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b9d29fab, 2007-12-26, 10:52AM CST

I did not apply for for a subsciption but I got something on my email showing that my order #is 561900350 for Better Homes and Gardens for $12.00. I do not want this magazine. Please cancel! Kim Cable

bd21e67b, 2008-03-10, 03:42PM CDT

I have bill for $22.00 to be paid for Better Homes and Gardens Subscription. I must have clicked on a site to check it out... I did not want to order the magazine... Please do not send the magazine. I have not as yet received a copy of the magazine..Thank you, Sharon Halverson Account # 1163225962

02a2c3d4, 2008-04-10, 12:37PM CDT

i did not order this

better homes and gardens

do not send mag or bill

50f069e1, 2008-04-22, 03:21PM CDT

i had ordered the book and thought that was only one would be coming.. only wanted the one.. sent the others back and said return to sender.. don't want them at all.. didn't keep any of the books.. don't send me any more bills ..

Thanks Sheryl Ploenzke

4525892e, 2008-06-10, 04:21PM CDT

I recently made a mistake by choosing to do a survey online. Now Better Homes and Gardens is saying I ordered magazines from them. I did not. I have repeatedly sent them emails stating that I want this cancelled. I tried cancelling it online but was told I need a account number. I don't have a account number as I didn't order anything. I have been very ill lately and am at my whits end with these people. I am stunned at how hard they are making this. I just want to cancel a order that I didn't even make. Not sure where to turn now. What a unprofessional Company.

Anonymous, 2008-07-07, 04:50PM CDT

I did not order this magazine, and if i did by mistake, then please cancel my order. the account number is 1177729306.

79d3079f, 2008-07-09, 12:39PM CDT

I didn't realize I ordered the Better Homes. I do not want it and want it cancelled, PLEASE!!

29e85ec5, 2008-07-20, 07:17AM CDT

canel order

29e85ec5, 2008-07-20, 07:19AM CDT

canel order

e8abc0d8, 2008-07-21, 11:40PM CDT

Exactly, I too did the same thing and next thing I knew, I checked my mail and theres a bill statement saying the exact same thing. I did order any magazines!

e8abc0d8, 2008-07-21, 11:42PM CDT

Exactly, I too did the same thing and next thing I knew, I checked my mail and theres a bill statement saying the exact same thing. I didn't order any magazines!

9ee3a927, 2008-07-21, 02:12PM CDT

The samething has happened to me but I recieved the bill in the mail and I haven't ordered anything , I want this cancelled.

a59920e7, 2008-07-28, 04:00PM CDT

I agree with what u r saying, I was taking a survey and I didn't order anything but I just recieved a bill in the mail stating that I ordered better homes and gardens and I did no such thing. they r trying to bill me $22.00 for taking a survey??? what's up with this picture???? I didn't know by taking a survey they bill u when u didn't order anything? this is really bad. something has to be done about this. becki in michigan

cc85907d, 2008-08-28, 09:13AM CDT

I did not order the bhg magazine

this account# was given to me

1191960663 for payment. A magazine

came to my home and telling me

I ordered this magazine for

$22.88 for 24 issues billing

date 8/2/08. I didn't see a phone#

to call and cancel.

da4dcf35, 2008-10-25, 12:15PM CDT


0a47cd89, 2009-01-04, 10:02AM CST

my account #1200493326 for better homes and garden was never ordered by me. I only went on line to check out your site. You have scammed me and millions of others. I ended up sending you a check #1742 on 11/28/2008 to stop your past due bills. STOP SENDING THESE PAST DUES!!!!TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST,DO NOT SEND ME ANOTHER MAGAZINE ALTHOUGH I'VE PAID YOUR NO GOOD COMPANY!!! OR I WILL CALL BBB. This was the worst 5.99 i've ever been tricked into!

d5bf6bde, 2009-02-03, 04:09AM CST

i did not subscribe and received a bill in the mail. please cancell my subscription asap.

thank you

6b162b34, 2009-02-26, 10:25AM CST

please cancel my order. my account number is - 1231022615 I just checked out the sweepstakes then vuahla a bill for $20.00.

