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Posted on Tuesday, February 7th, 2006 at 5:00pm CST by df83fad5

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On November 17 , 2005 I bought a Nikon 70-200mm F 2.8G ED IF AF-S VR ZOOM NIKKOR LENS from CAMETA CAMERA out of Amityville , NY . I had the lens a month and a half and shot maybe 50 pics with it when I noticed the internal focus mechanism stopped working properly . I contacted Cameta Camera and they refused to replace the camera lens and told me it was under warranty and to mail it to Nikon Repair . I sent it out two-day priority mail to Nikon's Service facility in Melville ,NY on the 11th of January . Nikon sent me a letter aknowledging they received it on the 17th of January . They did not tell me what was wrong with the lens or how long the expected repair . I finally went to their web site on February 4th 2006 to find out that they were waiting on parts . Why does a place that fixes cameras have to wait on parts for 3 weeks ? I called their customer service line (which by the way is located in California ) and found that they have no customer sympathy at all . They apparently aren't allowed to converse with the people on the east coast at the service dept. , because they keep telling me they will call back when they hear from service , but I never get the call . I called Cameta Camera and told them they sold me a bad lens you thibk they care about the customer ....they don't ....I strongly recommend that you do not buy anything from these people . They claim to be OLD FASHIONED service , but in days gone by , I remember people's integrity meaning something . This is a $1600 lens ..I worked hard for that money .

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5b2c00bc, 2010-08-17, 08:42PM CDT

I have also had a bad experience with Cameta Camera, they are a 3rd party vendor for Amazon.

Here is my story:

Because of a postal code error,seller requested UPS to return the item. The physical address was correct and UPS could have delivered the next day. Seller refunded the cost of the item and kept the $18.95 shipping charge. The UPS fee for returns is about $5. Seller refused to refund the shipping and edventually did not respond to my emails. Had to file a claim with Amazon. Beware.

Bottom line - Two orders with Amazon both with incorrect postal code. One direct from Amazon, the otther from Cameta Camera. UPS corrects the Amazon order and the package is delivered the next day. Cameta Camera requests the package to be returned to them and stiffs me for the shipping. Thanks Cameta.

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