Kentucky Fried Chicken

Posted on Friday, February 3rd, 2006 at 5:49pm CST by 79171516

Company: Kentucky Fried Chicken

Location: FIFE, WA, US

Category: Other

I was always taught that, in business, the customer is always right. But apparently this does not always hold true anymore. I stopped by the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Ashville Highway in Spartanburg SC this evening and ordered a bucket of chicken all dark. My receipt read "all dark". But when I got hope, half of the meat was white. My husband called the store and the manager, Mr. Durrant, asked us to bring back the meal for an exchange. Well, we didn't feel that another 30 mile round trip would be fair. But he refused any other compensation. Too bad KFC is not interested in consumer feedback via a web page. They could use one. Buyer beware of this business!


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