390a3ba0, 2009-06-22, 12:55PM CDT

I have not ordered or subscribed to anything!!!!!!!! So why do i have a bill for $23.54??? Do not send me any Better Homes and Gardens magazines because i did not agree to pay for them so cancel my supposed order PLEASE!!! Account number 1243671912. Thank you.

240d57d6, 2009-06-22, 08:34PM CDT

I got this bill in my mail for $23.32

I didn't agree to buy anything from BHG so can you please take me off your records because I am not interested in buying any of the magazines.

My account nr is 1249726785.

5893345a, 2009-06-30, 09:52AM CDT

Please cancel my order, I did not intend on ordering BHG. I have returned letters saying cancel but continue to get bills. Please stop. Thanks

H Smith

9cc2f09d, 2009-07-06, 07:43AM CDT

I am Canceling my order please do not send to me. Burnice Thomas Order Number: 6889C72AF Thank you for canceling my order.

590b980a, 2009-07-27, 06:08PM CDT

I never in any way reordered BHG. How can you justify billing me in this manner? Please stop sending the magazine and STOP BILLING ME!

238c488a, 2009-07-29, 10:37AM CDT

i have not ordered another 12 months BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS MY LAST ORDER WAS 7/15/08 FOR 12 MONTHS MY ACCOUNT NO, IS 1191669744 THANK YOU PATTY KEY

861f1daf, 2009-08-01, 05:59PM CDT

I don't know who got my e-mail address but I wish to cancel since I did not order anything. Thank you very much.

Dawne Latter

0cbf0698, 2009-08-04, 03:13PM CDT

I have no ordered or subscribed to anything. Why do I have a bill$20.00? Please do not send me any Better Homes and Gardens magasizes because I did not agree to pay for them so cancel my supposed order. Account number 1255419291. Thank you

06ae2998, 2009-08-24, 11:51AM CDT

I too have rec'd a bill for $22.00 for BHG magazine subscription that I did not request, nor have I rec'd any BHG magazines. This address is my work, which is a public school. Would not order this particular magazine for a group of middle schoolers.

917bb3fd, 2009-11-04, 11:39AM CST

I did not voluntarily renew this. If I chose to renew, I do not want to pay $12.00. I have had my membership for a long time & want a better rate. Most of all, I WANT the option to renew; it's not the Magazine's choice, it's mine. Therefore, my account is NOT OVERDUE. Thank you.

Mrs. Schoenecker

917bb3fd, 2009-11-04, 11:41AM CST

I did not voluntarily renew this. If I chose to renew, I do not want to pay $12.00. I have had my membership for a long time & want a better rate. Most of all, I WANT the option to renew; it's not the Magazine's choice, it's mine. Therefore, my account is NOT OVERDUE. Thank you.

Mrs. Schoenecker

85d4756c, 2009-11-14, 03:42PM CST


8a7ed5aa, 2009-11-23, 03:31PM CST

I have sent back a bill marked "cancel my subscription" 2 months ago. I've since received two more bills, the last one marked overdue. PLEASE cancel my subscription. Thank you.

7171e8a0, 2010-04-28, 05:55PM CDT

I got an e-mail sent to an old e-mail address saying I ordered something when I didn't and replied back to them and hopefully something can be done.

f18236b8, 2010-06-01, 08:56AM CDT

after multiple trys mag still will not cancell who do I have to sue?

484d2e7e, 2010-08-30, 05:53PM CDT

Hi: I keep getting a bill in the mail for an order on yur magazine that i never ordered and i never got any magazines from you and i am not paying for something i didn't get or ordered. Thank you Diane Bennett.

2bedaad9, 2010-11-20, 05:42PM CST

I have sent several invoices back saying "PLEASE CANCEL". Please do not send me any more bills.

