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Posted on Saturday, February 18th, 2006 at 7:00pm CST by ee9231d4

Company: Hampton Bay ceiling fan

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My Hampton Bay ceiling fan/lighting fixture is five years young. It has 5 lights, 4 on the sides and a globe in the center. It has 3-way lighting; I can have just the globe lit, or just the 4 on the outside, or all 5. Well, one afternoon when I pulled the chain to change the lighting, the chain fell right into my hand. Further investigation reveals that a plastic piece inside that switch casing broke (cheap plastic crap). There is no information regarding that piece, I don't know how to "use" the warranty (have to dismantle and send the whole fan???) and search after search at both Home Depot and Lowes...well, I can't find any 3-way ceiling LIGHT switches. It's a shame because it's a pretty nice looking fixture, but it's stuck on the one light only. I feel like I am stuck now.

Michele, Baltimore


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