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Posted on Sunday, February 12th, 2006 at 10:39pm CST by eb321c22

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We purchased a 1993 GMC Jimmy in November of 2003 from a place called "Quick Auto" here in Toledo,OH. They financed us through Heritage Acceptance Corp. "Quick auto" was a buy here/pay here place which we were using to build my husband's credit. In November of 2005 we were sent a letter stating that the local "Quick auto" was closing and that we would have to mail our payments in every week to Heritage. We sent them money orders that they claim not to have gotten, even though they were cashed. We got a call on February 9, 2006 stating that we were 24 days behind and that unless we gave them our bank account info (Something we refused to do since the company refused to give us any names of supervisors) or we could Western Union the money or we could buy a prepaid debit card. Before I could tell this woman who claimed to be a supervisor that I had the reciepts for the money orders she started screaming at me and telling me that the vehicle would be repossessed on February 13, 2006. I was mad because we had paid by money order and she said that they would no longer accept money orders or payments by mail. I had mailed out a money order the weekend prior to this call so I assumed it would not be accepted. (They cashed it on Feb 11 by the way) So to avoid any fees until I could contact the money order place we mailed out three weeks of payments by cashier's check through our credit union on February 9. I put tracking on it requiring a signature. They refused to sign for it. I am at my wit's end wondering how to legally handle this. Our lawyer's free advice said that they could not refuse cashier's checks or money orders but she said on the phone that they could.

Willie and Jennifer Noles


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7a70cdcc, 2008-01-22, 08:48PM CST

oh, I understand what these people are going through. I purchased a mobile home from them. every month my payment goes up. due to someother charge like taxes. I have been cused out by a lady named Angie King, I have had it with this company the next step is a lawsuit.


597fcd92, 2008-05-06, 11:49AM CDT

i know what you are going thru. We just bought a vehicle and they are doing the same to us.. We go into quick auto to make the payment and herritage is stating that they never recived it... I have no idea what to do next... do you have any advice

db95cd65, 2008-07-21, 01:26PM CDT

I too am going through a bunch of mess with Heritage Acceptance. This woman has been calling me and everyone else on the reference list and getting pretty nasty about it too. I was also told that money orders would not be accepted and that I had to use Western Union or MoneyGram -- it is enough that my payments are every two weeks now they want me to add a $12 fee on top of that...I too have been told that they can not refuse money orders -- I would like to see this in writing but trying to get that if like getting blood from a rock.

ec6165c8, 2008-10-19, 01:42AM CDT

Exact same problem. We pay Quick Auto and Heritage harrasses us about late or not received payments. They are supposed to be building credit and they destroy it. They need to be taken down.

bd6b5573, 2008-11-13, 01:02PM CST

i have been through this as well what can be done???????

04477ea9, 2009-01-19, 08:13AM CST

I have personally never dealt with a company like Heritage before. They are the rudest company and the biggest liars I have ever had to deal with!

ef7cc468, 2009-01-21, 07:39AM CST

I have been called and harrassed by Ashliegh as well. I have never ever been so rudely spoken to as anyone but this company. I told a woman I would be going home to take care of my son who was going in for surgery and would look for paperwork to resend that Ashligh never got. Or so she says. Faxes have logs. She called like 4 or 5 times just on my cell phone that one day. Countless other times on my home line. Isn't one phone call a day enough???

9e8b272d, 2009-07-13, 03:54AM CDT

My husband and I are harrassed just about every other day by a lady named Mystique, I feel like I have a Big Brother watching over me, it is absolutely rediculus and I can not wait until our loan is paid off.. HERITAGE IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER!!!!!

e3cc85d5, 2009-08-13, 12:08AM CDT

I can not stand this company. I bought a car from them and the engine blew one month out of their warranty they give the only thing they could say is we will fix it and you pay us causing my payments to go up to over 360 per month which i can not afford at this time. I have been yelled at by a woman named Holly who is a complete and udder witch to deal with. they are an aweful company and the people working for them are rude and unwilling to talk to you in a manner that doesnt put you down for not being able to pay all your bills. This holly woman actaully told me that since i have a job i should pay them their money it is not their fault my hours have been cut and times are hard.

