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Posted on Friday, December 8th, 2006 at 12:42pm CST by 9069580b

Company: banking overdraft and postdated check

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Bank of America Linthicum Maryland

I was checking the balance on my checking account on pay day. As I looked

through my transactions, I found that I had received several overdraft

fees. Wondering how this could be possible, I found that a check that I had

post dated had been cashed before the date written on the check.

I went to the bank to ask that that the overdrafts be removed, since the

check should not have been cashed. I was told that post dating checks was

illegal and that it was not their fault that the check had been deposited

and the money withdrawn from my account (putting me into the red). The bank

also allowed me to use my debit card with no alarm or warning. Now I have

several $40 cups of coffee.

It seems that Bank of America is selective when it comes to who they will

cash a post dated check for. Many employers, including mine, postdate

paychecks, especially at holidays when offices are closed. I cannot deposit

or cash the check until the date on the check. On the other hand, when I

postdate a check, a company can cash it regardless of the date. Nice double

standard it would seem.

I have been with them for many many years and it seems that customer

loyalty means nothing.

I am now in the process of opening a new account with another bank. Which

is a real pain, since I have many accounts that are paid electronically and

my paycheck is directly deposited, but since my loyalty meant nothing to

them....Perhaps another bank will appreciate it.

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