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Posted on Thursday, February 16th, 2006 at 8:06am CST by e64066c0

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To Whom it May concern,

I dropped Direct TV service in August 2005 due to a lack of HD programming on Direct TV and their additional $12 a month fee for a handful of channels. Comcast offers a wide range HD programming included in their programming without additonal charges. In August 2005 I was due a refund from Direct TV to the amount of $54.82 which was to be received in 4- 6 weeks.

Fast foward to February 2006 and I still have not received the refund and have spend countless hours on the phone and emailing Direct TV's customer service agents and supervisors. I was told I would have it in 4-6 weeks at least 3 times, 7-10 days another 10 times and have not received anything but monthly statements showing the credit due to me. I have kept detailed records of all the agents and supervisors I spoke with and took the liberty of recording many of these conversations, in their full knowledge, as they record me for "quality assurance purposes". This bolied over recently when a supervisor named Mellissa stated she would have this expedited to 7 days and call me back on February 14, 2006 to tell me the status of my refund. She gave me her word and ofcourse no call and no refund. I attempted to call her again on the 15th and they transfered me to a dead line that dropped the call. I called back and they said it would be an hour to get a supervisor. I tried emailing Direct TV one last time and got a response from another supervisor named Jeffrey who said it would take 7-10 days. This is not the way treat a very long standing customer and it has to raise questions about Direct TV's integrity and honesty. I'm forwarding this complaint all my local regulatory commissions and consumer advocacy groups. Additionally the local newspapers consumer advocates have copies as the local TV advocates as well. If I cannot get a simple refund then i will make sure that Direct TV is exposed for it's practices and hopefully spare someone else from the same aggravation I have been put through by Direct TV.


Allison Park, PA


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90f9ab77, 2008-01-23, 01:28PM CST

I'm in the same position. Did you get your refund? How? Please help.


fae8adbe, 2008-05-12, 10:49AM CDT

In Florida-

I have another type of complaint about Direct TV's unscrupulous business practices. I had been a long time customer who requested that their service be moved to my new home in another city. They insisted that I needed a new type of box which they sent. After 1 1/2 months of trying to get reliable reception I finally said forget it. They now are billing me for early disconnect! I have offered to send their boxes - they refuse. I have asked a local Direct TV installer to please take their equipment - he refused. I contacted the BBB but Direct TV refused to acknowledge the problem. They now have turned me into a collection agency because I refuse to pay an early disconnect fee for a service they couldn't provide in my new home. At a loss of what to do next.

54e91bee, 2008-09-05, 11:33AM CDT

I have had the same problem with direct tv.. I have been expecting a refund since June. Here it is September and I still have not received a dime. my refund was over $200!!!!!yes ever time you call, you get the same message, "IT IS BEING PROCESSED!!" How can the continue to get away with these practices?? This is crazy!!Why is it so hard to simply write a check and mail it.....

2bbe22bb, 2008-10-04, 09:54PM CDT

Direct TV are liars and petty thieves...except its not so petty anymore...they are violating the laws of the State of New York (and probably many other states) regarding refunds. If you add it all up they rake thousands of dollars from not refunding legitimate claims. Go to Rip or just search Direct TV Refund, and you will see how widespread their fraud is.

75e2ca12, 2008-11-21, 08:30PM CST

Direct TV is by far the worst company I have ever seen when it comes to refunds; almost worst than AOL and thats hard to do.

My wife and I dropped DTV not because of bad service or lack of programing. Quite on the contrary they have good service and a wide variety of programing and have had DTV since they began. We were moving to an appartment and were not able to recieve DTV programing.

When we canceled service we were told that our HD box had to be turned in to them of we would be charged 250 dollars but to avoid that they would send us a recovery kit that we would place the box in and send off to them. Well the kit never came and we called and we called to get this kit in the middle of the already hecktic move and still it never came. Well as you may have already guessed we were charged as promissed 250 big ones for not returning our HD box. Unbeliveable! When we called Customer Service we were routed to the most rudest person I have ever met, the guy spoke little to no english and had the nerve to hang up on my wife who was trying to get answers. Well this all started August 11th 2008 and it is now Novemeber 21st 2008 and still NO CHECK.

I belive the times of complaining are soon coming to and end in this country. You can report, sue, complain till you are blue in the face but unfortunately nothing will overcome this legalized thievery. And make no misstake it IS stealing, fine print or not. I have no pitty on these companies that will soon plunge in to and economic abyss of colapse. It is unfortuante for the ones who are forced to give rude and unjust explanations because of "company policy" but in the end it is company greed. Direct TV has become one of thousands of companies and organisations that will prey on you for all you have and hope that the time it takes to get off thier ass to do the right thing, you will just forget about it because you are so frustrated. DTV, I now see what your company is and stands for and I hope you rott.

9f9f14e6, 2009-10-07, 07:36PM CDT

IM in same boat as many americans with directv .I finally decided to contact local news media and expose them.Would love for 20/20 to get hold of this and play it out.I dont understand how the govt can continue to let this go on or are they getting a cut also.

Jody R., 2012-08-24, 05:08PM CDT

Me also refund 42.09 they even told me the check was mailed -- a week later still no check no they say it wasn't mailed been 2 months - they demand we pay interest if our payment is late so why shouldn't we receive interest on our money also... After I terminated service I received 25 calls demanding that I sign back up with Direct TV and why did I drop them, I politely explained and told them not call me again and that did not matter to them! Still receie the calls from them, luckily only 1 time a week now

c0c82c5d, 2014-11-29, 05:57AM CST


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