Haier / Water Cooler / Model No. WDQT165

Posted on Monday, February 6th, 2006 at 4:57pm CST by b9e2fcf9

Company: Haier / Water Cooler / Model No. WDQT165

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Haier calls this unit an "exchange" unit (call and ask the service reps at 877-337-3639), which means that while under the one year warranty, they will exchange it for a new one (you pay shipping - darn close to cost of unit) if something goes wrong.

Here's the bottom line: The peltier cooler stopped working in ours after about 14 months, and there was no way to fix it or get it fixed. I knew which part I needed, but there was no way to get that either.


After it stopped working, I called the service center, and since it was over a year, they couldn't exchange it, so they didn't know what to do. According to the people who answer the phone, they had to email their own "advanced technical service" department and request that they (the advanced tech dept) give me a call! The call center people have no way to call their own tech service people! Needless to say, I never heard from anyone there.

So, I took the unit apart, and found the problem myself (the peltier cooler mentioned above) and figured I'd just order the part and fix it myself. Well, none of their parts suppliers have any parts for "exchange" units. Finally, I just called the phone number for "Servicers or technicians" on their website and, after waiting on hold for 20 min, got disconnected. Tried once more, got someone, and this person told me that basically the machine is so cheap, parts aren't worth stocking.

So, after 14 months, I salvaged things like the fan, recycled what I could (aluminum heat sink), into the garbage with the rest of it. What a waste.


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