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Posted on Thursday, February 16th, 2006 at 6:03pm CST by 8a81cd24

Company: SallieMae

Category: Unsolicited Phone Calls

I have been searching most of the day to find a way to stop harassing phone calls from a college/student loan company. SallieMae is the worst company to do your financial business with. I was a college student and had to drop out due to the sudden progression of multiple sclerosis. I am now unable to work and pay back these loans. Now I am receiving two or more phone calls per day from SallieMae. I have contacted an attorney who is taking care of the situation but I am still angry and frustrated at this company. This is a warning to anyone who needs a student loan. Find a better company than SallieMae.


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be894cf7, 2008-10-09, 02:20AM CDT

What lawyer did you find? I receive over ten calls a day and I am up-to-date with my payments, they just seem to find more and more loans.

f3140218, 2008-11-08, 11:44PM CST

Ask for a total permanent disability deferment and get the loan written off. Your situation must be upsetting, but if you would answer the phone and talk to the rep, you can get this resolved properly.

52c76062, 2011-11-01, 09:02PM CDT

I would like to know if there are any class action lawsuits out there against Sallie Mae at this time. I know there was a settlement in February 2010, but obviously it did not make Sallie Mae change their policies. I get up to 10 calls a day and have had Sallie Mae split payments between two seperate accounts making them both past due, rather than applying the payment to the indicated account. I am so frustrated! And the calls on my home phone and cell phone are excessive and unnecessary. Even when I pick up the phone and talk to the representative they call back multiple times the next day regardless of whether a payment was made! Any referrals to legal aide regarding this situation would be appreciated.

Patricia Kelleey, 2014-08-08, 11:37PM CDT

I won my disability case in 2012 and had alot of student loan debt and wrote it off due to my disabilities. Collections does not have to follow the DNC laws which is wrong. Since you are a customer of this company, they legally do not have to follow any calling laws. I used to do telemarketing for over 21 years and know most of the laws by heart. I hate collectors with a passion and still think they should have to follow the DNC laws and should not call if you tell them to stop. I used to work for MSI Research which closed in 2009 and we used to call people over and over and over even when we were told to not call. They used to call people up till 10:30 pm at night and hardly ever followed the DNC laws. I am sure someone turned them in and that is why they left Oregon where I live. I used to have to do crummy call center work in which people are fired constantly and they get tax breaks for firing people within 2 weeks. They do this all the time. Companies should have to pay taxes just like everyone else not call the IRS and get an exemption and tell them they cannot get good workers. I am sorry this is happening to you.

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