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Posted on Monday, February 6th, 2006 at 1:05pm CST by 9c13524c

Company: Sterns & Foster Double pillow-top mattress

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My husband and I purchased a King size double pillowtop Sterns & Foster mattress in 2001 from Sears Homelife furniture. Almost immediately we noticed the bed was sagging on both sides with this hard area in the middle but faithfully flipped the mattress both end to end and side to side hoping it would help, but to no avail. My husband and I are not large people so that can not be blamed for the sinking of the bed.

Now after 4 1/2 yrs we are at the point we are sleeping so poorly and waking up every morning with backaches that I called Sears in late 05 and they finally sent their mattress inspector out to test the mattress. It is sinking 1 1/2 inches (1 1/2" or more) I have been told is the measure of a defective mattress, yet they still deny any responsibility. I had to call several times to even find out the result of the inspection and of course they won't provide that in writing either. I called Sterns & Foster Corporate today and was told to contact Sears because they are the ones who make the determination whether the mattress is defective so once again I get the run around, Sterns & Foster blaming Sears, Sears blaming Sterns & Foster.

After reading all the complaints here regarding Sterns & Foster (made by Sealy I have come to the conclusion that we are all

S O L. (S--t out of luck) because this company not only has false advertising concerning their warranty policies and products but brags about the low rate of customer returns/complaints.

No wonder there aren't many customer returns, they won't honor the hundreds of complaints they get! I have come to the conclusion it doesn't matter where you buy a Sterns & Foster, the problem is we all bought a Sterns & Foster!!!!

Hubby and I are now shopping for a new mattress again and this time I will be the toughest cookie any salesperson has ever seen before they get our business. I want not only the mattress manufacturers warranty but the store's warranty policy in writing. I want both corporate phone numbers, and I want to see how consumer reports rates the mattress before I write a check because I'm determined to NEVER GO THRU THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Helen P.


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