Southwest Airlines sucks

Posted on Tuesday, February 7th, 2006 at 12:48am CST by 8f040f6c

Company: Southwest Airlines sucks

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I now see shy they are so cheap:

their website crashes, their phone agents are TOTAL idiots and --after they

waste your time with the most moronic 'suggestions', then they plain tell

you they are NOT going to honor their advertised specials *AND* that's it

your own damn fault anyway that you missed their specials!!! (even though I

was still on time--if they could only get their website up and running -or-

honor the specials on the phone)

It is worth the money to go somewhere where else.

I was at the computer for 2 1/2 hours continuously trying to make

reservations for a special offer that would expired that night at midnight.

Their reservations site went down. After trying continuously to see if it

was up again, I called their reservations desk.

Calling experience 1:

1) Long hold,

2) tell agent their website is down and would she honor the special on the


3) more hold

4) reservation agent stupidity: she had wasted my time just so she could go

and confirm that the website is down. They treat their customers like they

are total idiots who have never heard of a computer or the internet. Their

website plainly tells you that their reservations desk is down--try again

later. I don't need patronizing agents 'confirming' this for me and sending

me on my way!

Another call:

1) Long hold

2) Agent tells me their website is *not* down, even though I am at the

computer trying and trying and getting the same "reservations site is down"


3) More reservation agent stupidity. I try to tell her that I know that it

is down, I've had another rep. confirm that it is down, would she honor

special offer. She just argues with me and tried to tell me to shut down my

computer and start all over.

Where do they get these morons?! She's treating me like I don't know how to

work a computer?? or like I need their 'confirmation' to validate what I

already know --that their reservations site is down?! WHY DOES SOUTHWEST


have to wait on hold a long time to be treated like you're an idiot.

4) sends me to "help desk". I ask that person if she is going to tell me

that the website is not down. She INSISTS on backing up to social niceties

of introducing ourselves. By this time I've been waiting for more than two

hours trying the website and their phone agents. WHY waste *more* of my

time with social niceties. I needed intelligent responses, not BS social

niceties. She tells me that she is going to hang up on me if I don't give

her my name. I ask her if she is going to make a reservation for me. She

says no, that she will not start addressing my problem until I give her my

name. I ask her to address the internet problem or take my reservation.

She tells me she can not proceed without taking my name and hangs up on me

when I want to discuss the actual internet problem.

When companies care more about presenting an appealling social interface for

their customers rather than handling their business in a way that

works----RUN to another company.

Yet another call:

Repeat steps 1) long hold and 2) idiots think I want them to confirm or not

whether their website is down INSTEAD of addressing the issue of honoring

their advertised special on the phone.

but this version "step 3) AGENT STUPIDITY" is the worst. The asshole

gives me a sermon and a browbeating that it is my own damn fault for waiting

til the last minute, what do I expect, blah, blah blah ---even though I

still had time, if ONLY they would honor their special on the phone since

they couldn't get their website up and running.

I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! Is your aggravation worth a slightly cheaper price.

Mine isn't. Fly anywhere else, BUT NOT Southwest!


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a06de187, 2009-11-01, 06:50PM CST

MSN has a report on a Southwest Flight crew removing an unruly two-year old and the mother of the child. This was done to facilitate the comfort and safety of the other 100+ passengers going to San Jose, California. The flight crew does the right thing, and then the airline apologizes publicly to avoid "negative publicity", throwing the flight crew "under the bus".

Southwest is cutting costs by sending their aircraft to Aeroman in El Salvador for heavy maintenance work. You decide...

ab606d42, 2009-11-08, 04:41PM CST

Southwest Sucks. To say they are a flying gray hound buss would be an insult to Gray hound. From top to bottom they seem to have a feeling of indiferance and appathy. What is worst is the total lack of leadership and focus. they have rule they do not or do not know how to follow. THIS COMAPANY IS A WASTE OF AIR SPACE AND RESOURCES. I will now pay ANYTHING never to have to fly with this airline.

30f842c0, 2010-01-25, 05:45PM CST

Very True! Site never works properly you can waste an entire night just trying to get the page to open! Go somewhere else. They deserve to loose all business.

fff2a702, 2010-03-09, 10:26PM CST

Southwest f***in sucks. They claim to be cheap but are such a ripoff for such sh**ty service.

Ryanair in Europe will fly you from Venice to Frankfurt round trip direct for 52 euros. The same distance in America - Reno to LA costs goddamn $300 or more with plane changes!!!

F Southwest and all other American airlines. Why can't we get some cheap airlines like Europe?!?!

d99a4db0, 2011-02-11, 04:55AM CST

Southwest is brilliant at accentuating the positive in order to downplay (eliminate) the negative. Shower them with the good things, and they'll become oblivious to the negative aspects of the airline. Positive No change fees (Negative: No same day standby). Earn rewards faster (Negative: If you buy the most expensive tickets. Earn them ALOT slower than before if you are used to buying discount fares). Bottom line is that they do what's best for their bottom line, and I do what's best for my bottom line. For 25 years we had a perfect marriage, until now. What's best for my bottom line is to make the decision I made one month ago, and that was to change airlines. Thank you Southwest for opening my eyes to other carriers. I am absolutely loving Delta's service and soon to have perks from all my flying.

eed99d27, 2013-12-29, 04:02PM CST

45 minute wait to check a bag since only four people are working today

I couldn't check curbside since I was flying Airtran not southwest

(. Never mind that's flight they put me on)

Is AirTran flights less expensive ... Nope

Cindy perrino is station manager

I can't wait to call her a ask why she didn't schedule

More than four people on check in desks

What a mess !!!!!!!

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