American Express allowed my Gold Card account to be defrauded!

Posted on Friday, February 10th, 2006 at 11:50am CST by db3f7c0a

Company: American Express allowed my Gold Card account to be defrauded!

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American Express

Consumer Relations

777 American Express Way

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33337, USA

Attention: VP Michelle Gethers-Clark


American Express Fraud Protection Center web-site promises their customers

following: “Fraud can be committed in a variety of ways, even against the

most savvy of consumers. American Express is committed to preventing fraud

and helping educate customers on ways to protect themselves from fraudulent


This is a nice promise and gives the illusion that American Express cares

and will fight fraud. However in my case, American Express did absolutely

nothing to protect me from fraud when it happened to my account. This was

despite the fact that I’ve been a loyal Gold Card member for twenty-five

(25) years and never before missed a payment.

Instead, American Express ignored my warnings and helped the car dealer to

defraud my account by paying the car dealership Automall Bell Road, Phoenix,

AZ 85023, anyway.

Now, American Express is billing me for an automobile of which I never took

possession. This deal was cancelled 18 months ago. I never received nor took

possession of this automobile. The automobile dealership maintained

possession of this automobile, as it was never my car.

I’ve tried everything to get this problem corrected. I contacted the car

dealership, (including their General Manager) five (5) times (with no

result). I wrote American Express 25 times and called them at least 50

times. But American Express did nothing to protect me from fraud and never

even replied to any of my letters.

American Express has avoided giving me name to anybody in the organization

that I can call and discuss this case with. I even requested to talk to one

of their lawyers, but they refuse to let me.

I have now done my own research and finally found a name of an inside person

that should have authority to get this matter resolved and closed without

having to take legal actions: Michelle Gethers-Clark (Vice President),

American Express, Consumer Relations. I have now written to her (by

certified mail) and I’m now waiting for her reply. My new address is shown

in this certified letter.



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2bf52209, 2008-01-08, 03:58AM CST

call customer service and dispute it (since its far to late to set up a fraud case)... if you've already disputed the charge and amex rejected it was because they can't dispute the charge if the store isn't replying to any of their requests for info. go to the dealership.

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