Dell Inc. Complaint

Posted on Monday, February 27th, 2006 at 9:45pm CST by 866902f5

Company: Dell Inc. Complaint

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Melissa Rodriguez

Dell Account # 4004131651001

Order # 627739147

Account balance initially around 200.00

Now is at 604.78.

In 2001 I ordered a computer system through I received my full order and everything was great. Then a few days later a duplicate order was received. The exact same system, computer, monitor, speakers, the works. I immediately contacted Dell who arranged to pick up the duplicate order. I had financing through Dell and began to receive my monthly statements. System worked fine, everything was great. Then I started to receive collection letters from Dell with another acct number on it. When I called Dell to inquire they informed me it was for that duplicate order that I had already sent back. After I gave them all the tracking info and explained I had sent that back, they then assured me everything would be taken care of and that the 2nd account would be closed out. I was satisfied until weeks later I began again getting collection letters for that 2nd acct. After calling Dell again they know where saying they hadn't received the monitor back and were charging for me for this. After being transferred all over the place they finally again assured me everything was taken care of. And again weeks later I continued to be charged for something I sent back. I had had enough. I contacted Dell, very upset and demanded they fix their problem, they then said they could refund the amount minus the shipping charges which was totally unacceptable to me and spoke to numerous reps and supervisors to finally again be assured the account would be closed out and show totally cleared. I then never heard again from Dell for literally years. In February of 2005 I was sent a collection letter from Dell Financial Services stating that the acct had been assigned to their collection agency!! Credit reports verified they had ruined my credit and showed a total balance owing of over 600 dollars when initially the cost of the monitor had been under 300 dollars!! I have spoken with over 20 reps and supervisors at Dell since that time. Been transferred all over the company because their reps see the notes on the account and want to dump me asap to someone else. Everyone assures me they will take care of problem and call me back but no one ever does. I ask for extensions so I can talk to the same rep and they all give me the same extension to call them back at

ext. 7266966. I have enough names of reps that have hung up on me to fill a black book but of course I can never get back to that same person. Supervisors are always "gone for the day" and I have been on hold so long sometimes that my hands get numb and the I have to go to corded phones because the batteries on the cordless phone die. I don't know what else to do. I have been on the phone so long and so many times with Dell, if I added them up, it would be a weeks worth of time. Time I could have spent with my kids, or doing something constructive. I don't know what else to do, who else to turn to. I need help to get this matter resolved. This has cost me thousands of dollars because of it affecting my credit. My credit was spotless but now I can't get the low interest rates because of this derogatory remark on my credit report. But I just want this Dell Hell to end. I want this account cleared and I want that total amount credited. I want to move on and never have to deal with Dell again. Please help me!!!!

I have spoken with too many reps to name all of them but recently have spoken with reps who gave an extension number of 7266966, and the most recent names have been Sheila, Amy, Renee, Jenny and Cheresa. Who also gave me an email address of COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_63556# Which is highly suspicious as why not have a email address. But all of them assured they would take care of problem, only never to have done anything for me in any way and never to have been heard from again

I want this account to show totally credited and I want this removed from my credit report. I returned unused merchandise that I never ordered in the first place and I want them to credit and close that account out and finally fix my problem. Customer service at Dell is not correcting THEIR error and I fell they are just running me around so much to where I give in to them and give up and pay them for something I sent back and never used. Even if the amount was only 1 cent, there is no way I would pay for a product I never used


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