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Company: 1800flowers.com

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1800flowers.com / Valentines’day 2006

My boyfriend ordered flowers for Valentine’s day on Feb/13 paying an extra charge to be delivered at my office the next day. I’ve never received them and my boyfriend hasn’t received any calls explaining what happened… When we called, 1800 flowers called the florist who said that they attempt to deliver Feb.14 and nobody was there (It is a lie) and the next day they redelivered and I signed. That is all a lie. We request the delivery signature but never got them as well. I’ve never signed anything and nobody at my office received them. It was also impossible to talk with somebody at 1800 flowers at that day, when I called, the automatic message asked to call later.. How can they have so poor customer service?

After sending an email complaining the only thing they did was to tell they would credit back my boyfriend’s card if he called requesting. AND it would take 3 to 5 days to have the credit back in this card. My boyfriend paid on Feb/13 and still haven’t received the credit (Feb.22). Imagine how many people are in this situation and they are having cash with no interest.

I advise you not to buy from 1800 flowers.com, mainly during holidays, if you expect great customer service.

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