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Posted on Wednesday, February 15th, 2006 at 8:58am CST by c5ad742f

Company: 1-800 Flowers

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1-800 Flowers, or flowers.com (whichever you used) was a complete sham. I ordered a bouquet of flowers near the end of Jan. and PAID EXTRA to have them there by Valentines Day, only they haven't shown up! I have been trying to call the Customer Service line and instead of letting you wait on hold, they give you a busy signal and tell you to go to their website. I go to there website at 8:50 am on Feb. 15th, the day after the flowers were supposed to be there, and I have to wait in line! The Chat Room shows that I am number 471 in queue (in the smallest most indescreet font at the bottom of their website). I have been watching that number at the bottom of this screen decline throughout the day and it is 9:54 am (one hour after I started) and I am number 380 in queue.

It is apparent that this company does not have any interest in helping customers. I would wager that when these flowers do show up, the flowers will look like they have been thrown around in a box for four days. My local florist could have done this job ten times better on shorter notice and it probably would have cost less.

I can't wait to hear from you. Good news though, i am number 374, I've moved up three spots since I started writing this email. Your company is a waist of my time, you should be ashamed.


Colin Robertson

Annapolis, MD


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