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I made the big mistake of ordering flowers from 1800-flowers.com. They were for Valentines for my girlfriend, I have never ordered from the internet before I have a florist I have gone to for the past 4 years, but I figured it would make things easier. I was Very Very wrong this is what I ordered:

Turn any February day into a magnificent celebration with this blushing bouquet. Romantic roses, breathtaking Peruvian lilies, sweet mini carnations and more—in every glorious shade of pink—are arranged by our florists in a beautiful pastel vase for a truly unforgettable gift that will have them smiling all month long. Components may vary. Approximately 20"H x 16"D.

I got 6 burnt pink roses 2 of which were broken & 6 dried out what are supposed to be peruvian lilies.no mini sweet carnations in a 99. cent looking oversized plain clear vase. The most sadest arrangement I have ever seen in my life I almost had a Heart Attack. It was Feb 13th 8 p.m. & nothing left worth giving my Girlfriend left in the Flower Shops we have in my very small town. I truly hope the pictures can be shown on this site.

After I regained my composure I called it took me over an hour to get a hold of someone. I got to admit she was very helpful but the only problem was she could only take new orders & not help me with my problem. She did try for about 20 mins, but no matter what she tried to do the flowers that were "available" could not be delivered by the next day & possibly could be delivered by the 15th. She asked a supervisor for help & when she did she was instructed to send me to a customer service rep since she was a "Gift Advisor" not a "customer service rep. She apologized & tried to find a way to connect me & again she was told to just do a cold transfer. She then told me what she had to do & told me the approximate wait time was 2 hours. I decided I would call back very early in the morning 4 a.m.to be exact. When I did cal the pervious rep did note my account but the new rep was asking if there was any way I could make what I had work even siad I should try to get a smaller vase. After I stopped laughing I just asked for my money back. She said she could have a new arrangement by the next day defeating the purpose of Valentines Day Flowers. I told her no I wanted my money back she offered discount promo's on future purchases (Never Again) I finally got her to agree to give me my money back & I asked where do I send the lousy arrangement back she not to worry to keep them & I could probably make them work for me. What nerve I swear never again will I purchase flowers on-line. All I can say is buyer beware


7d72c908, 2008-05-13, 09:27PM CDT

I ordered flowers to be delivered on mothers day from 1800flowers. I made two orders but one was not delivered. It was supposed to be delivered on Sunday May 11th. Today Tuesday May 13th I checked my e-mail to make sure the delivery confirmation had arrived, but it did not. I contacted 1800flowers to find out what was going on. They told me that on Sunday the delivery truck was in an accident and the flowers were never delivered. They said they would be crediting my account. My problem with this is that I was never contacted, even though they had my phone numbers and e-mail address. I would never have known these flowers were not delivered! I asked to speak to a manager who told me there was nothing else they could do for me. I said I felt 1800flowers should deliver these flowers free of charge because of their failure to even contact me! They said that was not possible. Then the manager lied and said "I have a note that says you didn't want the flowers delivered anyway"! That was completely untrue, and I have no idea where he could have even gotten that information considering the fact that the last time I had spoken to someone from 1800flowers had been to place my order!!! These were supposed to go to my step-mother who was extremely hurt that she did not receive anything for mothers day from me. This caused a very uncomfortable family situation and 1800flowers did absolutely nothing to compensate me for their mistake!

2fc699a9, 2009-09-16, 01:12PM CDT

I couldn't figure out why I had a charge on a seldom used CC. I was out of town and I had my secretary order flowers for my wife. As a result of buying flowers through 1-800-flowers I have a recurring monthly charge on my credit card. Either 1-800-flowers is in bed with a scam company or they gave my credit card info to a company called TLG Livewell; in either case my credit card has been charged for $38.99 per month without my knowledge. When I called the number next to this phantom charge on my credit card bill to complain to (1-800-793-2318 Live Well?) th eperson who answred told me that they would only refund $17.00 of the $38.99 charge (WTF?). STAY away from 800-FLOWERS.

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