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Posted on Thursday, February 23rd, 2006 at 10:12pm CST by 48eedad2

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

This is the story from my side. On 1/28, I spoke with a Rep that stated that I would not be charged the yearly plan rate. I later received an email stating that confirmation of my plan change. It also stated "Per your contact with America Online Member Services on 01/28/2006, at 9:40 AM Eastern Time, the following request(s) have been processed against your account:

Your AOL billing method has been updated to reflect the new payment information. You can make billing method change requests throughout your monthly billing cycle if you decide that a different payment method would better suit your needs. Please note however, that the billing method on record at 10:00 AM EST on your billing cycle date will be the one used to debit the monthly charge from your account."

I take that to mean that the plan on my account as of 2/19, which is the $7.95/month plan, would be what is charged. Instead, against my expressed consent, I was charged for both. It has cost a total of $315 in fees, as shown by the fax I have sent.

I don't think I am asking for much, only what was taken from me, and a reimbursement of the charges that it has cost me. AOL is a multi-million dollar company, and if they have to steal from their customers to line the pockets of their management team, what kind of company are they? I feel they have stolen from a single mother, and from young children.

I keep numerous blogs and am a part of various websites. AOL of all companies really should not underestimate the power of a person posting to websites. I will also using this to show employees at Sony how we as a corporation should not treat our customers. I may be only a second level customer service rep, but Sony has a direct open door policy, and management willing to use our experiences with other companies as teaching tools.

I don't like having to go through this. I would much rather be able to buy my daughter a nice gift and have her party. Instead, it will be just another day for her, and I will also have a bunch of other small children disappointed that I have to cancel her party.

Thank you for listening, and I hope you can forward this to someone in management that would be willing to do something about it. Again, I don't keep AOL because I have to. I keep it because I have had it so long, that I felt a reason to stay a customer. I am very quickly losing any loyalty I have. I will also be forwarding this to all AOL corporate email addresses that I can get my hands on, along with every website I can post to. I can not give up until I am reimbursed the $315 that the error by AOL has cost me.

As your employment website says "At AOL, we know the power of a single individual can make a world of difference." Please do not underestimate the power of this one individual.



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