Posted on Wednesday, February 15th, 2006 at 10:10am CST by 4d3963cf

Company: 1800flowers

Category: Other

Please...everyone out there heed my warning about 1800Flowers. They are horrible. Their customer service might be...no it is definitely the worst I've ever experienced. I ordered roses for my girlfriend to be delivered on Valentine's Day. After I placed the order I called back a few minutes later to change the rose color. I was told that it would be difficult to make the change because the order was already submitted to the local florist in my area. I asked her to find out ASAP because I absolutely didn't want my girlfriend to get the original order and I would need to cancel and get the roses somewhere else. They told me they would contact the florist and get back to me. Well, I never heard from them so I called back and explained everything AGAIN to another person who said not to worry about it because she was 80% sure the correct flowers would be delivered. She also said that the first person I spoke with never contacted the florist like she said she would. I decided to take my chances and see what happens. Well not only did she not get the correct flowers, she didn't get ANY flowers but 1800flowers still charged my debit card. I've now spent almost an entire day trying to get a refund but their 1-800 number just says they are too busy to take anymore calls and hangs up. I also tried e-mailing them but I got the same message that they were too busy. I finally tried their on-line customer service chat but there were over 1,000 other P-off people ahead of me. When I log onto their site to track the order it states that they don't even have a record of it and that I haven't placed any order in over 45 days! I guess I'll have to get a hold of my bank and have them try and recover the money. Stay away from 1800flowers. They suk!


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