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Posted on Friday, February 10th, 2006 at 5:51pm CST by b8a703dd

Company: Monitronics, International

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We obtained an alarm system in 1994, in 1997, the company who had been providing the service sold or turned our account over to Monitronics. We signed no contract with Monitronics and paid our bills from them as agreed. On December 9th, 2005 we had digital telephone service installed in our home. On that same date, an employee of Monitronics advised they do not have the ability to monitor Digital telephone systems. He advised we could discontinue service with Monitronics or use their cell phone service which is very expensive. We advised him we would discontinue the service and he stated he would handle it.

We keep getting telephone calls from different departments in Monitronics telling us we are late with our payments on the account and advising us we owe them for December, 2005, January and Part of February 2006. We have not had any service from them since December 9, 2005, because they could not provide same, yet they expect us to pay them.

They claim we signed a contract wherein we would have to send written notification of cancellation of service two months prior to such cancellation. First, we did not sign a contract with Monitronics. Second, how is it possible to provide advance notice when they are the ones who cannot provide any service? Third, we did not know the person we talked to on December 9, 2005, did not have any authority to tell us he would handle canceling our service. After all, he is an employee of Monitronics.

Each time we talk to Monitronics it is someone different, from the previous callers who had stated they understood and would handle the matter.

We did not choose Monitronics to provide our service and we will not refer anyone to them, as a matter of fact we will discourage people from dealing with them.

We are considering filing a complaint with the Texas Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau. If Monitronics persists, We will consider a law suit for harassment against Monitronics.


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