Jacob clothing/poor customer service

Posted on Sunday, February 12th, 2006 at 7:05pm CST by 74ae2666

Company: Jacob clothing/poor customer service

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Jacob at Metrotown Centre, Burnaby, BC

Dear Complaints.com:

This is just to inform the public of the horrible customer service I have experienced. The employees at the Jacob in Metrotown Centre are extremely rude, in particular this one woman which may have ACTUALLY been the manager, BREE MATHESON. One of the clothing items I wanted to purchase was missing a button. It was basically broken off the clothing. The woman helping me with the item said that I could get a 5% discount off the price (which is not a very generous discount to begin with). I then went to the checkout counter and told Bree Matheson this and she absolutely refused to give me any discount and she was INCREDIBLY RUDE, arrogant and unfriendly (to say the least). She had a snobby aura about her. How does a person with absolutely no social etiquette whatsoever work in customer service/retail? Absolutely pathetic! Humorously, I would have only saved $2.00 which is hardly anything! However, I am complaining for the principle of the matter! By giving me the discount would have cost the company 2 bucks! But by having such horrible customer service will have lost them a customer and not only that; when you piss off one customer you will lose many more customers. DO NOT shop at the JACOB in METROTOWN! Remember, this woman’s name is BREE MATHESON! She’s horrible and rude!


1ff7ce10, 2009-10-29, 09:19PM CDT

This girl named Kim was the biggest c***t ever!

She should be fired, she is manager at Jacob's in metrotown mall, Burnaby.

She was horrible and will like to see her fired. These type of people should never be working if they are going to be so rude!

J D., 2013-02-20, 10:54PM CST

YES please don't shop at Jacobs Metrotown, I've had a bad experience with ROSY, today, the current Jacobs manager. I had purchased a skirt from Jacobs Oakridge, I had found another skirt from another store that suited my figure better, i didn't have time to return the item at Oakridge mall so i decided to go to Metrotown since it was convenient for me. The tags on the skirt were still ATTACHED and so was the original receipt in the same bag I bought it in. She refused to take my return and accused me of wearing the skirt and then made me read out the return policy on the back of the receipt!! before i bought it, i had tried it on in the fitting room and was not that satisfied, so yes it has been worn IN YOUR STORE! She then said that she could not put it back on the racks but offered me a exchange or store credit, how does that make any sense? what are you going to do with my skirt anyway? ever heard of a thing called a steamer? long story short she told me to go back to the store i bought it at and to return it there, i told her i did not have anytime because i leave on vacation in a few days, she did not care about anything that came out of my mouth. a no was a no! SHE was VERY RUDE and arrogant. I cannot believe Jacobs has put unprofessional people that dont know anything about customer service on their front lines to represent Jacobs. I am in sales and in retail throughout the lower mainland as a demonstration AND BELIEVE ME everyone will be hearing what ROSY has said and done to me! UNBELIEVABLE, i will never shop at Jacobs every again and

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