17d9ce27, 2009-09-30, 10:15AM CDT

I totally agree with everyone that says this company is rude and mainly that Holly lady. She has no heart what so ever. I understand that she has a job to do but with times being as hard as they are trying to work something out with a customer would be more beneficial than not receiving payment at all. Gerrie

8edebfee, 2009-10-07, 02:14PM CDT

My nephew has a loan through Heritage Acceptance Corp. which "HE" is behind on. Apparently he put all of our famlies names as contacts on his application. Heritage has been harrassing all of us for his payment. The loan and borrower live in Indiana, I am in Florida and received a call from them last week. The horrible part to this is that Mike from Heritage called my mother last week, told her "Listen Old Lady", you needed to make good on the loan, and that he (Mike) knew my nephew was at her house (which he was not), and that Mike was coming over and would break into her house to get to him." My mother is in her 70's and this scared her to death. She was shaking so badly, it took all of our family members to calm her down. She ended up leaving her house that night and staying at a family members house. This is total harrassment, none of us are signed on this loan, and Heritage has no rights to be contacting any of us. Are restraining orders possible? What about Rafael Sanchez of Channel 6, could he help out with the harrassement?

deb3f7b5, 2010-01-16, 04:21PM CST

i financed a vehicle through your company in 2007(1999 chevy malibu) with failed attempts i have tried to rectify a matter regarding my loan amount and even with reciepts recieved nothing except for rude replies, and phone harrassment.I am trying to resolve this matter as amount owed is incorrect your vehicle is and has been at a mechanics shop for sometime now as i was sold vehicle with bad engine and refuse to pay necessary amount needed to repair when had car short period of time and have already spent great deal of money in that period to fix for safe operation of vehicle you may pick up vehicle at ASAD complete Auto Center located at 8100 s. Kedzie Phone is 773-737-1111

c7631323, 2010-02-02, 02:10AM CST

hi i bought a car from these people to and i feel i was ripped off,i was paying on it for 2 years,this place is a rip off and now they are coming back on me to pay the balance, of 5,000 you got to be kidding me, this case was closed in 2008,i really feel for you and sorry, for a rip off place, like this it needs to be shut down.

b14e1b57, 2010-02-02, 11:36PM CST

im late by 1 week an now my car is being repoed.????????????

448a442f, 2010-05-05, 01:04PM CDT

I too purchased a car through heritage acceptance and it was the biggest mistake that I ever made. They call and harass you if you are a few days behind and they are not polite about it. The man that I spoke to was terribly rude and unprofessional. He kept asking me what I spent my money on and why I didnt make my payment on-time. He also said that I was lying about where I lived and insisted that I tell him my personal business. Also, I asked him what would happen if I did not come up with the money today and he said wait and find out! When I asked to speak to the supervisor he replied that I did not get that privilege. I was also told that I was not a customer, that I was a debtor. I am disgusted with this company and would like nothing better than to see them taken down. There is a way to talk to people and throwing accusations and calling someone a liar is not the way to do that.

8811a5a0, 2010-08-27, 01:37PM CDT

Wow I am so glad i'm not the only one. I purchased a vehicle from Front Row Motors in Indianapolis. I bought a 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada that is immaculate on the outside, best looking vehicle I have ever purchased. Complete piece of sh*t on the inside!! On problem after another, which used vehicles can have problems no big deal schedulded maintenance will keep those to a minimum. I treated this car like my baby, and the only reason I moved up to an SUV was because I was pregnant. The air ride leaked so the truck sank to the ground, the all wheel drive went out and about caused me to lose my life in the snow and hit a tree, the transmission blew the 3rd and 4th clutch, spark plugs would shut the vehicle off from a bad connections, if i used the a/c the vehicle shut off, the timing chain and its surrounding parts are bad, the sensors have been replaced multiple times, all in all I have spent well over $3000 in parts and labor, not including the "work order" loan that heritage financed for the transmission that was $1800 and I still had to come out of my pocket another $300 I have had this loan with them for two years and they are still trying to say I owe them over $6000 on this truck still...no bleeping way!!!!!! Their customer service is some of the rudest people I have ever spoke with, and my last payment I make I plan to drive up to the office and throw the bleepin money in their face and b*tch slap HEIDI FOR EVERYTIME SHE HAS TALKED CRAZY TO ME OVER THE PHONE!! Best believe that isn't a threat!! Who doesn't even send their customers receipts after they make a payment. This company is a bunch of crooks, along with majority of the dealerships they service as well. heritage needs to be reported, shut down, and reimburse all their customers past and present for their stupidity as a poorly ran "business"

966f4092, 2010-09-02, 10:38PM CDT

You people signed a contract with a finance company who paid the car dealership for the vehicle. Yea they want their money back. In the beginning you agreed to pay it. I have a car financed with Ford and regardless of the hard times I go thru they still want their payment or they will repossess and garnish wages. That is the way the real world works. They aren't ripping you off, you just don't want to pay your bill.

