2000 Dodge Dakota shock mount not welded properly.

Posted on Wednesday, February 8th, 2006 at 5:00pm CST by b27c61aa

Company: 2000 Dodge Dakota shock mount not welded properly.

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My 2000 Dodge Dakota recently had one of the rear shock mount break off

the frame. Upon insplection, I noticed that the mount was not welded


to the frame. The mount has two edges about 2 inches in lenth that should

be welded to the frame. On my truck, one edge of the mount was welded, one

was not.

There is a "weld bead" on the frame that was clearly intended for the

shock mount. However, the weld was misplaced and the mount was consequently

not properly attached to the frame. I have pictures of the mount and the


It is VERY clear that one of the welds was misplaced, and made no contact


the mount.

I took my truck to Longhorn Dodge in Fort Worth. The service rep quickly


over the Service Manager who looked at the broken mount and frame. He said

that if I was closer to my warranty cuttoff, that something might be able to


done. I thanked him and left.

I contacted Dodge Corp. via the phone and talked to 2 representatives. The


was very cordial and took my information. I was then forwarded to the


rep. I stated my case. He told me that if the mount had been assembled


in the factory, that it would have failed far sooner than it did. I told

him that while

I understood what he was saying, however, he was wrong. I thanked him and

said goodbye.

I certainly don't expect my truck to last forever. However, when something


as blantantly done wrong in the factory as a weld not being made, then I


Dodge should make good on it. All I am asking is that a part of the

assembly that

was not completed originally be done now. This is not a matter of


"wearing out" before I think it should have. This is a matter of the truck

not being

assembled properly.

Even given the chance that I am wrong, I would appreciate someone from Dodge

acting as if they were concerned that something as critical as a weld on the


may be missing or done incorrectly.

Lastly, I am an engineer by trade and my family owned a steel fabrication


I personally know how to weld. My engineering and steel fabrication

background provide

me a level of expertise in this matter.


2000 Dodge Dakota / Quad Cab 4x4

VIN 1B7GGAN6YS661662

Mileage 80,800

Rear shock mount, passenger side.

Dodge case number: 14576843.

Keith Holt


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cd38fcf8, 2008-05-01, 05:44PM CDT

I just had the same problem with mine. 2000 Quad Cab 60k Miles. Rear passenger shock.

Dealership said they have never seen anything like it. Took pictures to send to Dodge.

I'll post back my results.

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