Product Complaints or Lack Thereof

Posted on Thursday, February 2nd, 2006 at 5:59pm CST by bd29828a

Company: Product Complaints or Lack Thereof

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Wallmart Store/ Traverse City, Mi

Dear Sirs,

I am a recent person who has just moved from Monroe, Mi to Traverse City and i am appalled at the store here and quite upset as this was my favorite store to shop in in Monroe even though it was not a Super Wallmart.. The store was always well stocked with many many bargains and I spent at least $100.00/mo in this store just on things like pharmaceuticals, paper products, dry food ie cereals , not to mention I bought two computers a TV, a VCR and DVD Player at the Monroe Store. I alsopurchased clothing for myself and others and gifts especially at Xmas time...

This store in Traverse City is a travesty.. The shelves are not stocked with more than one or two items .. They have very few if any of the Wallmart brands of dry foods like Rice Cereal and everything , if they have it is in the smallest containers possible.. You can walk down isle after isle where ther is nothing on the shelves .. For example you may find 2 bottles[small] of Heinze Ketchup, or 2 bottles of Frenches Mustard..

To-day for example i went there and Coke Products where supposd to be on sale for 98 cents.. There was absolutely NO diet coke available except the caffiene free kind and only a couple of those.. Three employee's happened to be standing just in front of the display so I asked if one of them would go and get some Diet Coke, and they informed me that was not their job, but the venders, whom they stated was somewhere in the store but made no move to go and find him..

I wandered around the store for approximately a half hour repeatedly coming back to the Diet coke area to see if perhaps the Diet coke would appear, but it never did.. I saw employee's standing around in various places in the stoe , but most of them where doing nothing that i could see..

I normally would have spent around 80-100 for the things I needed but spent only $36.00 because not much of what i needed was available.. I informed the cashier that this store gets the Number One Prize for being the worst Wallmart Store I have ever been in..

Traverse City has a large number of people who do not make much money and I am sure your business here would increase greatly if only this store could measure up to the store in Monroe..

I am a senior on a fixed income and saving money means a lot to me, so I guess unless there is a drastic improvement in this store i will have to shop at Target or Save a Lot, or do like i did last month and make a 350 mile trip to Monroe..

I have been informed there is a SuperWallmart in Cadillac, Mi so maybe I will try there next time..

It is just a shame for a store like Wallmart to be in such disarray and lacking in just about everything you want...


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c458eec9, 2011-09-23, 12:46PM CDT

Hey, Margaret you spell it with one L not Walmart..

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