28319dd0, 2010-10-07, 07:37AM CDT

We also had a vehicle financed through heritage. When my husband lost his job we got behind after 3 years (which our loan was a 3 year loan) they said we still owed close to 5k for behind paymens and fees we paid for 3 years on. 9k vehicle and still owe 5k what? And yes talking to them is a joke they accused me of being worthless because I didn't work. I am a college graduate but have 3 children I can't afford to put them in day care. I hung up crying. How can legally the treat and talked to customers that way? And my brother in law was accuses of having aids because he said he cAnt donate blood when that was her advise for a payment a he's a tattoo artist with recent tattoos duh!

928460b5, 2010-10-18, 09:57AM CDT

I have never delt with a company like Heritage before myself. We was tricked (well) my spouce was tricked into getting a truck and was told that he could ride off with it that same day without waiting for a credit check, of course for someone with no licenses he was happy until about two weeks later he got a call from the dealership telling him he had to bring the truck back for final paper work get there and find out that he didn't qualify for the truck so he had to get the car that we got now or lose out on his downpayment. So I end yp stuck dealling with Heritage so he didn't have to lose his money. Well the company I was working for lost it's contract and I end up unemployed and got behind. Do you know that I was told that they don't except payments by mail and I told them that I need all my money so even if it is only six dollors for me every little bit count. They are so rude and have the nerve to talk down to you if you can't make a payment on time, one person told me that she don't see how I couldn't make my payment on time and said "OH MY GOD" to me couse I told her that I would try to see what I can do. They want you to make your payments on time but you have to pay just to make them. That's crazy.

9926f5a4, 2010-10-27, 09:34AM CDT

I am also dealing with this company now too and all their rude and obnoxious behavior. I am attempting to find an attorney who will start a class-action law suit against this company.

They have done things that are simply ILLEGAL! My advise to anyone dealing with them is to get yourself well versed in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This is federal law mandated and enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. You have to let them know that you know about these laws and let them know that you are aware of your rights and actions you can take AGAINST THEM if they violate your rights.

e599fd0c, 2010-10-28, 04:40PM CDT

You are absolutely correct. Holly is a real witch and the over Heritage Corp. is a rip off. I have the same issue where my engine blew and now my payments are ballooned up to 380.00 per month. I hate this company and I am so sad my credit was so bad that I had to deal with them. I would rather walk than to purchase anything from them again.

bda644f8, 2010-11-09, 02:06PM CST

I am currently dealing with these horrible people. I have a 3 year car loan and for the first two years everything was wonderful, then they put my loan in the hands of Loretta! She is rude and told me that I needed to learn how to pay my bills, and she calls constantly (whether I am late or not). I make a payment and she is on the phone the next day wanting more!!! She has gotten phone numbers of my family members and some were unlisted. This woman stops at nothing to harrass people. I have asked her to stop calling people that she shouldn't have numbers for but she refuses. I even had a payment on Sept. 3, 2009 taken out of my bank account that I didn't authorize. This woman would call my workplace and she was rude to whomever answered the phone. She even told them that she knew that they were me pretending to be someone else. Who does these kind of things?? I will tell you it is Heritage Acceptance. I asked for my loan to be taken out of her hands and assigned to someone else, but it never happened. I just don't understand how I can have two years without any problems and then she comes along during the last year and it has been a mess for me! I cannot wait to get this loan paid off, so I do not ever have to hear Loretta's name again. If I ever hear a car place say that my loan was approved through Heritage Acceptance, I will walk off that lot and buy a pair of good gym shoes, cause I would rather walk everywhere for the rest of my life than to ever have to deal with this again.

4fd22dbb, 2011-01-05, 04:34PM CST

I too have had the same thing happen to me! I hate Angie, and I never use that word toward people. Every single month we have some crazy new charge come about and they always say our payments were late. We are at our wits end with them and I was wondering what you did about this?!

