Teleflora - Failed to deliver flowers as promised

Posted on Tuesday, February 14th, 2006 at 10:53am CST by f3a06abb

Company: Teleflora - Failed to deliver flowers as promised

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I placed an order on 2/3/2006 for Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements with, the online flower store, to be delivered on 2/13/06. But as of 5pm on 2/13/2006, the flower has not been delivered. And my credit card has already has been charged for $82.93.

I called the Teleflora customer service at 800-835-3356. After being on hold for 20 min, I kept getting transfer around by the customer service rep. saying they do not handle order tracking inquiry and needed to switch me to another department. So I had to wait in line again from the very end for at least another 10 – 15 min. Of the 2 or 3 customer service reps who received my call, no one was willing to listen to my situation and help me.

Finally after on hold on the telephone for over 30 min, one rep. finally listen to my problem and said he needed to forward the information to its order department to investigate. I asked the rep. to simply give me the phone number of the local florist who is supposed to handle my order and I’ll find out what happened for my self. He said it’s impossible because he does not have that information available. What kind of customer support is this if the company who took my money for my order can not even tell me who is supposed to deliver my order? He then said if the flower did not get delivered on 2/13/06, can it be delivered the next day or so on. I told them what’s the point of delivering Valentine’s Day flower if it arrived AFTER Valentine’s Day.

Today is Valentines Day and I asked the flower to be delivered on 2/13/2006 because I wanted to surprise my wife. Now the surprise is gone because the flower did not come on time and she already knew about the flower because I was on the phone for over half an hour yesterday. I am not sure if the flower will ever be delivered. It might be too late for me to get a replacement on Valentine’s Day. The company has totally ruined my Valentine’s Day. Most husbands know what kind of trouble they will be in if they came home empty handed on Valentine’s Day. The worse thing is that this company can not even tell me the status of my order or where exactly my order is when I called their customer support department.

I think I will fight for the charges on my credit card since the flower never has been delivered as promised. At the very least I wanted to get my $10.99 service fee back since this company’s service is horrible.


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