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Posted on Saturday, February 18th, 2006 at 10:33pm CST by 8215a117

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I purchased a new GMC Yukon Denali 8 months ago. My new SUV came with standard all-season Goodyear Wrangler HP P265/70R17 tires. One chilly winter morning on my way to work, I heard an explosive sound and realized that my left rear tired had blown out. I was driving at high freeway speed (75 mph, the speed limit is 70) with other drivers driving at the same speed with not enough clearance in front and behind my vehicle. I saw smoke coming from the rear view mirror. I struggled to keep control of the vehicle while I also feared of a rear-end collision if I don't act fast. Realizing I am in an emergency situation, I gripped the steering wheel firmly, immediately hit the brakes, and made a sudden sharp turn on the shoulder. This sudden lateral shift and abrupt maneuver created a force that tilted the vehicle sideways (the two right tires - front & rear - were up on the air) for a couple of seconds. Since I knew I was at the first stage of an SUV rollover, I feared the worst – a single vehicle crash. The sharp turn on the shoulder led me to the freeway median (an open grassland with uneven pavement and soft soil). Thanks to the safety feature of my vehicle, the Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which uses sensors to detect when a driver is about to lose control of the vehicle and automatically intervenes to provide stability and maintain control during extreme steering maneuvers. Without even noticing the helping hand from this technically sophisticated system, I was able to regain control of the vehicle. After a brief moment, I felt my two right tires were back on level with the ground and the vehicle significantly reduced its power allowing me to safely stop the vehicle without rolling over. As for the blown out tire, it has been split in half. My SUV is equipped with tire pressure monitoring system that constantly checks the tire pressure on all four tires. Since the tire blew out in an explosive manner, it did not give me any warning. I talked to GMC about this incident and was seriously concerned of a tire manufacturer defect/failure. GMC stated they don’t make tires. I should take my case to Goodyear tires. There is much economic physical damage that resulted from this tire blow-out. The left inner fender well cover was damaged and created a hole (the size of a bullet) through the sheet metal. Also a rear body moulding was missing and damaged to left running board end cap. The rim on damaged tire needs to be spin-tested for balance and out of round road damage. The approximate damages to the vehicle are $4,000 - $5,000. And of course, emotional trauma.

Please post my complaint of this tire failure against Goodyear Tires.

Thank you,

Pamela/Sugar Zuniga


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2eb13334, 2010-02-27, 09:31PM CST

I once again, am still involved with this nightmare co, & yet another new problem.

I went in for a rotation, & a nail, in my tire, & was told, I no longer had Insurance to repair the hole, which turned out to be 2 nails...because even though my policy shows all locations....& doesn't state Insurance ends, with Manager in original store went oob.....& they charged this senior citizen on S.S. $52.06.

& to think the government wants to grow even bigger, when they don't handle the consumers now, with all the agencies available, the job never gets done.

I have written to the co. & will post the results,when I get it.

Anonymous, 2010-03-05, 04:19PM CST

I purchase a new dodge pickup with big horn package, I have blown 2 front tires on this truck in less than 30,000 miles, at 40,000 I had to stop at a pep boys tire to find out 3 out of were out of round we installed the spare on the front and put the worst one in the rack as a spare. Now at 50,000 I will have to purchase 4 new tires at the price of a round 800.00. When you drive slow it feels like your sitting in a rocking chair at 70 it vibrates so bad it feels like the wheels are coming off I have had 6 new dodges in the last twenty years and they all had good year wrangler on them and they were great but I will never buy another set. The dealer will not even recomend them as a posible replacement.

baa61c8c, 2010-05-16, 02:21PM CDT

I had problems with a noise coming from my engine that i was unsure what it was.they told me it could be the tire and filters and oil change turns out to come to over 2000.00 dollors and it still didnt fix the problem.i paid half in cash and half on there credit card.then i had to go to transmission shop that fix the problem and garantee fix my problem.i will never go to good year again and i still own on the credit card and i refuse to pay them anymore money for nothing.the tires popped already after 7 months and i had to go back to have it fixed and they said it was not covered under my warrenity i had to pay again to have it fixed. i very disppointed in them.and customer survices at the credit card services rfuse to refund any fees sying i got them so i should be happy to pay the bill even thou it did not fix my problem i went in there very unhappy!

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