Grove Services Group - 'Pest Control' Company the biggest pest .

Posted on Friday, December 8th, 2006 at 2:37am CST by 4a1a0f13

Company: Grove Services Group

Location: Neolith Buildings, Davitt Road
DUBLIN, INCHICORE, 12 (01-4559512), IE

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Complaint re - Grove Services Group ,

Neolith Buildings ,

Davitt Road ,

Dublin 12 .

Tel/Fax - 01 4559512 .

My wife phoned the above-named company on 5th November 2006 regarding a

wasps nest in the attic of our house . She got their number out of the

telephone directory . A man in a plain blue van called out the following day and , from our back garden ,assembled a 25-foot approximate length of tubing on top of which was a gas cannister which , he claimed , sprayed a fine dusting powder . He aimed this thing at the points on the eve of the house - under the roof tiles - where the wasps (dozens of them) could be seen coming and going .

He charged 85 Euro and asked that the activity of the wasps be observed from the back garden by us and that , if within three days , the wasps were still there , we ring him - he gave us a mobile phone number . Three days later we rang him - no change re the wasp situation - and he called back to us and repeated the above process . He again told us three days etc , and that he will be back next time - if needed - with the equipment required to enter the attic and remove the dead wasps and their nest . Three days later I rang him on his mobile - straight to answer service - no change re the wasp situation : dozens of them coming and going - two days later , with no reply from , or sign of , the wasp man , I rang the mobile again , and left the same message on , again , the answering service. Another two days with no contact from him or anyone in Grove Services, I rang their land-line but it made a sound similar to that of the fax machine - no use - so rang his mobile - again , straight to answer service. Done the same the following day - with the same 'results' . Found out they have an Office in Derry - rang the number - 'No Such Number, Dial Again...'

It is now (Tuesday 28 November ) 22 days after they first called , and I

have left messages for them practically every second day since they

originally called to our house with their telescopiic device . No reply from them to any of the messages I left for them - in my opinion , they are a decidedly dodgy outfit who move in , give the appearance of knowing what they are doing , charge €85 (in this case) and promise to keep calling back, if necessary , until the problem is solved (as the man promised to my wife on his first visit) - and then they disappear . The wasps are now in our house - I phoned Grove on both landline and mobile to tell them this.....and 'fax machine' answered the landline while mobile call went directly to answer-service . In my opinion , they are cowboys out to fleece the unsuspecting public . I would strongly advise anyone reading this to have no dealings with Grove Services Group , Neolith Buildings , Davitt Road , Inchicore , Dublin 12 (01-4559512) as they will only add to your problems .



St Johns Crescent


Dublin 22



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