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Posted on Tuesday, February 14th, 2006 at 10:24am CST by d274c82a

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Mitsubishi Motors Credit of America

Cypress, CA

I have been a customer of Mitsubishi Motors Credit of America (MMCA) since September of 2002, and up until this past December (December 2005) I have had no problems. To be more accurate I would have to say the problem originated around July 2005.

I was going through a divorce at the time and was getting monthly credit updates from free credit report dot com (and I still am thankfully). As my divorce was progressively getting messier and messier, I was keeping a very close eye on my credit. Therefore when my MMCA loan disappeared from my report I was very alarmed and immediately called them. The customer service rep told me that they had outsourced some accounts and that there was no problem with my loan. I then told the service rep that I made epayments through my bank, Bank of America (BOA), and asked her if I would have any problem continuing to do that. She assured me that I would be fine and could continue making my payments through BOA just as I had been. I sent the next payment through the mail, but then figuring it was safe I began making my payments through BOA again. MMCA successfully processed my September, October, and November payments. December was a different story.

I made my December payment as normal, and MMCA seemed to process it as normal. But then on December 19th I was called by a horribly rude representative from India who demanded to know why MMCA had not received my payment. I thought this was a bit abrupt given that my payment is due on the 11th, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt anyways. I told her not only had they received my payment but I also had a confirmation number, check number, and date of processing (BOA has its downfalls but the epay department is not one of them). The MMCA customer service representative did not become any more pleasant after that, so I told her that I was gong to call my bank and then I would call MMCA back. I called the BOA epay department and they ran a three-way call with them, MMCA, and me. The new MMCA customer rep, Dawn, was very nice and told BOA that they had changed my account number and that is why the payment had gone missing. The payment apparently had been sent to an SST bank a

ccount when it should have gone to an MMCA bank account. Dawn and the BOA representative cleared up the account number problem and then Dawn told the BOA rep where to fax the copy of the canceled check that MMCA had processed and returned to BOA. The BOA representation then faxed it, and I thought everything was going to be fine.

Eight days later on December 27th I got a phone call from MMCA saying that they still had not received the fax copy of the check. I found that odd, given that it was faxed while I was on the phone, but I called BOA anyways. BOA confirmed that the fax had been sent. However, they dutifully contacted MMCA again and faxed them a second copy of the check to the attn. of the specified department (notably a different department than the previous fax had been sent to). BOA called MMCA back to make sure they had received it. I called BOA and MMCA to doubly confirm that the fax had been sent and received. I then relaxed thinking that this situation was finally resolved.

Early the next morning (8 AM on December 28th), I received a phone call from MMCA to tell me that I was delinquent in my payment. Needless to say I was quite unhappy that I was receiving a phone call at all, let alone one in the early morning (I am a student). I first told the customer service rep that they needed to read the notes on the account and that I was in no way delinquent, MMCA had cashed my bank's check and lost it. I also informed him that MMCA was to never call me before 10 AM. This was the first of many calls with the same script.

MMCA would call about every-other day with their auto-dialer, and, despite my requests, the calls often came in the early morning. I would patiently (and admittedly sometimes not so patiently) explain to the customer service rep that they needed to read the notes before they talked to me so that we could have a semi-intelligent conversation. Sometimes we never did. In one instance when I insisted that my account was not delinquent, a customer service rep went off on me, telling me that my car still belonged to them and that they would repossess it. (I must note here not only has MMCA received and cashed all payments from me, my bank and I have given them proof of it... twice).

These calls were happening several times a week, but nothing was getting better. I was still getting the same old answer that accounting was processing the correction to my account. However, no one could tell me who was in charge of my account or who was working on it. By mid-January I was contacting them. I even arranged another three-way call with BOA and an MMCA supervisor. The BOA rep and I both asked if there was anything, anything at all that we could do to make things work faster. MMCA said no, all we could do was wait. The BOA representative even asked the MMCA supervisor why, since they had the proof of payment, couldn?t they credit my account and sort the misplaced payment out internally. The MMCA supervisor said that that was out of her control. When asked why it was taking so long to process my account the MMCA supervisor said that it was because MMCA was still processing Katrina deferment requests. Although this is a noble thing, I am not sure that this is a val

id reason they cannot look at fax copy of the check, see that they have cashed my payment, credit my account, and sort it out internally. BOA also brought up the subject of credit reporting with MMCA and MMCA assured both BOA and me that anything that was wrongly reported would be completely removed from my record after this was all over.