94b32b06, 2011-05-16, 11:37PM CDT

Back in fall of 2007 I put a down payment on a questionable car through Quick Auto. I had a bad feeling about the salesman so I decided get a warranty. Two days later i get a nasty call from Christie and she tells me that she will take the car back and garnish my wages if i don't pay them another 350.00. I make the payment and three weeks later Quick Auto has closed so i had to deal with Heritage when i made payments. The maintenance was not a problem, i changed the oil and rotated the tires on schedule. Soon my engine dies on me on my way to work. I call Heritage and Holly tells me that they will not honor the warranty. I was told that the warranty has nothing to do with my loan. Heritage refuse to honor the warranty but still charged me extra each month for the engine protection. I will never get myself involved with lender or buy here pay here establishment again.

3e44f55c, 2011-08-02, 04:41PM CDT

I just bought a vehicle from them on June 26th my vehicle went into the shop the follwing week for four days for the rack and pinnion and the starter then on July 25th it went in to the shop the transmission blew. I have had the vehicle for 2 weeks out of the 4 and they are calling me today asking where saturdays payment is. wtf I told them when i get my vehicle back I will pay they should choose better places that dont take two weeks to put in a transmission they told me if it wasnt paid today they will shut the vehicle off.; Now I have to pay online or over the phone charging me another 7.00 people who usually go to places like Quick Auto are people who have been in a bad situation and needed to build their credit and are just worse off now becaue of Quick Auto

9aa82315, 2011-09-08, 08:18AM CDT

Wow I am doing research online about this company because of my awful experience with them. I too have spoken with Angie. And I wish her only the worst in life. She is an awful human being and I hope this company goes under!

b92ccf74, 2011-10-03, 10:59AM CDT

sounds familiar. they act like they are god and that they can't do anything wrong. can't wait till my time is up with them.

love the prepaid debt card idea.. they just told me that too. then you have an additional 20 bucks to use it.. like we can afford that in todays economy.

5c531e71, 2012-11-05, 04:22PM CST

I have an account with them and yes I am behind 33 dollars and some change. Not only did they call me and complain they called all of the refferences on my application. Then when I didn't call them back they looked up a random address on my block asked them if they knew me and left them a message for me. Luckly I knew of them. I wave at them in passin but they are an elderly couple. They even called my landlord to see if I paid my rent on time!!! Then hung up on him. All of this was done by a lady name Dorothy!! When I called today her supervisor hung up on me. What happend to service with a smile and being polite? They are all very rude and don't need a jobs dealing with the public!! Good luck with anyone having to deal with them!

amber o., 2013-07-04, 09:20PM CDT

I also have an issue with heritage acceptance corp, i always made my payments through them over the phone, i got a little behind on my payments because i was laid off from my job, talked to a woman and she said i could also do it onine to catch up on my payments, gave me the web address, and told me to put in the last 6 digits of my vin number, if that doesnt work put a 1 at the end of it, and then my zip code, i have tried it a thousand times called them back too many times, and they keep telling me the same crap after i keep telling them it don't work, and i refuse to give them my debit card anymore. Does anyone know how to do this? are they telling me right or are they just pissing me off because they can?

21d3a664, 2013-08-16, 12:19PM CDT

I have been dealing with them for so many years and all of their BS and finally decided to file a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General. http://www.indianaconsumer.com/filecomplaint.asp. They do not think they need to abide by any of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Acts and are calling me before 8:00 am. I have provided the AG with proof that the calls are taking place prior to this time in four instances. Through the Fair Debt Act each instance of "illegal practice" could be $1000 against the creditor. I would suggest each of you file complaints with the AG or through the BBB. Only a suggestion. Hope this helps - enough is enough.

03907b45, 2013-09-09, 06:59AM CDT

I am got a vehicle with heritage acceptance here in Ohio and I had vehicle for a year now. I had faced a couple of hardships. I was behind 2 months before and hurried up anf caught back up with them quickly. Now I am 3 months behind and I am going to catch back up quickly with them to current. But they don't want to hear that. They sent a repo lady to my old neighborhoods and old contacts that I don't be around nomore. They even went to my exhusbands house....like I live back there with him...repo lady told him now is the time for him to take revenge on me and they will press charges of grand theft auto even though I am gonna send my payments to QUICKLY CATCH BACK UP WITH THEM. And they telling allll my financial business to people in my past neighborhoods. And calling everyone on my job everyday even my supervisor telling them they will not leave a message on my voicemail which they usually do because I don't gave a voicemail set up. My job duties don't require me to use the phones and I haven't had voicemail set up for a few years. Why should I set up voicemail just cause they say so? And they don't care if anyone faces a hardship. I got another car that I already paid off and never been late on 3 years of paying but never had issues with my old lenders. They loved me. I got another car as back up. And they going around telling people I am a liar and I'm not to be trusted. I have talked to lawyers and read fair debt privacy act. These lenders are a trip. I never had an awful lender like heritage acceptance. Other lenders would keep you in the vehicle as long as they can and work with you. You would think if you want continued good business from the borrower...talk to the borrowers and treat us with respect and let us pay off vehicles without allll the drama and sooo quick to repo and ruin credit and talk down on you. And threaten people.

