Best Buy - - Home Theater Deluxe Installation Package #7071848.

Posted on Monday, February 6th, 2006 at 12:59am CST by 4bbfbc4a

Product: Home Theater Deluxe Installation Package #7071848.

Company: Best Buy

Location: 200 Colma Blvd.

Category: Stores, Shopping

Feb. 4, 2006

Subject: Liability Claim against Best Buy Inc.

I purchased a home theater installation deluxe package, sku # 7071848, ROS

order # 351345634 on November 9, 2005 from the Best Buy store # 873 located at 200 Colma Blvd. Colma, Calif. 94015, for the sum of $699.99.This was part of a $9,000.00 purchase. It was stated to me, this equipment would be installed by a licensed, and insured professional, in accordance with state regulations and by an ironclad workmanship warranty as stated in their Home Theater Installation FAQs. During this installation of the equipment, the installer preformed the work unprofessionally, and in an unsafe manner. By cutting out a section of sheet rock from the wall using an electrical circular saw with the blade set to deep, before finding out what is inside the wall, and where the 2 x 4 studs are located. After cutting out several small pieces of sheet rock to find out where the studs are located. He cut through the electrical wiring in the wall and received an electrical shock that rendered him momentarily unconscious. He was unable to complete the installation at this time and had his helper make temporary repairs to the electrical wiring. When repaired and the power restored, the lights started to flicker again and at times go dim in several other rooms. Smoke alarms and other appliances were going on and off or tried to start at this time. You could smell a burned electrical odor through out the house. I was able to find the burned out items by this odor than rechecked then using the electrical meter to confirm this. After several failed attempts to correct this problem, I told the installer I would have to leave the circuit breaker off in order to prevent any further damage. I ran extension cords to the rooms with out lighting until he could contact an electrical contractor on Monday to make proper repairs. The next day I borrowed an electrical tester, tested the wiring, circuits, and fuses, and found the spliced wiring was not making proper connection. I used jumper wires with clips and attached them to his splices in order to make a better electrical contact to the connection, I phoned the installer to let him know I had found the problem and what I had done. I told him that many items in the house had failed do to the power surges and low voltage conditions caused by his repairs.

Returning five days later, attempts made by the installer again failed to correct this electrical problem. This led to more items and equipment

burning out than before. Here is a parcel list, a cordless phone, the third surge protector for a computer, two 21 in. color VCR combo TVs. A garage door opener, a solid-state clock, and an am/fm clock radio, a duel tape deck w/ am / fm radio w/ 5-band graphic equalizer, a wireless IR remote extender along with two dozen low energy light bulbs. Three motion sensing light switches, etc, and now a computer that will not operate correctly. The costs of damages and repairs have not been total or evaluated so far. Finally, the installer called in an outside electrical contractor to check out the electrical and the damaged wiring. The electrician then asked if they wanted him to repair the cut wires. He was informed by the installer they would take care of the repairs them self. The electrician give the proper wires to the installer, which was not used and instructed him how to make the proper repairs. The repairs made are illegal, unsafe, and will not pass the California electrical building codes. This substandard and unacceptable workmanship can cause damage to life and property if left uncorrected. The electrical contractor the installer called in witnesses this. The installer stated to me he had filled a damage report with their insurance company and their supervisor named Ben, would contact me shortly. He also was to call a computer technician in after he attempted to fix the computer. He did replaced two burned out surge protectors and the store replaced one and gave me credit on another one. This was the last time I had heard from any one else. I called the installer twice and left two messages each time asking when my home theater system will be working and what is happening about the claim for the damages? I also had a friend call and left a message. I than had to call their service dept. @ 1-888-Best Buy to get the third installer out five weeks later, in order to finish up the original installation and get all the components working. This has been one on going disaster after another. The completion on Jan. 26, 2006 was 71 days after purchasing the equipment, extended warranties and service contracts from the Best Buy Store in Colma, California.

To this day, I have not had a reply in regarding the damages incurred. I

contacted Best Buy Store again on Jan. 18, 2006. After several fail attempts to contact their installer in order to find out who the insurance obligor is, I talked to a very rude and obnoxious store manager. He informed me after he contacted his superiors by phone, that they claim no liability in this matter. The store will not help, the job is complete as far as they are concerned and these problems are my reasonability and I could contact 1-888-Best Buy. With that statement made, he gave me an unpleasant and discussing look, turned his back on me, and walked a way. I think the store managers and installers need to re-read the published installation, service information, and policies of Best Buy Inc. After several failed attempts to get in contact with the insurance co. using the 1-888 Best Buy number and Customer Service. I am now requesting your assistance in acquiring the names, phone numbers, address, and all necessary information on the insurance obligors in this matter. You may forward this letter to the correct dept; that can help. This information is needed for the purpose in following up on this liability claim report. I can be contacted by Phone: # 650-589-4436.

Alternatively, mail: @ 119 Sherwood Way, South San Francisco, CA, 94080.

I am demanding Best Buy to replace the burned out items, repair the cut

wiring properly to meet the electrical codes promptly before I have to turn this matter over for prosecution and compensation. Best Buy continues to refuse to take responsibility for damages and repairs in this matter. This has been dragging on long enough now. During this time, I have been lied to, misled, insulted, and inconvenienced with incredible hardships unjustly caused by the inexperience and unreliable installers, Best Buy's Store Managers, along with their unscrupulous business practices, and a lack of an unprofessional attitudes and courteousness that is demonstrated toward their customers. I feel they have fraudulently misled and lied to me, refusing to take reasonability and liability for their installer's workmanship, and not enforcing and adhering to the published literature describing the type and quality of their home theater system installations.

From a unfairly treated customer,



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