After a month of MMCA reassuring me that everything was moving along as it was supposed to, I received a call from MMCA?s accounts receivable department, seeming to say that they were finally processing my account. Overjoyed, I thanked them, and because I suddenly stopped receiving phone calls I believed that everything was taken care of. I called back a week later to check up on things, and was given the name and extension of the supervisor supposedly in charge of my account, Elderidge. I left him a message to get back to me. I never heard from him. However, I did hear from another supervisor the following week.

Supervisor, Mario Gonzales called and left a strange message and an unfamiliar phone number. I called MMCA to confirm that he was who he said he was, and then contacted him. Because I was at a conference in Montana, we played phone tag. Finally yesterday (February 13, 2006) I got a hold of him, and he asked me if I could resend the fax copy of the canceled check. MMCA had lost it again, and I now realized that I had been lied to almost every day for the past month and a half. I lectured him on losing the check and demanded to know how it happened and why I had been lied to. He was evasive and non-committal. I eventually gave-up trying to get answers from him and did another three way call with BOA and they faxed him another copy of the check. I then told Mr. Gonzales that I would call him back in the afternoon to confirm the fax. I called back four times leaving increasingly urgent messages, he didn?t get back. In the middle of all this I got a notice from my credit reporti

ng service.

I didn?t entirely trust MMCA to expunged any false credit reports, and since a payment that is 30 days late can be reported to a credit agency, I made sure that I paid the January payment on time and that I paid the February payment early. Unfortunately, thinking about it later I figured that, if my January payment was on time, in MMCA's uncorrected system it counted as a December payment that was 31 days late. So I miscalculated that one. However, when I received my monthly credit report, not only was my December payment listed as over 30 days late but my January payment was as well. Even more disturbing than this was the fact that the late December payment was reported on the 1/1/2006 and the late January payment reported on 1/31/2006, 30 days from each other but only 21 and 20 days respectively from the payments due dates. In other words MMCA was reporting payments that were 20 and 21 days late as being 30 days late. I am still trying to figure this out. I brought it up w

ith Mr. Gonzales. He vaguely said that he would check into it, and when I pressed the issue he simply stopped talking. I said I would call him back later and address it. As I said earlier I called back and never got a response.

This morning, February 14, 2006, I contacted Mr. Gonzales again. I left another message stating that since he wasn't answering his phone or returning my phone calls, I was going to get a hold of another supervisor. It took five phone calls and 45 minutes, but finally I was able to get a hold of a supervisor, strangely enough it was Elderidge. Elderidge assured me that they had the fax, that the fax had gone to accounting for research, that if everything checked out my credit report would indeed be expunged, and that the corrections on my account should be done by Friday. As reassuring as this sounds, I've heard almost all of it before. As for MMCA's credit reporting practices, Elderidge said that he didn't have the information on that and could not get me in touch with anyone who did.

I hope all of this can be resolved by Friday. However, due to the events of the past two months, the lying, the suspicious credit reporting, and the general realization that after 2 months of "work" they have done nothing to fix my account, I have decided to take action. Because of past experiences with Verizon Wireless, I have kept a record of phone calls, phone call content, and the names of the people I have talked to. I have requested my account notes from MMCA and BOA. I am filing reports with the FTC and any other relevant consumer advocacy group I can find. Also if my account is not fixed by Friday as I have been promised multiple times, I will be contacting a lawyer. I really want MMCA to fix my account and remove the false credit reports as they promised. I have done every they have asked me to do and everything that I can possibly think of to resolve this issue. However, now, based on their previous deceitful and unproductive behavior, I am not hopeful that this pr

oblem will be resolved without further delay and hassle.

I have looked through those who have complained about MMCA on this site before me, if they or anyone else who has MMCA complaints or questions regarding my problem, please contact me. I am curious just how many other people out there are dissatisfied with MMCA.

Caroline M.


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