291aa70e, 2010-11-22, 07:31PM CST

I received an online survey from BHG which I completed. I ALREADY HAVE a PAID SUBSCRIPTION FOR ONE YEAR, WHICH HAS NOT EXPIRED. Now, I am receiving bills for a 3 YEAR subscription at a HIGHER rate than I am offered for THREE subscriptions!!! I have REPEATEDLY RESPONDED THAT I DO NOT WANT ADDITIONAL ISSUES BEYOND THE ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION I ALREADY HAVE by mail- directly to the billing center. Today, I received a THREATENING PAST DUE NOTICE--FOR SOMETHING I DID NOT ORDER. I have not received my full year of my paid subscription. When it ends- DO NOT SEND ME FURTHER ISSUES!!!I ordered the original 1 year subscription freely-Tricking me into additional issues wasn't necessary. However,I will no longer continue to do business with BHG or subsideraries.

4d6763c1, 2011-01-31, 01:30PM CST

I keep getting bills from you and I did not renew my subscription.I even sent one back to you marked CANCEL. STILL getting bills. account # 1283088571 I'm sick of getting all these bills!!! I wouldn't order your mag if it was the only one in the country.

b8d065f0, 2011-02-02, 03:37PM CST

I thought I returned a card that said if I did NOT want to renew my subscrition for 2011, send card & they would not waste sending me reminder notices - thught that was a great idea to save money & time for BHG. Instead I now see that you are sendfin me past due notices. I have received Jan. issue, but do not wish to receive any more. PLEASE CANCEL.#1283137741

106ec14f, 2011-02-03, 08:03AM CST

My account 0690702006 was canceled long ago (twice returned in the mail marked "CANCEL" and you kept sending the magazine. I do NOT want Better Homes and Gardens!!!!! I will not pay for magazines I did not order and were canceled.

34881fb7, 2011-02-08, 10:11AM CST

I did not subscribe to another year of your magazine. Cancel my order and please do not send me another bill.

a3f92b2e, 2011-06-14, 03:05PM CDT

Please cancel my order for Better Homes and Gardens

feed1d71, 2011-06-23, 02:30PM CDT

I have ordered anything from yousomeone named latoya haynes is using my email address order 78e794bed 78dd12d30 are boggus

98cc5751, 2011-06-27, 06:38PM CDT

I did not order any magazines from BHG. I got a bill for $22.00. Cancel my account, lose my name and information of my personal information. Thank you

04cbd3a7, 2011-08-09, 05:38PM CDT

please cancel my account#1307506343,thank you for magazine, but i dont want the magazine.

04cbd3a7, 2011-08-30, 03:39PM CDT

my name is iris johnson my account number 1307506343,i want to cancel my subcrition with better homes and gardens magazine,and i still get a bill. thank you

d6eed4d2, 2011-10-18, 04:54PM CDT

034-0332019 ED AZ-BZ BHG1138065048/5# Please cancel out my existing subscription

1a6017c0, 2011-12-16, 02:18PM CST

REMOVE my name and my daughter's name from your magazine subscriptions-1)Virginia Dulzer and Rene Wells,we do NOT WANT TO REORDER.

7c66d350, 2012-05-12, 04:23PM CDT

I did not order any of your products or magazines. Please remove my name from your mailing lists or email lists

c5272c6e, 2012-05-31, 07:42AM CDT

Please cancell this order.....I never placed it.

Order number 81afffeb4

do not ship to:

Maryfrances Nojaim

272 Cazenovia street

East Aurora,NY 14052

joseph m., 2013-01-15, 06:44PM CST

cancel order #BHG0381019256/8# OCT 16. I no longer want this magazine as my wife already receives one. Thank-you.

bd117da3, 2013-03-20, 03:42PM CDT

Please cancel my subscription. Thank you.

1af6a241, 2015-01-28, 12:34PM CST

I did not renew my subscription to Better Homes and Gardens. The account number is 1215790294. Please cancel as I do not wish to receive it any longer and I shall not pay for it.

Thank You,

Cindy Thomas

Sharon W., 2013-09-13, 03:58PM CDT

I did not renew my subscription. I have not received the magazine since April. Today I received the magazine and appears to be good until Sept 2015. I did not renew the subscription and do NOT want the magazine or be billed. Please cancel this order. Sharon Wilson

1cb23f09, 2014-06-02, 02:05PM CDT

I did not order, I never placed it, order# 44fa420e3.

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