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Posted on Saturday, February 25th, 2006 at 6:51am CST by 4058d3b9

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This is the letter that I sent to Allure Magazine...( help my credit!!! Thank you so very advance!!!!


Debbie Noone!

Allure Subscriber Services

PO Box 37653

Boone, IA 50037-0653

February 24, 2006

Dear Charles Simpson,

I have to tell you…that I am so fed up with the correspondence from your company!!! I have written you letter after letter…and now this one I am forwarding to consumer complaints!!!

This is my fifth and final letter to you…you have not responded to my letters, and you send me threatening letters telling me that you are sending me to collections!!!??????

Maybe…just maybe…if you took the time to follow through on YOUR responsibilities, instead of depending on your computer to do it for you…you would have a better response from the general public!!!!

Now…if I end up in collections….because of an error on YOUR part…you will NOT hear the end of this!!!

For the final time…I DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR ALLURE magazine!!!! I do NOT owe you any money!!!! I receive Glamour/Allure TOGETHER….which I paid for a two year subscription on October 20, 2005 check number # 1802!!!! It was a much better deal than paying 20.00 for your magazine!!!! I now get two magazines for the cost of one!!!!! HELLO!!!!!

I would like a response from you … that I know that you have received this letter!!! If I do NOT receive a response…then I will send it receipt requested and bill you!!!!


Debbie Noone

Yorktown Hgts. NY 10598


cc: Consumer Complaints


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