ICICI bank - ICICI bank - repayment of car loan

Posted on Tuesday, February 7th, 2006 at 7:29am CST by f0657073

Product: car loan

Company: ICICI bank

Category: Business, Finances

I had taken a car loan from ICICI in May 2005.

I fully prepaid it in January 2006.

The amount got debited from my account on 31st January.

On 7th February they deducted another EMI.

When I went to the bank and talked to them they said it is the consumer's mistake. The consumer should issue a stop-payment for the cheque.

The fact that they do not coordinate between their departments is the consumer's problem and not ICICI's.

That is not all. If I need my money back I need to stand in a line of 35 people, submit a REQUEST to them for returning my money back to me.

If I dont do it then they will happily keep my money. They will not return it.

Is there a law that can help me ?


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