to 5 on a Saturday waiting for a repairman! They offer no apologies, discounts or refunds.

Why am I going with A&E? Well, I bought my washer and dryer at HH Gregg and this is the company that they recommend in my city. I thought I had an investment and relationship with the company, but all I have after a month of repairs is a ton of dirty laundry and a broke washer. I have called and complained to HH Gregg corporate as well.

I have asked to talk to a A&E technical manager, customer service states that the technical manager will call me back - but he never does. I have asked to talk to the A&E corporate office. The A&E customer service agent in Columbus (Jenifer) refuses to give me a name, phone number or e-mail address to their corporate office. All I get is a mailing address. Thanks A&E; this really shows you care about me and my issues. I look forward to hearing from my letter in 5 to 10 business days, if you respond at all! I will never buy another product that is linked to A&E!!!

7e1e38e3, 2010-02-01, 09:59AM CST

We bought our electric dryer from Conn's in Lafayette, LA and bought the extended service plan. Months later we moved to Monroe, LA (3 hrs away) and had the first problem with the dryer. There is no Conn's in Monroe I drove to Lafayette and talked to them and got the service number (no one answer their phones in the stores)

On Monday I called them and told them what the dryer was doing (start button sparks when you push it) and they said they would call me back. I gave them MY phone number which was different from the number on the account, but the repeatedly left voicemails on wrong phone which I didn't receive until much later. The voicemail said they would come Tuesday between 1-5. I rushed home Tuesday morning and waited all day for them and they never showed.

Wednesday I called Conn's Service number all day and was told the new service time was 8-12 Thursday. Once again a no-show. Friday they said it would be Monday (today) 8-12, so I called A&E this time to confirm. They told me it's not scheduled til Tuesday (tomorrow) 8-12.

So tell me...WHY am I getting told tomorrow when they told Conn's today...etc etc. I've had NO contact except the one phone call with A&E and already they are the most unprofessional repair company I have ever seen!!!

d68be881, 2011-04-01, 01:42PM CDT

I got a number from the kitchen aid web site to have my refrigerator repaired. Call the number and scheduled an appt. I just need two crisper drawers replaced. The tech opened the door, said, yes, you need two new draws. He got out his computer to place the order. I said, that seems really expensive. He assured me it was because I have a top of the line fridge and that they are just expensive to repair. ( I had a sick toddler that morning, so I was in a hurry for them to leave and didn't look over the itemized bill) Anyway, after they left I did look at the bill, $180 labor fee for the tech to open the fridge and tell me I needed the new drawers.

I called whirlpool as well as A & E, but to no avail. Can you believe they would charge $180 basically to walk in my front door?

Don't use this company. I wish I would have done an internet search first. A lesson learned.

Richard V., 2012-11-06, 04:46PM CST

I have had three service calls on a wirlpool front load washer in the past month the service techs keep informing me that they have most likely corected the problem after the last tech left I called to get my money back from the last part they replaced that WAS NOT THE PROBLEM WHILE I WAS ON HOLD, I decided I should run a test and the F-H error code that keeps shutting off the washer came up again. When the supervisor finnally came back on the phone and I explained what happened 5 Minutes after tech left they told me I would haVE TO CALL THE NEXT DAY TO SET UP YET ANOTHER 4TH SERVICE REPAIR CALL. WASHER ONLY COST $ 699 i FEEL THAT THIS COMPANY IS SCAMMING PEOPLE. bY REPLACING PARTS THAT ARE NOT THE PROBLEM AND CAUSING CUSTOMERS TO WAIT A MONTH TO NOT MAKE ANY REAL REPAIRS i STRONGLY RECOMEND YOU FIND SOME ELSE OF COMPLAIN TO WIRLPOOL DIRECTLY, TO FIX THE POORLY DESIGNED FRONT LOAD WASHER THEY ARE SELLING. Still waiting to hear back from them to confirm 4th service call??? To fix what they do not seem to be able to fix!

Laz M., 2014-01-30, 03:31PM CST

I could copy and paste all these comments above. I HIGHLY recommend you all spread the word as I am doing to KEEP AWAY FROM A & E!!! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! I am contacting A& E Corporate AND Sears to tell them how LOUSY their Service (JOKE) Repair (Joke) company is. Send your emails to (Sears) [email protected] and to (A & E) www.aefactoryservice.com/contact.html

They need to hear from us all. My wife's been recovering from cancer, I work full time and have been hand washing and wringing all our family's clothes for 1-1/2 month because these clowns can't fix my frontload washer. Ordering parts that are not broken, cancelling appointments, putting me on 15 minute hold to speak to a manger and then hang up on me. So many people out of work and A & E hires these IDIOTS to answer there phones... Must be on purpose. Sounds like the current regime in office.

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