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This is my recent experience with the first and last time I will ever do business with QVC. At Christmas time (12/11/05) I happened to come across a promotion running on QVC. It was selling a KITCHEN AID DELUXE EDITION STAND MIXER for a price of 299.49. Since I had been in the market for one for my wife I started to watch the promotion to see what was offered. It went on to show what would be included, shipping, etc. Then the promotion sold me with a "last day offer" of a $50.00 rebate from KITCHEN AID if purchased that final day. (They had also offered it the previous day). Since the price was good and the rebate made it slightly better than what I could get locally, I went forward with the purchase. On 12/17/05 it arrived at my home. I opened it up and it was complete except for one thing, the rebate form. I checked the packaging and paperwork again thinking I must have missed it, no such luck. No problem I thought, I'll just get online and download it from KITCHEN AID. I find the site easily and the rebate section as well. KITCHEN AID is offering a rebate on a stand mixer, but it is only on the 600 PROFESSIONAL series, not my DELUXE EDITION. I give QVC a call and inform them a) I received no rebate form b) could it be because THEY DON'T OFFER A REBATE ON THIS MODEL? I was assured repeatedly that this was a non-issue. The very nice lady at QVC customer service told me she would send the form and to expect it in 7 to 10 days. The problem with that is the rebate was good only until 12/31/05 which I would be lucky to get in under the deadline. Again she assured me it would not be a problem and if it were, QVC would "make it right". So about 8 days later the form arrives, I fill out all and provide all appropriate information required and send it off before the deadline. 1 month later I receive a letter from KITCHEN AID stating my request for rebate has been denied due to "IMPROPER UPC CODE/MODEL" and goes on to say I can resubmit with the correct UPC/MODEL. Well no duh. What I feared would happen and brought up to the customer service rep beforehand is EXACTLY what is happening! Back to QVC customer service, Yolanda takes my call, is very nice, and I explain what's happening, she is very sorry for the mix-up. I ask her how this could happen, that this is CONSUMER FRAUD and immediately she puts me on the line to her supervisor Jackie. Jackie is also very nice and again apologizes and offers to refund the $50 dollars. I ask "well, how many other people are in the same situation?, how many others won't bother going through this process?" She proceeds to basically explain that it's all KITCHEN AID's fault. Oh really? "DID THEY SELL ME THIS?" "DID THEY OFFER A REBATE ON TV?" "DID I SEND THEM MY MONEY?" Of course not, it was you QVC! I told Jackie I don't appreciate having a FRAUD committed against me and to just take the mixer back, refund my money, and that I'll promise never to do business with them again. She gladly accepted. I really don't know who's to blame on this fiasco, but I do know that KITCHEN AID, having been around forever, never promised me anything but a quality stand mixer, which I received and was more than happy with. It is a great product and I plan to replace it with an exact copy, AT A REPUTABLE DEALER. What's ironic about this is I've chided my mother in the past for doing business with QVC, but it was over product, not service. Now I know there's no difference!


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c458eec9, 2009-06-17, 01:46PM CDT

Why didn't you keep the mixer accept the $50 and just get over it?? You would have if it had been something for yourself..nice Husband!!

33f4b7a1, 2009-10-14, 10:59PM CDT

QVC in my opinion has poor quality high price and some of the cs reps especially in the presidents group are very rude and do not seek to solve the problem. I am not going to do business with them. Go to HSN I love the customer service and no issues when you return a product. Much better deals with HSN and quality. QVC sales people really induce buying without any trouble with returns, but they lost my box and said I sent it back late.

c7990f17, 2010-05-09, 11:23AM CDT

I agree with the other comment. You should have just accepted the $50 since that is the rebate amount? And then kept the thing since you didn't complain about it. How is it fraud do you have proof that QVC was the one who made the mistake about the UPC? You didn't even try to contact KitchenAid so to why their UPC code is wrong or invalid. This person just doesn't want to compromise. He is just probably having a buyer's remorse and found a way out by using the rebater error as an excuse. The other comment is also right, if it is probably something that the guy like for himself he would have accepted it.

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