Orbit 3/4 Electric Sprinkler Valves, Model 57223

Posted on Tuesday, February 14th, 2006 at 11:15am CST by 2da16df0

Company: Orbit 3/4 Electric Sprinkler Valves, Model 57223

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I recently upgraded my sprinkler system and wanted to get some automatic valves for it that weren’t too expensive but still did the job. I settled on the Orbit Model 57223, as they were readily available at the local Lowe’s and Home Depot and appeared to be well made.

Was I ever in for a nasty surprise! I purchased nine 57223s for $10.99 each (even went 20 miles out of the way to get them as the local Lowe’s was out and the Home Depot nearby was a few bucks more for each valve, so I went to the Lowe’s in Fontana to get them.) Happy to have “saved some money,” I went to work on my valve upgrade.

It wasn’t until I had the whole system together when I realized that four of the valves did not work correctly. Most of them would open under electric control but not manual control, one would not open under either, and some would “surge” for a few minutes while attempting to open. Strangely, the ones that were working worked just fine. My water pressure is 75-80 psi, which is within the range specified in the valve instructions.

I opened three of the non-working valves and could find nothing wrong. No dirt, nothing out of place. However, after re-assembly, they still would not work properly.

I thought about returning the valves and starting over, but by then I had way too much labor invested in the system to feel up to that. I contacted Orbit through their web site for advice, and predictably received no reply.

I am leaving the system as-is for now (except I am replacing the valve that won’t work at all with a different brand) and will never purchase another Orbit sprinkler product for as long as I live. They make a poor quality, unreliable product, and don’t back it up with any sort of customer service. I am going to write to Lowe’s and Home Depot to let them know about my experience. It just doesn’t seem right for a company to produce such a lousy valve and get away with it!


San Bernardino, CA


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589febb1, 2008-03-21, 09:48PM CDT

I have to agree fully with Douglas from San Bernardino, Calif. I too replaced my entire sprinkler system last spring with all orbit products. What a mistake that was.

Every one of the 7 polly pipe connectors leaked, even after tripple clamping them. After weeks of e-mails and being told by customer service that I didn't know how to install a system i was finally offered a deal. Send in all the leaking adapters and then the compant would send me 7 more of exactly the same thing. I'd alread found out that the company knew there was a defect but rather than recall all the defective parts they did nothing. I was told thought that a new design was being tooled and would be avilable in several months if i wanted to wait for some of those. Yah, right!

So, with little else to do, I Mickey Moused my entire system with several adapters and PVC materials and alas using the standard grey polly adapters that have been on the market for years, and guess what? Not a single leak.

Now this year a new problem. A cracked valve that I cannot get a replacement for. If as I did, you buy a manifold Kit, the only way to replace a defective valve, is to buy at minimum, a $56.00 tripple manifold system, just to get one valve replaced. Great marketing! Shoulda bought one of those tractor sprinklers. At least my lawn would be green and I wouldn't have wasted hundreds of dollars and hours and hours of flustrating work and time with no results.

361ad696, 2010-02-24, 01:45PM CST

I too have had a number of issues. The orbit valves that I placed at my home were problematic. 1 didnt work from ther home depot in Corona, ca so I exchanged it. After about 3 months, 2 of the 4 are constantly leaking and now I need to redo the entire thing with new control valves. I also have 2 of them that have the manual plastic valve that has broken off after using a couple of times. These are super cheap and horrible!

f445e061, 2010-04-30, 11:24AM CDT

I too bought the same valves (4) I got them to work. But after two weeks the problems started. I had to dissmantle two of them. Under the Diaphram there is a red 'O'Ring that was broken. I removed it, put it back together and it is working, minus the 'O' Ring. I am not sure what it is for but it is working without it.

b0ae801a, 2010-07-19, 02:48PM CDT

I recently had the problem where after several years the valve would not open automatically or manually. After much problem solving I finally unscrewed the solenoid slightly (with the controller on) and it started to work. I did this on two valves. On one it leaked around the solenoid so I gently rapped the white seat to lower it. It is now working.

be3d0284, 2014-05-02, 12:45AM CDT

I have the 3 valve manifold unit. Worked great for a year and now they will not turn on because the voltage drops to 22 volts. It needs to be above 25. After I turn them on Manually the voltage goes up to 25 and it will turn off when it needs to. Why does the voltage drop to turn it on? I have replaced the solenoid's and it still does not work.

What do I do now other that replace it with a non=orbit system.

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