Doug M., 2014-01-23, 04:10AM CST

I purchased a mobile home through these rip off artists. When we bought our home, we were initially told that it was a 1997 model only to find out later that it was a 1992, 5 years older then we agreed to purchas.We were also promised a payment book when we signed the 1 and only document that they provided us with. Well we never received a payment book or a monthly billing statement. then after 8 years of living here, I started to notice bad repairs that were made just to cover up damage, but not actually fix the problems. Like they painted over Black Mold instead of cutting the infected area out and replacing it. I have also been requesting documents like a monthly billing statement and a 1098 E interest statement for the last 8 years, all request have met with a flat out refusal, telling me that they are a financial lender not a mortgage company so they are not required to provide me with those documents so I refused to pay my trailer payment until I received them. Then the documents that they sent me were merely typed numbers on company letter head. They were not the properly formatted documents that the Truth in Lending act requires a lending institution to supply to the borrower. They also own the trailer park that we live in. For 6 of the last 8 years that my family has lived here, we have had to deal with a raw sewage leak. The sewage has been flowing freely across our lot to the point that my family can not even enjoy spending time out in our yard. I have reported them 3 times to the health department and I am still refusing to make my payment until I receive the proper documentation. Up until last month we made our payment every month and now I welcome the chance to go to court. Here at my trailer park I have started a petition to file a class action law suit against MH Acceptance corporation which is their new name for their predatory lending practices. They changed it in 2011 but didn't tell us until last year. I would welcome anyone who would like to join in on this action. You are welcome to join even as a car buyer. After reading all the posts about this company, they cheat everyone. Preying on the less fortunate and I want them stopped. I am still looking for an attorney but the more people that want justice the more lawyers will want to jump on this case. Contact me via this site if you are interested.

dccdbe20, 2014-05-11, 09:23AM CDT

I have also purchased cars from heritage financial, with the first two cars everything was great. Recently I purchased another all others paid off. Last year was the worst I was displaced placed by a fire and had a major surgery. I was off work for over six months. I had two jobs and one of them only gives you 12 weeks sick leave. Mother job which was the main source of income, they decided to put me on long term which paid once a month ( in the middle of the mont) I not only encountered Loretta that ass hole Shawn was calling all my family and friends texting my phone starting at 6am in the morning, sending people out to my home leaving notes on the building and calling my job even though I was not there! My coworkers know him by hard, he's gotten cursed out on several occasions. This is how they treat there customers. Andas for people not wanting to pay their bill as the gentleman above stated, you must be employed by heritage, sounds just like something they would say.people who are struggling should not be harassed!

Racheal R., 2014-08-15, 08:02AM CDT

We recently purchased a vehicle and got it financed through Heritage Acceptance Corp, I have bad credit due to divorce and he has no credit. We were told the loan wasn't set up by the time the first payment was due because of paperwork errors. We were also told that we would get a bill every month to pay with. We haven't gotten anything but harassment from them. I use to work collections. We were TWO days late and she threatened to repo it, had called all TWENTY references on our lists and harassed them. I told her that she needed to review the Kentucky state laws, there is a legal process that must be followed when repossessing. I also had to keep calming her down, which is the most hilarious thing ever. She also told me she was the supervisor when I asked to speak to someone above her. I have no idea how this place stays in business. But I do know that when you tell someone to not call you or anyone on your reference list again, that, by law, they absolutely can not call you again, documentation of who is calling and their employee number and phone number are very important. It use to be a $50,000 fine and the loan in question would be automatically paid off. Not sure how the laws are in different states and how things may have changed. They can only send letters or emails. She did not like this at all. We haven't been aggravated since then. And it makes me want to pay my payments late on purpose because it surely aggravates them more than it does us. But they also have a tracking device on the vehicle and say they can "shut" the vehicle down whenever they want to. This is a horrible business to deal with. I wish everyone lots of luck. And always seek legal advice.

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